Tuesday, 28. August 2012

The reconfiguration of our existencial territory, continuously, if remakes in the speed of the new events That is, it always has a new sobrecodificao on our vital process (that it holds our psychic life). Ahead of as many experiences, inassimilveis, produced for the vertiginous process of modeling of the world, the body, this ‘ ‘ anatomy emocional’ ‘ — constructed for the selective processes of the biological evolution, it breaches its homoestasia, producing SYMPTOMS that are the bio-symbolic metaphor of the organism, ‘ ‘ in crise’ ‘. It occurs, therefore, a reduction in the bio-psychic-somatic capacity to generate new images of itself, organizers of new actions, and new linkings We do not obtain more, to support our territories existenciais, and lose. It has a blockade in the continuity in following confirming our original, formative essence Adoecemos. The concern of the body, is not only to survive, but, to survive through a relation ‘ ‘ I obtain mesmo’ ‘ , organizing the experience in somatic forms and behaviors, assimilating the events that in them arrive of instances ‘ ‘ daily pay-pessoais’ ‘ — our genetic and constitutional inheritance — of instances after-staffs — the figures of the subjectivity, available in the Social one. The body organizes a psiconeuromotor personal substratum of multiple languages the one that we call citizen or pessoalidade The body, compulsively, organizes it exactly itself, and this alive process has a total investment in continuing to perseverar in its Being The body speaks for sensations, feelings and thoughts, therefore; it communicates itself obtains exactly so that he can influence in its behavior This dialogue (internal) is always on what making regarding my immediate situation (from its proper interiorizados contents). This mediation if makes, through one sophisticated neural system of feedback that we call Brain! The way of production of our corporal image, also, is intrinsic to our neural cartography (excitatria, inibitria and motor experience lived) what it allows to form diversity Ahead of as many formularizations, collections, threats and devir Irreversible Ours ‘ ‘ mechanisms of defesa’ ‘ they are exacerbados and they enter in collapse! Of this state of things, stress happens The cronificao of these sensrio-affective states generates psychic psicossomatizaes and, obviously, riots as by-products. They occur, also, auto-immune illnesses and decurrent organic patologias of the metabolic surplus The crystallization of these (psico) patologias modifies the neuroqumico balance, maximizing the psychic conflicts and amplifying the SYMPTOMS. Reinaldo Mller.

Customer Vestibule

Wednesday, 1. August 2012

If within the process she must realise a survey, invokes the functionality so that the form takes step by step it by each one of the questions to realise to him. Finally if her organization works strategies of crossed sale (cross selling) can be useful to speak to him to the client on the new product that not yet it has bought and that adapts to the profile of client registered in CRM. The reports and consultations of the system allow him, to the supervisor of call to center and to the person in charge on watch to the client in the organization, to review the management and effectiveness of the agents in the resolution of requests of the clients.It can analyze that types of requests are most frequent, as are those that more time take in giving answer to the client, whatever are solved in the agreements on watch established by the company and as agents must improve their performance to fulfill the standards of the organization. Of equal way the areas of sales and trade of their organization are abreast of the management realised with the client so that in the next one it visits commercial that makes the executive of account, is going to be found out you complete calls that the client to the Contact Center realised. SalesLogix is a tool CRM that covers with excellent way the processes of attention to the client.Some of the functionalities that SalesLogix offers him include: Administration of Accounts and Contacts? Administration of incidents (Tickets)? Management of returns? Pursuit to Defects? Administration of assets? Contract administration on watch? Fast data base of knowledge and searches? Administration of activities and calendar? Integration with other applications? Consultations and searches in the system? Reports and Intelligence of Business (VI)? Notification and alert? Vestibule of supermarket for clients (SalesLogix Customer Vestibule)? Job streams (WorkFlow) Multiple interphases of operation (Windows, Web and Moving body) In conclusion, SalesLogix offer to the functionality and the platform so that her organization automates the processes on watch to the client, guaranteeing that it is counted on an integral vision of information that allows to mark a competitive difference of its company in the market.