Economist Dutch Ernst

Friday, 26. April 2013

Retinger approached Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, who agreed to promote the idea, together with Belgian Prime Minister Paul van Zeeland. The guest list would be drawn up so had two attendees from each nation, each one of them to represent the conservative and progressive point of view. The success of the meeting encouraged the organizers to prepare an annual Conference. Retinger was appointed Permanent Secretary and a permanent Steering Committee was created. As well as organizing the Conference, the Steering Committee also maintained a register of names of attendees and contact details, with the aim of creating an informal network of individuals who you could invite some others in private. The stated purpose of the Bilderberg Group was to make a knot around a common political line between the United States and Europe in opposition to Russia and communism. The Economist Dutch Ernst van der Beugel took over as Permanent Secretary in 1960, upon the death of Retinger.

Prince Bernhard continued to serve as Chairperson of the meeting until his own death, in 2004 we are reminded that in 2009 Bilderberg took place in Vouliagmeni, a coastal town South of Athens. This meeting was attended by the Greek Ministers of finance, Foreign Affairs and the Governor of the National Bank of Greece. A few months later the country was bankrupt and the streets of Athens were witness to serious disturbances by the adjustment programme imposed on the Greek Government by the European Union. Various media indicate that one of the central themes of Bilderberg 2010 will again be the economic situation in the countries of southern Europe (Portugal, Italy, Spain and Greece) and Ireland, the so-called PIGS by its initials in English. These sources point to an intervention by the President of the sense Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero government provide confidence to international investors press is prohibited. Nobody It reports on what is being discussed there, there is no official photos.

Single Online Platform

Tuesday, 2. April 2013

In any project that involves a process of creation, the images have a starring role. Both the written level as in books, or in recent times in the creation of articles, publications in blogs or accompanying text in the design of a Web page, images are always needed. With intellectual property laws, have emerged, especially at level online multitude of platforms where you can buy lots of photographs so much free, because they have no rights, as others in which depending on a certain price can be purchased with a price higher than low- or no cost. In the process of acquisition of these photographs, known as image banks, often forgets by omission to the photographer, without which it would not have been possible to get that image. Combining these two ideas, arises the online platform Stockibooks where photographers and their photographs are the protagonists.

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