Economic Development

Monday, 21. May 2012

In one year and way the GDF – Government it Federal District, created 12 areas of economic development, where the companies selected for the Secretariat of Economic Development? SDE could be installed. For the initial project, the Polar region of Fashions of the Guar sheltered clothes confections, the sector of footwear and the commerce and industry of knick-knack. One of the basic requirements to have company in the Polar region of Fashion was to generate job. The GDF – Government of the Federal District donated lands and in exchange it demanded that each trader created jobs. Through benefits and of the destined area, the Polar region of Fashion of the Guar, in principle, had everything to attract diverse entrepreneurs in fashion segment and to create in the City of the Guar an excellent area of economic development.

With passing of the years, what it was seen was not the economic growth, but the growth of diverse problems. We will show the importance of geography for the development of Economic Polar regions in the city of Guar – DF, will detach the contribution of the gegrafo for the success of economic enterprises and its aid in the disgnostic of the areas to be modified for installation of Economic Polar regions and its qualification as the indicated professional to analyze, to diagnosis and to approve the areas destined for Economic Polar regions, as for the ambient questions, physical and economic. We will show to the necessity of diagnosis for reduction of risks in the investments and the document necessity demanded for the ambient licensing, before initiating the considered activities modificadoras of the environment. In principle, we can say that for ignoring or being unaware of the space, many entrepreneurs close the doors or invest a superior value the planned one initially and generally why they act more with a position directed toward the punishment and the preventive does not stop.

Ernoy Mattiello True

Friday, 18. May 2012

A true demonstration of race and determination in III the National Festival of Cinema and Agricultural Video of Piratuba. The force of a true young of the field, ally to the talent and the devotion the cinematographic production had been decisive for the conquest of the photograph prize better. To become finalista in the festival, Memorable Train of Iron competed with others 147 films, was selected together with others 8 sets of documents for the final stage, winning the category best photograph enters 16 finalistas between etnogrficos and fiction. A singular way for a workmanship that by itself already can be considered a cinematographic trophy when rescuing the history of the main Brazilian railroad: The So Paulo Rio Grande. Proving the ruralista nature and the look adventurer despertado for the Saga of regional settling, Memorable Train of Iron presents forts linkings with thematic the agricultural one in details that go very beyond what it is possible to see in the great screen.

The recorded film in four states of the country, is one true trip for the world to the vapor, relembrando a time that the country followed the way of the iron tracks, where the train was main the half one of transport. Scenes of homesicknesses and souvenirs mixed to modernity are gifts in this workmanship that rescues the history of one of the most audacious enterprises of world-wide the railroad construction; the So Paulo Railroad? Rio Grande. Inaugurated in October of 1910, for the Brazil Railway Company, company of the conglomerate Farquhar, the railroad that motivated the War of the Contested and consequent povoamento of the region, it completed one hundred years in complete caus and abandonment. The marcante story of the railroad epic of the Contested one presents one another attribute differentiates which it of the majority of the productions of the national cinema: Memorable Train of Iron is a film idealized and conceived for a young of roa, son of agriculturists. Natural of Zonalta, community of the interior of Piratuba, Ernoy Mattiello are formed in journalism for the UniRG of the Tocantins. It initiated the career in the radio to the 14 years of age. In 2.000 it started to act as televising and documentarista reporter. Grandson of gauchos, who had arrived of train in 1935 to colonize Santa Catarina, cineasta has as the one of the great passions historical research and the documentary production of the regional culture.

Producer of 14 institucional and documentary workmanships being, gained prominence with Heimatland and the History of the Kerb (2009), shown national and also in Latin America. As corresponding of the Record Net in it YOU ARE, already it was some times in national net, but never it hid the dream to make cinema. Of easy and very falante smile, it demonstrated since infancy inclinations for the artistic and comunicacional world. It changed roa for the radio, but it was in the cinema that obtained space to show to Brazil its true talent: To disclose to the lenses the value and the courage of its people through memorable images.