Wednesday, 19. September 2012

The groups siderurgical private they had practically not participated of the sales of the great state siderurgy. Some of these purchasers had waited only the valuation of the acquired assets to vender them with the accomplishment of substantial profits. The end item of the privatization of the state ones of plain steel, the Aominas and the Acesita, was a sector with problems of corporative governana, with participation crossed concentrated mainly in the hand of banks, as Bozzano, Bradesco, Econmico and Bamerindus, the majority of which already sales or liquidation do not exist more for, of the Valley, still state at the time, and of foundations of security, without enterprise logic, and ' ' recheados' ' of fragilities and conflicts of interest, and controlled for shareholders not compromised to the perspectives of long stated periods of the companies. The results are known: the financial crisis of the Acesita, and the consequent denationalization of its control, and, later, of the control of the CST, promoted for the Valley, and one ' ' quase' ' denationalization of the control of the CSN, that arrived to be vendida for the ARBED, having been rescued for a shy intervention of the government, fearful of the negative repercussion that the consumption of the fact would bring. In the same way, the petrochemical one could have been privatized of entirely different form. The recognition of the committed mistake: necessity of reorganization In function of the inadequate configuration of siderurgy and petrochemical the Brazilians, resultants of the aodado and inept process of privatization, the proper BNDES, co-author, agent main seno of the exploit, already under new administration, passed, from the years of 1999 and 2000, to try to induce the actors to undertake a reorganization process involving exchange of shareholding positions, fusing and associations, capable to increase the competitiveness of the sectors, a species of ' ' modelagem' ' delayed, tacit recognition of the inadequao of the adopted model of sales.

Organizational Psychology

Monday, 17. September 2012

Many times the Relations Human beings in the work environment become so conflicting that the ethical and professional development is wronged. The main conclusion of this work is that a strategical plan directed toward the management of people in the majority of the companies does not exist, and this has generated desmotivao and apathy between the employees, where in the final consideraes some suggestions for solution of the joined problems are presented. WORDS KEYS: Organizacional psychology, Motivation, Behavior. INTRODUCTION For being to deal with a subject of great quarrels in enterprise meetings, the behavior and motivation finishes in such a way being element of great importance for the companies how much for its employees.

In this way, company and employee possess different motivations, however with an objective in common, the success of the company. She is In this context that the present article was elaborated, having as conceptual base the motivation and the behavior of the employee in the work environment and to evidence which implications of these relations in the performance of the production. History of Organizacional Psychology Before being part of subjects of study in Psychology, questions as mind, soul, spirit, was privileges of the Philosophers and the Religious ones. In the end of century XIX it only is that Psychology starts to dispute a space in Science. As for the work relation, the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution had been determinative to understand Organizacional Psychology that we know today. It is in this turbulent period that starts the desestruturao of the feudal system and appear independent workers who created its works with its tools.

Some Ideas To Give New Life To A Site

Saturday, 8. September 2012

It is a common situation that often the efforts to reach a good positioning in the motors of searches do not render the yearned for fruits. The necessity arises then to think about some plan to give new airs website, and thus to obtain one better penetration in target wished. We remember that Google prefers the novel information, and permanently looks for the quality in the information that offers to him to the users. For this reason Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to realise an evaluation of the performance of the Web site, to define which are the best strategies as far as the accomplishment of changes in the page. There are some suggestions that can orient to us with respect to the detection of deficit aspects in the performance of our page, that makes us lose traffic, and not to be able here to arrive a to obtain the maximum potential of our investment in the development of the channel online. Lack of text.

In order to obtain the best indexing, it is necessary that each page has like minimum 300 text words, optimized and highly excellent. It is possible to emphasize that the texts in graphical format not only do not contribute to the indexing, but usually they contribute to the times of load. For this reason, we recommended to renew in the first place the content of the site, and to eliminate the posters with graphical format, replacing them by text. And if they are important, to use the markers that they will indicate to him to Google that that we put there is important. It considers to add to an article section or blog to populate with excellent text his Web. The aggregate of blog, if he is updated periodically, will give tons him of fresh and excellent text that will cause that Google adores its Web site, and this adoration will be translated, without doubts, in many new visitors.