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Friday, 19. August 2011

From birth to death we always – consciously or unconsciously – are faced with situations that require us to make decisions that determine our next steps. For example, the child chooses any particular toy and refuses to play with others, the teenager is sent to the rink instead of sitting at the computer, or just loiter. Adult, going to work, can bring along an umbrella, and can rely on weather forecasts and on the way home to the skin vymoknut! With free will, man chooses for himself a particular course of action, stopping at the one that suits him more. Of course, there circumstances where the laws of nature leave us too many choices to make: this is the case with the need to eat, to see to it that our body will not overheat or supercool, the need sleep, etc. However, even at this level a person can make a definite choice, if he will make a virtue of its effects. Same constantly going on in our collective life, when we are forced to choose one of the opportunity, whether it be family affairs, political and public issues of corporate strategy or management in general. In Larousse dictionary says: "… man has to face the need to …

The decision to take decisions related to the concept of voluntary action, which may be committed or not committed after the relevant individual or collective thinking … … Decider c'est arreter, determiner ce qu 'on doit … – that is, "Make a choice – then pause for a moment, to determine what to do next …" A similar definition gives Ofstad, "… to make a decision" means – pre-deliberation a few options of behavior, to make opinion on how to proceed further in a certain situation … "Ray Killian wrote simply:" The decision in its simplest form – is the choice of one of several possibilities.

Resume Banks Discount

Thursday, 18. August 2011

The least risky in this regard is the transport, since this type of software is a dual control in the bodies of registration. Therefore, the bank particularly suited to careful evaluation of legal Risk: check equipment vendors in order to avoid falsification of documents, requesting copies of the agreements collateral from other banks to avoid a double mortgage, on an ongoing basis monitors the status of collateral. If the borrower offers collateral of the old equipment if it has the same new, it is clear that the value of the equipment to the mortgagor is not very large, and perhaps there is a temptation not to pay on the loan. In this If the bank can refuse to grant credit. Problems in a crisis is difficult to estimate the true providing liquidity, primarily because of the lack of stable supply and demand in the market. For reduce the risks lenders set the maximum discounts, on the one hand, it minimizes the risks of the bank, on the other – limits the ability to attract the customer credit.

If you learn that the bank took in your partners or competitors of intent to purchase your equipment at a specified price in the future, it does not mean that the bank is confident in your bankruptcy. He's just studying the market, using an additional method for determining the degree of liquidity and collateral adequacy of the discount. Offer from a legal point of view does not obligate the buyer to purchase equipment in the future. Keep in mind that bank checks and the potential buyer – so you should not engage surrogates to sign the offer. Resume Banks do not have a standardized formula for calculating the discount. It can not consist of several components with identical specific gravity equal to unity, since in this case the discount rate could easily exceed 100%. Borrower may be guided by the fact that the bank will choose the greater of two quantities: the total amount of wear plus the cost of implementation, plus additional costs by increasing the life of the (storage, security, extra wear and tear, etc.), the predictive value at the time of a possible foreclosure on collateral. On average, minimum discount on equipment is 50%.

The Company

Tuesday, 16. August 2011

The degree of attention, if you wish. You may be interested to know how things happen in this world. You'll see it in the next example, but will be able to An analogy and apply this example to any other situation. Example, which is convenient to see the whole principle of following suit: In a firm N, director, or owner – looking for the last financial report several months. And notice that the graph of turnover, and therefore – return the company began to decline.

More precisely, he started to decline several months ago, but the owner was busy with other things and could not do this problem. What reaction would he have? Naturally, it will be a long sit, meditate, watch the other reports, look for what the main problem. If he spends some time, make efforts needed to reach out the situation the way you think, will solve this problem? Absolutely! Yes! Will find it a problem? NATURALLY! If a firm's future is important, he spends so much time and effort – as needed if it had to take several days or even weeks. He may not leave the office. And order a pizza and dinners on the phone, but be sure to find the cause. He will do what it can to find her.

And as soon as He finds the main problem – will automatically get a solution. Since when is a problem is found – then the answer is automatic. The main task is to find the head of the problem – why the company does not develop, or why the company's business began to go bad. Let's look at how the opposition. That is, there is a bad situation, the negative – which is not good enough. This line, falling down (on the chart). This situation has a certain trend, the weight and to change the trend to put some force.

Commercial Real Estate Portal

Thursday, 4. August 2011

Commercial real estate portal of St. Petersburg. Created in May 2010, a group of experts from different fields. The main objective of the project to ensure a comprehensive, useful and relevant information, so to speak an office, those who in any way connected with the commercial real estate in St. Petersburg. The goal of "real estate portal of St. Petersburg." Creating a database of commercial real estate market participants St.

Petersburg with the contacts and the description of the scope of activity. Construction companies. Commercial real estate agency. (Ithaca, Alexander) Project Office. Legal Office.

Management companies. (Theorem Rosstroy) Investment organizations. Building holdings. (Adamant, LSR Group). Create a directory of commercial property with a full description of the following categories. Business Centers. (Various classifications) shopping malls. Shopping and Entertainment Complex. Office Centers. Business centers. Warehouses. Warehouses and Terminals. Premises. Information support of commercial real estate market participants. Analytics commercial real estate. Rental rates. -Become a lift from a rental store under Pyaterochka – News about the real estate market, you may find useful. Base commercial real estate. Opportunity Buy database of commercial real estate. Includes. Object types: office, warehouse, shop, commercial premises, multi-purpose room, storage room, a point of sale. Floor area. Rental rate per square per month. The district location of the object. The exact address of the premises. Type of rooms heated, not heated, low temperature. Features a commercial object. Ability to access around the clock. Available generating capacity. The presence of other sources of fuel (gas). The height of the gate. The presence of dust devil flat floors. Entrance euro trucks for warehouses and industrial buildings. The presence of additional conditions: road train branch and the crane. Whether objects are equipped with telecommunications. (Telephone, internet). The presence of the alarm system. Conclusion: testing the products of the commercial real estate portal, you can save a lot of time and money. Over time you can give up other expensive tools.