Philosophical Journal

Wednesday, 22. June 2011

As then-Dean of Faculty of Philosophy, Betancur conceived the idea of a magazine that was published not only the production of the National University professors, but in general the results of philosophical research projects to be undertaken in the country . The first name given was Ideas magazine, with whom he is trying to invoke Plato and reflect the speculative trend in which the teacher wanted to guide the publication Betancur. However, this name appeared only in the first issue, for a student magazine he had already registered and filed a complaint with the university. Faced with the need for a new name was chosen Ideas and Values, wanting to add this new direction to the magazine. These two guidelines were chosen according to what was “modern philosophy” of the time: the phenomenology. However, the original conception was that the magazine was open to all responsible and critical reflection. Another objective was to bring the teacher Betancur philosophy who was interested in, disseminating knowledge of new global philosophical, reason for a long period Ideas and Values was devoted almost exclusively to the publication of translations.

In his long lifetime, the magazine has had to overcome some drawbacks. In 1954 its publication was suspended to give priority for some years to another journal (Studium) dedicated to the humanistic culture, especially the Hispanic. In 1962 he resumed the publication of Ideas and Values in an age in which the studies of philosophy in Colombia passed through difficult times. In 1972 he was also suspended publication of the magazine and its critical attitude was described in the official press as “subversive.” Luckily for academic life in Colombia, in 1974 the publication was resumed and has continued ever since. Currently, the journal publishes articles on any topic philosophical as well as reviews and translations of works of philosophy.

Occasionally special issues are published, usually in connection with activities performed in the Department. Ideas and Values is a quarterly publication that draws on national and international collaborations. In its 50 years, the magazine has been a forum for the publication of philosophical thought in Colombia. Efforts have been made, of course, she maintained a close bond developed with the philosophical work in Latin America and the world. Ideas and Values is currently indexed in Category A2 Publindex COLCIENCIAS in Philosopher’s Index, in ULRICH, in the International Philosophical Bibliography, in the electronic library Scielo Colombia (DOAJ, DIALNET, Redalyc, Latindex and the Repertoire bibliographique of the Philosophie.

Summer Residence

Monday, 20. June 2011

In St. Petersburg, paintball invite to the summer residence of Father Moroza.Zdes equipped with several areas for paintball games in any season, for both adults and children alike. Organizes a series of games under the auspices of the Summer residence of Santa Claus. Theme Santa Claus and the summer is always attractive and easier for children to learn. Time to play at our club is not restricted. Large stock of attributes for the game, lets take any number of command. Its leading prepare a cost-effective program draws of prizes and contests during breaks between fights. You can enjoy not only a tasty pilaf in the fresh air, but also play other exciting games.

Hold corporate holiday, playing paintball nice and has lots of positive emotions, especially when the visiting team wins the prize for a team of experienced instructors. It's a learning process is carried out, which then did not win. Just come to our paintball club in St. Petersburg and play. Beginners can play paintball on a separate training program with error correction after each bout. Instructors will learn to play correctly.

I'll tell you more about the basic tricks of warfare. We must play without fear of balls, which is the first mistake. In the play paintball fun when you see the whole field and Controlling the situation. To do this, learn how to secretly move under the cover of his team members to be able to attack from ambush. In the hammer gun has a few positions. Proper trigger pull makes it possible to shoot the ball on 3-4, which is prerequisite for a competent fire on the enemy. And then you can engage in a duel with the masters of any level, because there are simply dangerous player with a marker in hand by the experience. Yes, what to say, corporate holiday organization will arrange a high level at low prices. Our goal is not to earn, and to play and engage in the popularization of the game and related species all year round.

Cable Products

Wednesday, 15. June 2011

Types of cable produktsiiKabelem called a device consisting of one or more cores enclosed in a metal or non-metallic shell, over which may be subject to a protective cover, including armor. In the presence of armored cable is called armored shell. Cables without the armored shell are classified as naked. Conductor – a device is not an isolated one, or one or more cores that are protected Non-metallic coil or braided fibrous materials or wires. Cord is a kind of wire and consists of two or more insulated flexible or very flexible live wires up to 1,5 mm twisted or laid parallel. Superimposed on top of live non-metallic shell and a protective cover.

Types kabeleyV depending on the application, the cables are divided into several groups. Power cable designed for transmission and distribution of electric power in stationary installations. For the production of live use copper or aluminum wire, insulation made of paper tapes impregnated with oil or special structures, as well as pvc plastic, polyethylene, crosslinked polyethylene, rubber. Shells can be lead, aluminum or plastic. Range of ac voltage, which uses power cables ranging from 660 to 500 kV. Communication cable is wired to the organization and signaling. Communication cables are divided into high (cable telecommunications) and low frequency (a local cable connection). Veins cables made from copper, insulation – made from paper, polyethylene, pvc plastic or a combination (air-and-paper or air-PE). Sheath cable connection can be leaden, aluminum, steel, plastic or metalloplastmassovymi. Control Cables used for connection of electrical appliances and devices, control of objects, alarms and other conductors made of copper, aluminum, bimetal copper and aluminum.

Air Conditioners

Monday, 6. June 2011

Installation of climate control systems requires a number of special operations, many of which require a certain amount of experience and professionalism. Sufficiently eloquent is the fact that over 80% of all defects and failures, detected in air conditioning systems are the result of unskilled assembly. Installation mounted on the outside of the premises are equipped with air cooled condensers and axial fans are number of features to consider when installing them. In the accompanying documentation supplied by air-conditioning is always given the specific characteristics of installation. The absence or reduction of clearances required for air intake, can lead to crashes or disabling the air conditioner because of overheating.

Possible directions of the prevailing 'wind rose' during installation in open areas should not be frontally directed to block air-conditioning, since in this case interferes with the normal fan operation. It is important to mount the air conditioner so that the predominant direction of 'wind rose' was parallel to that coming out of the air conditioner air. Another group of problems related to the weight of the air conditioner mounted on the outer side of the building or on the roof. In these cases, is always necessary to assess the strength of support for which data are mounted air conditioners and to adopt necessary measures to strengthen them.