Wonder Yudo Shipping

Saturday, 30. November 2013

And his accomplice was a man Glasha milkmaids, who in his first year he deserted from the Royal Army and would not return to his wife, decided to become a highwayman. Gentlemen of Fortune, damn it! So they spent the whole night. The gang headed by Ataman and his accomplice walked through the night, horse-thief Grishka shaking in the bushes of fear, but our man with a height of accommodations for all those watching, desperately struggling with sleep, which it prevailed. As soon as the sun rose, the robbers stopped their drunken gatherings and were about to fall apart to sleep, as there was a clatter of hooves. This is a forester Theodore did morning round of his possessions, which have long wanted to expose a cheater smith Mikula, Glasha return of her husband and forcing the robbers to work for the village. Abandoning all their belongings, the robbers got on their horses and began to flee in terror from the forester, because they knew that if they are caught it, then there will also be held responsible for what at the time were guilty of fire in forest people who put out then the whole village.

In addition, the half-time forester Theodore has worked part time in the fishing control, so he could easily bring them to justice under the laws of the King-Emperor father for what they poaching methods fished Wonder Yudo Shipping and sold him to the circus Carabas-Barabas. Meanwhile, horse thief Grishka out of his hiding place and eaten all that was left for a robber. And they left a lot, as represented by nix forester and fishing control as ever descended suddenly. Grisha had enough and left again into the thick of a dense, dense forest. "Daaaaaa – thought to myself man – wow roamed the world, learn how people live, feeding yourself are," and walked man home.

Bowlby Problems

Saturday, 30. November 2013

After the readings of the summaries of articles for the election of the material, she had the fichamento and the analysis of the material through the reading to know if they were condizentes with the proposal of article, to know which more if approached to the subject in question and thinking about the reply to the objectives of the research. 1. I FIGHT Bowlby In accordance with (1990), the affective bonds and the subjective states of strong emotion costumam to occur together, that is, many of the most intense emotions human beings appear during the formation, maintenance, disruption and renewal of emotional bonds. The separation of dear beings can generate anxiety and consternation of deep and drawn out to weigh and these events they can shake the mental health. Many problems that the people pass and, that the psychologists are called to treat can be related, in part, to a separation or recent loss or in previous period in elapsing of the life.

(BOWLBY, 1990) For Bowlby (1990), one of the consequncias of the sudden disruption of bonds, as divorce, death and separation of the parents, mainly in infancy can have an incidence of not raised psychiatric problems of what in other groups that had not suffered as much losses. Examples of problems that can appear from these experiences are terminal anxiety, intermittent depression or suicide. I fight it is a process where the person perceives and becomes Real the loss, it is the phase of the expression of the decurrent feelings of this loss. It can be demonstrated by shock, desire, disorganization and organization.

Cartagena Business

Sunday, 24. November 2013

The consumer does not need convincing reasons to buy the product, in this sale take precedence different factors. Price: if this is the purchase factor is that the consumer is only taking advantage of a good deal, does not mean you need the product or from within his pyramid of needs. A whim: this is very common in the female segment, purchase the product because they really need or think they need. Staple product in question, it depends on the consumer psyche, he is the boss and decides to close the purchase. The sale with power of persuasion of the seller: this sale is produced by the cunning of the seller, the speed of seduction to the customer, the level and speed of response to the objections. The sale criticism: it is one in which the customer likes the product, but not convinced to buy, the seller fails to close the sale, this can be reversed with calm and cool mind, reversing the situation up to the vendor, there are always undecided customers who need constant motivation in making decisions in the process of purchase.

The recommended selling: this is produced by the recommendation of one individual to another, is one of the best that exists because the client is serious about buying the product and close the sale in minutes. I’ve named the main forms of sales there are more, but we must priority, any sale depends on many factors, which must be handled by vendors, and they both should be trained by the executives to achieve expected sales, everything will depend on the knowledge to be handled from the moment a prospective customer approaches a product. But there is also for sale online, this is faster, here only serves the consumer, to produce a sale on the website all depends on whether the site meets all the requirements of a web vendor, any company can have a web seller to cover the virtual market, increase their customers, and go in the conquest of potential clients, obtaining instant conversion of visitors to this site customers must have as a primary characteristic clarity of navigation, to ensure that the customer can purchase your products and / or services. All about sales is fascinating, you can close any sale with the talent and knowledge to increase sales and get the expected profit. “Knowledge is the key success in any order of things “Knowledge is power and power is MONEY $ Without Marketing knowledge there are no sales, no sales, no money, no money, no profit, no profit no business, plain and simple, all is interlaced, law of cause and effect. Paz Cartagena Business, Marketing Area

The Teacher

Monday, 11. November 2013

The teacher must not become a machine, as she is happening now. Teacher: you can also advise children that study properly and with application, that subject is responsible for dealing with the grammar, semantics, spelling, Linguistics etc. That is the scholar of the language and the language. Since indirectly through the previous lesson, the importance of properly mention the subject and the predicate was teaching and as the ratio of these two make leave many things. With this kind of attitudes among teachers can help one another, in the beautiful work of teaching. The teacher must allow children to form a concept which appears to them to the word body.

That they form sentences and do minor research in the company of their parents to close to the mathematical body Word. Therefore is you must teach the child to be creator and not only consumers of knowledge, since we speak of rational beings. Jose ORLANDO MELO NARANJO trainer in theory 5 mathematics basic mathematical body: body (mathematics), set of elements with which you can perform operations that satisfy certain properties. The set of fractions formed with integers, together with the addition and multiplication operations, form a body called body of rational numbers. Many of the characteristic properties of rational numbers are true also for other bodies, even if the elements and operations for these other bodies are completely different. Natural phenomena: natural phenomena are manifestations of the transformation that happens to matter.

I think it is a good definition, short and precise. The master: the teacher may develop addition and subtraction. And make the children observe as the addition or subtraction of a number affects the result. Therefore the same numbers can be a plus and a minus. And they observe that a when they are the same numbers, the transformation is evident. Example: 56 56 + 43-43 99 13 Teacher: the teacher will make the children to do addition and subtraction with the same numbers and then analyze the results and express that they think of what happens with the result.

The Old

Tuesday, 5. November 2013

Therefore he teaches to overcome limitations than our logical mind we impose and put us in the realm of intuition, faculty that it does not depend on our intellect, but of the development of consciousness. The fundamental idea of the Zen is the possibility of contact with those forces or energies located in the depths of one’s own, because all authority, all wisdom and all the value of the Zen comes from our interior. Zen by itself doesn’t teach anything, does not have any God to worship, do not have any ceremonial rite, does not promise no future in more beyond. However is considered one of the roads or pathways of liberation. As the old masters used to say, zen is this, here, now to get closer to Zen is to be found where really lies within ourselves.

An experience, a personal experience, an interior State is which is reached via the way of silence. What is silence? If you are looking for a contact with This zen state must know how to be quiet not only externally, but cultivate the inner silence. If we are full of concepts, ideas, projects, desires, memories, etc. and live with this psychic ballast, find it very difficult to access the silent level of our psyche. Mute status is clearly different information which is addressed to the intellectual center and one that does not correspond to the mind. The mute status is intact and unlimited, since we really communicate with the environment and we learn to hear.

The level we normally live is superficiality, opinions, ideas, and judgments. There is no space within ourselves to something new. We have the habit of thinking within dualism. If we transcend this situation and put us in the internal state that is beyond the common logic of intellect, we are approaching the zen. Silence is the internal state that is beyond thought, in which there are no concepts, but also judgments, criticism, ideas or mechanical reactions, and if the There, us not drag behind them.