Friday, 22. June 2012

In our company we looked for as rapidly as possible that all person who contacts to us goes after to have trusting in us, with work, since with the great data base on which we counted of the respective companies who look for personnel to take, we are sure that at least one labor opportunity will adapt to your search and previous experiences. It does already months that we worked in this type of modality, that is offer of works by Internet and are more and more and plus people that trusts us for their labor search, because luckily we have had always provable results and the people that they ask for to us as well recommend to its friendly and relatives, arming species of chain, which did and causes that every time we have more requests to find a job, as well as more companies and businesses than offer their site so that our site facilitates its personal search again to them. If you are interested or interested in obtaining employment, can enter the site and verify you yourself the variety of uses and labor offers, an example that it emphasizes are the works receptionist, which every day steeply increases its number of companies that look for personnel, being at the moment the work more asked for by the diverse employers in our Web site.

Industrial Revolution

Monday, 18. June 2012

Introduction Brazil assays approach with the European Union makes time. It is urgent to analyze the question with the attention that it deserves, after all of accounts the divulged business-oriented possibilities frequently for the media in general seem me a little maken a mistake. Chances exist, however, of the raw realism of the facts, are extracted that these chances are favorable to the European Community, but not to Brazil. It has a relation of old international trade, that in sends to the black times of the settling and the irrational land exploration to them others, already very busy. By the way, the capitalism at this time constructs to the bases of its sustenance and development.

These bases, solids, are supported in two aspects: the first one, for the use of natural resources and human at low prices; as, for the formation of consumption markets without what the expansion of the process would not be possible. These two aspects, inequivocadamente are kept until the current times. It is verified that in elapsing of this phase of construction of the capitalism, the rich countries, to the measure that if fixed in the colonies, also went establishing new standards of production and consumption and, clearly, new partner-economic standards. Especially in the industrialization phase, Industrial Revolution, century XVIII, has a common phenomenon e, at the same time, cruel: of people for it are and merchandises for inside. All economy passes for this phase. When the artisan production, to the few, is abandoned to give to place the mechanized processes of production, the unemployment is inevitable especially because this mechanization will also go to occur in the agricultural production. Then, the unemployment occurs in the centers urbanizados and the field. When the displacement of people of the field if of the one in direction to the urban centers to the job search, the mass of unemployeds becomes colossal – Liverpool, in England, was a chaos.

Dominating Google Adwords

Saturday, 16. June 2012

Like arriving to become an expert in pay Rep click and to dominate Google Adwords? If they have decided to venture itself by the world of the paid searches, known in the scope of marketing by Internet like paid search advertising, of insurance will be considering to use the popular tool Google Adwords. All that we have a good idea of how it works marketing and the businesses we know that any model of acquisition of clients or sales by Internet is based on a simple mathematical operation. If they invest a determined amount of money xs will attract a number of visits or potential clients, of who a percentage will buy or generate a conversion. In Google adwords the methodology is the same: Whatever can destine of the gain of each transaction or product sold to their publicity? If I have a product or service that costs $100 dollars and leaves $50 me of gain, that means that I can spend up to $50 dollars in publicity without losing money. If they already have this amount then now they are asked How many visits need to generate each transaction? We say that his website generates a transaction or sale by each 100 visits. Now simply they divide the money destined to the publicity of each sale or transaction between the number of visits that need to obtain a sale or transaction.

We divide $50 dollars between 100 visits, we have 50 cents. This simple one formulates will give the known result them as the cost by allowed visit, this number is the equivalent to whatever can pay by each originating click of adwords. If they pay but of this amount by visit, they ended up losing money instead of to gain it. After to have determined whatever they can pay, will have to look for all the possible key words that their clients can use to find them. They group those words according to its similarity and make sure that the pages where the visits land have excellent content to the key words that is using (Google now applies these rules for adwords). Also he is advisable to try to use several announcements to see what generates more conversions. Finally, most important of a campaign of adwords it is always to evaluate the results.

They eliminate the words that do not produce, readjust its budgets, improve the content of the landing pages; all this will improve the conversion cup. The descriptions of the announcements also must of being optimized to increase the CTR (the percentage of click by looks) that if it gets to be higher than its competition, saved money to him by each click. I hope that this brief article has given a basic idea him than really it matters in Google Adwords and what it is due to take finds before jeopardizing a budget that perhaps does not produce what they were hoping. Original author and source of the article.