Tarot Spreads

Wednesday, 29. February 2012

There are several editions of Tarot for Lovers and in all, we practice the same ritual and placed the same instruments, only change the cards to use on each occasion. The Arcana to use, according to the case are these: The Lovers, The Temperance, The Devil, The Emperor, the Moon, The World, The Sun, Death and The Chariot. It must light two white candles, the first question and then that of his par-aa are placed either side of the professional and record the names of everyone in them. Beneath each candle is placed a lien or a photograph of each one and picks up a pink candle, which serves as a witness for the consultations of the interested. This comes on last and, with his right hand, has to be sprinkled with a little strawberry or coconut perfume, while he held with his left hand. With lighted candles, are separated from the Arcana Tarot listed first and mix the rest of the deck.

Selects two cards, one intercedes for the person concerned and is situated alongside the sail and the other represents the other and is situated next to the other candle. Then he throws the Tarot According to the query: For reconciliations, the card stands for all the lovers from two in back, with Temperance left. Thus, strengthening the peace and welfare is expressed certainty. The Sun, to the right of all the lovers, gives her strength. Displays the lovers in stability, saying: “That these cards invigorate and stabilize the relationship of ….( name).” To avoid jealousy and mistrust, is located at Lovers and right El Mundo, which represents the help of people nearby. To the left lies the Devil invested, to separate the liars. Looking at the lovers in luminosity is required to Tarot: “Let every trace of suspicion let these lovers, nothing confuse love and live happily.” To strengthen the baby, is situated right Lovers and Moon, which represents sensitivity and romanticism. To his left stands the cart, symbolizing the heritage, memories and moments lived, with the idea of strengthening beautiful memories that encourage the romance in the future.

Displays the lovers affectionate, saying: “Let the natural power support to these in love and stability and east with beautiful moments.” To invigorate sex, gets on top of the deck of The Lovers, The Devil, and on this, it is possible to place the Sun and Death to require vitality, strength, skill and behavior changes. Displays the lovers loving and repeats: “Let the energy, vitality and imagination to sexually indulge here … (names).” To enhance personal qualities, it represents a useful modification to the card of Death upright. Next to it stands the emperor or empress, by sex of the person concerned, to give strength, security and energy. The person is displayed and asks: “With this option, I need the oracle of the Tarot to strengthen the human and emotional qualities of …., to discover love.” Rituals end when the fire completely extinguished Rose , is the first off it is the basis of strength.


Monday, 20. February 2012

OK to think differently from me, recognize that you see things differently, your perception of the world out there is completely different from the way I process information, this is a reality, and it is very important that we understand, that this knowledge comes the ability to live peacefully each other. It is not easy, requires humility on our part, the ability to empty ourselves of ourselves, and the wisdom to understand that this is simply a real truth, is a fact you and I do not see, or perceive the same events form and therefore I have to make a conscious effort to try to build bridges that allow me to try to see what you see through your eyes, not mine, to feel through your heart and not mine, listen to what are you listening and not what they think might be listening at some point. In our desire to impose our views, our approach, our little world view to others, this includes, friends, partners, sons, brothers, nephews, etc, etc, we miss the opportunity to investigate, explore the wonderful world of the other and truly become one with that other browser in the universe! How small we are when our finite mind makes us believe that what we see, feel, hear what it is that small we are when we try to impose our vision tiny world to the other, and this is not nothing but failure to respect, admire , valuing the other, whoever that other. To enable the acceptance we will sit down with others and ourselves vaciemonos deliberately, and with true humility and awe, reverence and respect go into the other’s world given to us in simple acts to communicate, to talk, look at the other’s eyes and understand that this other being is a superior soul incarnated on this plane of existence to teach us, by God we have the humility to recognize this ever!.

Medieval Philosophy

Monday, 20. February 2012

Medieval philosophy derives from the ancient understanding of the dialectic: it treated the last or how the logic at all, or the art of distinguishing between truth and falsehood, or as art to the discussion. It is easy to see that all these values largely overlap and indicate the persistent tradition of the use of the term "dialectic" as a way of rational, logical thinking. In the modern European philosophical thought dialectic filled new meanings, of which we mention only two major related to the German classics and the Marxist doctrine. Thus, Hegel, in fact, the first treats the dialectic as a universal method of thinking based on ideas development and contradictions of being the opposite of dogmatic orientation of the old metaphysics – the latter has sought an eternal, unchanging principles and first principles of all reality and in this sense "ignored" by According to Hegel, the dialectic of the old. Such an opposition between dialectics and metaphysics, was picked up and amplified by Marx and Engels, who were viewed as a dialectic antithesis of metaphysics: if metaphysical thinking "things and concepts are separate, fixed, rigid, once and for all data items to be investigated apart from each other, then the dialectic of" taking things and their reflections in their interconnection, in their movement, in their appearance and disappearance. " We note here, that of Hegel and Marx and Engels' Dialectics serves not only the method of cognition, but also the general theory of life. Moreover, in the Marxist philosophy, it is understood as a science, "the general laws of motion and development of nature, human society and thought." Dialektizatsii growing trend of natural science and the emergence of new ideas in dialectical philosophy gradually became more visible and important character throughout the era of modern times.

Acceptor Action

Friday, 17. February 2012

To what conclusions the scientists who conducted experiments on intuition? They discovered and investigated a physiological mechanism, as an acceptor of action – namely with the help of man is able to summarize their experience, to project it on situation and, depending on the state of consciousness, to predict the future. Acceptor of action results in practice using animals and birds. For example, a swallow, hovering in the air and chase the fly, she can choose a flight path that would enable it not just chasing a fly, and be on the split-second earlier, at the point, which receives insect. I swallow a huge experience of catching insects, which allows it to engage its action acceptor. In humans, everything is much more complicated. Each of us has some experience: professional, social, experiences with the opposite sex, etc. But few are capable of using the acceptor action to anticipate events and to shape the future in their favor. Such a man instantly envisions the various options that might happen, and correctly selects the most advantageous. From the outside it, indeed, it looks like a miracle: though he knew that would happen and, as they say, straw podstelil. Such people as soon as any call: mystics, clairvoyants, oracles They know how to draw the right conclusions by development of the mechanism of anticipation, use your intuition.

Invisible Island

Friday, 3. February 2012

There is a wonderful Sicilian volcano Mount Etna, which is not only the largest in Europe, but also continues to act, spewing lava flows every couple of months. In general, the volcano is famous for its "conquest": Several times he swung Catania, standing at the foot of the lava, not to mention the numerous towns and villages located on the slopes. However, today it goes about the devastation, but rather about the creation of Etna. And it must namely the creation of the eruption and subsequent earthquakes volcano. There is one very interesting and unusual view of Mount Etna eruption: Italian seismologist E. Bosky after long observation of the volcano reported that close to Sicily can "float" long sunken island, which had actually coexisted with Etna, and some 170 years ago, plunged back into the sea. In general, this island of Atlantis was observed for the "floating" a few times in the history of Sicily: the first time – in 264 bc Then island-satellite showed the upper part of his volcano (the island itself, volcanic).

Since then, a mysterious island has appeared at least another 4 times. His last "breath" he made in 1831, and "sigh" that led to unexpected consequences: this tiddly piece of land suddenly began to claim Spain, uk and of course, Sicily. Things came to this diplomatic conflict between these countries. However, apparently, the island has not made all this commotion and decided to return to the bosom of the sea, once again plunged into the water. The conflict was thus settled. No land – there is no dispute. As for our time, now it is separated from water surface of 6 meters, and the island itself is located approximately 30 km. on the southern coast of Sicily. But the Italians, more sitsiliantsy, remembering prepiraniyah over ownership of the land, had already hoisted the water Italian flag at the volcano's crater – so nobody has an incentive to encroach on the endangered island.