Nation Wealth

Saturday, 22. February 2014

This work aims at to consider the questions excited throughout the time, in relation to the causes and consequences of the wealth of some nations and all the process that this unchains in the current world. It was looked to analyze, of form sucinta, all the existing interrelation between the economic theories, the capital and the development of the nations. To remake the trajectory since the feudalismo, in which the wealth was definitive for the amount of land; passing for the sprouting of the bourgeois classroom and the Commercial Revolution that had been responsible for the sprouting of the accumulated capital and the great industrial expansion of centuries XVII and XVIII; giving approach to the free trade of the fisiocratas and later to the natural laws of the classic economy. Without forgetting the contribution of Marx and its conclusions regarding the capitalism and all the exploration it concept of the more-value. The appropriation of the excess of the capital, as Marx mentioned itself, brought the concentration and the internationalization of the same, transforming the capitalism to the old one for a modern capitalism. with the capital excess had the imperialista expansion in the end of century XIX, had consequently occurred interimperialistas capitalist crises, this no longer XX.Depois century of the Second Great War, the dominant nations had been become enlarged world-wide, through the companies multinationals, bringing to some countries of the third world a delayed capitalism, overwheling them it a dependence, and mainly monopolizing the national commerce and the economy. Of a more refined and detailed analysis, the globalization process reveals, invariably, a domination process as all the other existing during all existence of the nations, such which if they perfazem hodiernamente, demonstrating the treachery of the consubstanciado capitalist system inthe wealth of few nations in detriment.

The Commitment In Training

Friday, 21. February 2014

The training process has been largely studied until you return it complex, but believe that it should be handled in a simple and clear, sometimes obvious that it involves both facilitators that although they may be very well prepared in their song do not take into account to the public which is directed the effort, I believe that the most important process is the appropriation and transfer of knowledgeskills and attitudes to the daily life of the subject.We must remember that learning is change, increase that is something that does not transform is not learning. On many occasions trainings are made without a proper diagnosis of needs, since it is not an important requirement for many and overlooked the fundamental training base, since if not carefully analyzed the Organization, tasks, that we want to modify as well as know that want to make an impact on the performance of attendees will have training processes that will not be capable of impacting positively on important results for the organization.Training well directed brings clear benefits not only the company but also the worker, such as an improvement in self perception, a feeling of belonged and solidified commitment, power efficiency and effectiveness of the contributor and consequently will impact on profitability. The training is beneficial in many ways and is a tool that promotes the growth of the company as well as the development of the worker.Training courses I’ve shared so much as a facilitator as a participant and actually I realize that the ultimate goal which is learning, has little transfer since the courses are not structured in a way clear and the worst is that it seems to have little relevance since there is no follow-up to them, the reality is that we must be aware that the appropriation of knowledge of participants is the core, in the last year to ask what were their expectations one participant told me I only I come to the course to see that, there must be a commitment to clear and defined on all sides for just this task. .

Selection Criteria

Friday, 21. February 2014

Now a very popular topic of building a country house. The principal issue for the owner of the land is the choice of gates. It does not matter, it's holiday home or cottage monumental – the gateway for entry necessary for all. What are the types of gates? Not many options. The most widely used swing vorota.Oni consist of two wings. The main advantage of this gate is a low price.

When planning to install swing main gate – to order the correct way to open the valves. The valves can swing open to the outside (outside) or inside (on site). Cons have both. The valves require a free space for the opening. If land area is small – hinged doors, "steal" a significant chunk of the yard. If you plan opening out – open doors can interfere in the passage.

However, the popularity of swing gate remains high. Swing gate equipped with an automatic, and it makes use of a gate comfortable. Wireless remote control allows you to advance when approaching the machine to open gates without leaving home or leaving the vehicle. If the next entry into the plot is even a long fence, the length is greater than the width of the entrance to the half – you can install sliding doors. They will be rolled back along the fence due to its construction and no space. Sliding gates constructed very simply. The basis of the gate is self-supporting structure. Door curtain – a rigid steel frame that rolls on the rollers, mounted on a metal base, bathed in the foundation. When choosing a sliding gates to pre-calculate the weight of the door leaf, it will choose the right components and to avoid deformation of the structure during operation. Weight fabric is also important when choosing a drive. Sliding gates are attached to the ground at only one point and move to a height of 10 cm from the ground (in the zone of entry). If you are installing on the entry selected sliding doors – make sure that there is no rollback in the area of insurmountable obstacles (buildings, trees, etc.). For sliding gate only critical elevation. If the level of soil in the zone of reduced recoil – it's not terrible. With sliding doors at the entrance to the need for constant cleaning is lost before the snow gates. There are other types of gates for entry. If at the entrance columns to set the jumper (U-shaped design) – can be installed with electric roller doors. Rolling shutters are composed of leaf, made of narrow metal strips and the shaft on which pulls the blade actuator. Rolling shutters are typically installed by the site. Roll with the canvas cover is closed, which protects the roll and shaft from the weather. In automatic roller doors You can manually open the gate, with a special vorotka. Motorists often cover part of the territory at the entrance to the roof or awning. If the shed is adjacent to the entry closely, it allows install sectional garage door. Sectional doors are made up of horizontal sections, which are the metal rails go under the roof. When you open the sectional door is not beyond the boundary of the opening gate. When using electric gate opening procedure becomes more comfortable. However, we need to place under the protection of automatic awning that precipitation did not bring electrical equipment from damage. When choosing the type of gates for private homes must take into account the location and general plan of the site, usability, and security gates.

The Promotion

Wednesday, 19. February 2014

So, a few thoughts and tips on how to efficient use of domestic labor. 1. Seek not only among actively wanting to change jobs, location, title, and among the so-called "Passive" candidates. These are candidates who will learn about new opportunities in companies from YOU! Until they are satisfied, or they pretend they are satisfied … But you must know something that they "sat", or their level of competency already exceeds the level of their positions. You must be proactive! If you do not 'll find yourself in the company of such people, they will find competitors and headhunters! 2. Build a system of recommendations within the company, internal "headhunting".

Create a "database of competencies," and traces the acquisition of new skills capable staff. Focus on the promotion of talent. Have the recruiters to calculate the future Tops in the company. Stimulate the exchange of information with you, analyze your opinion team. 3. Get the HR-service service general corporate purposes, and not only those department heads. Do not let them pull the blanket (ie, the best employees) only for themselves. Line managers have a tendency to create their own fiefdoms and to withhold information, who their best people.

We often try to keep people in the same position a year and a half or even two, thus forcing them to leave the company for improvement. Remember capable people are growing faster than we think! Each employee should have the freedom to move easily within the company from day one. At least, he should know about it and be able to easily express their desire! Our goal is to have the right person at the right place at the right time, and not the satisfaction of self-absorption of line managers or bureaucratic regulations.

The Infidel

Tuesday, 18. February 2014

Ldo deceit! one another example of this inversion of values is the habit of the traditional ones to be judged more Christian of what the pentecostais/renewed by prezarem for what they consider a ordeira form of cult, where everything is very organized and more planned. In reason of this, an improper judgment concerning the espiritualidade of the other occurs, where the traditional one judges a pentecostal/renewed by its form of cult ' ' more barulhenta' ' where a renewed pentecostal/judges a traditional one for this not to search dom of languages. But, as &#039 says the Rap of the person from de state of espirito santo pair; ' Conscincia and Verdade' ': ' ' In the last day alone they go to have two: The fidiciary office and the infidel! Which is yours? ' '. this needs to be the reason of mine and your reflection! For what Jesus said: ' ' Nor all he says what me: Gentleman, Gentleman! he will enter in the kingdom of skies, but that one that makes the will of my Father, who is in skies. They will say many me in that day: Gentleman, Gentleman, do not augur we in your name? in your name we do not banish demons? in your name we did not make many wonders? then I will say to them openly: I never knew you; you separate you of me, you who you practise iniqidade.' ' Mateus 7:21 the 23. It agrees to say that if one to believe that dons spirituals cited in the letters to the Churches they are for our days and the other to believe that they had been only for the days of the first Christians, what to believe, usufructs; what not to believe it only leaves to usufruct of that is promise. The only problem of this, is that the Church, leaves of being built, until why, they are for construction of it while Body of Christ.

AdWords Currency

Tuesday, 18. February 2014

The destination URL can contain up to 1,024 characters and represents the actual web page to which users will access after clicking on the ad. With regard to choosing keywords, it should be noted that each of these must be entered on a separate line (press Enter on your keyboard after typing each keyword or phrase.) For more profitable results, make sure that this kind of words you enter are specific to the site or product itself. The keyword tool helps you find those that maybe he was not occurred. You can also create new lists with different keywords or edit the current list at any time. Therefore, we recommend you start with a few to see which keywords get better results. Gold Investments follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In the third step is to define the price. This will select the currency you want to use, and then define the cost per click and daily budget. You can spend the amount you want each day and there is no minimum budget.

This should match the amount to pay each month for your advertising campaign divided by the number of days in the month. Keep in mind that the currency you choose will apply to both billing and payment. Therefore, if you select U.S. dollars, payment will be requested and accepted in the same currency. Once you have selected a currency for the account, and can not be changed later. Depending on the keywords that are introduced, the AdWords system will calculate a recommended maximum cost per click and display the clicks and the daily costs that would result from it.

Socialist Constitution

Tuesday, 18. February 2014

JOSE BRECHNER tension continues to rise in Bolivia, due to the obstinacy of the Government does not return to the autonomous regions their taxes of hydrocarbons which amounted to $166 million, and the totalitarian wishes of President Evo Morales to impose a Socialist Constitution, granting them rights originating above the rest of the inhabitants. The same document also dictates hoarding all the resources of the nation for usufruct of the ruling party, under the guise of better distribute wealth. Since the neo-Communists took power the rows are the bread of every day. It is the customs of the trade unionist dictator remain the same before that to sit on the throne. The only dialogue that knows is the trompadas. The only difference between the political football who played prior to his investiture is that he switched sides on the Court. The referees were in his favour at the first time and continue its part in the second, but the public is enraged and begins to take the turf by assault. The hypocrisy and moral self-confidence, is typical of the populists but fails to astonish: governs autocraticamente and so; he manipulates the laws and imposes measures by force; commit fraud in referendums; imports spies and mercenaries from Cuba and Venezuela; manufactures false identity documents; It pillages the State and impoverishes the country; assails private property; threat to journalists; abducted opponents; commits terrorist attacks; expels the Ambassador of United States; It promotes coca production and drug trafficking; encourages the smuggling of fuels; mannish civilians; murderous adversaries; give away the sovereignty of Bolivia to Chavez; He joins forces with Islamist terrorism, but speaks of democracy. Socialist brazen of the 21st century, that hate the rich and the poor, love are among the wealthiest people in the world with the stolen funds from the State coffers brimming with of dollars, product of the nationalization of the largest and most profitable companies, and high prices of commodities.

Saving Money

Sunday, 16. February 2014

Below, we have several methods of teaching children the importance of money and management resources to small years. Pocket money to children Tell your child by example how you manage your resources and prepare the schedule of daily expenses. For them, it is very important to know where the money goes and where they go in the future. Make sure your children understand that every day you do the hard work to earn their daily bread for your family and your entire family taking care of daily expenses. Also tell your children that you have each month plan and manage costs of the family. If you give pocket money to their children, be sure to ask them to record how they were spent and they constantly monitor for what he buys.

Important decisions when you decide to spend the money on a holiday for your family, or when you buy any equipment for home appliances or furniture, always involve your children to participate in the purchase. Tell them how you earn and how much time saved money to buy this thing for the benefit of your family. You should also tell you that money very long, and what is not worth spending money from the family budget aimlessly. Saving Money Show your children to example, purchases, like saving money has helped you in your life. Tell them that saving money is important because it helps in times of financial difficulties. Teach your kids that they can save money in the treasury and use them when required.

The Resources

Saturday, 15. February 2014

If managers adopt a management model that focuses on results, then soon they risk being left without modern resources that produce these results. On the other hand, if managers are concerned only about the resources, forgetting about the results, the they may soon find itself without finances and will not be able to feed himself and his resources. The effectiveness of management is to balance Results / Resources – how much time spend management and staff on a obtaining the current results, and how much time perfecting their resources. Unfortunately, in many enterprises there is a clear bias in favor of Results. Managers of enterprises of different levels and how Consequently, the rank and file employees, the vast majority of working time spent on the implementation of ongoing projects. Even if the leaders decide on the need to allocate time to the improvement of Resources, under pressure from internal and external circumstances, but mostly their own habits, they are still the vast majority of time spent on the implementation of ongoing projects. You can change the situation only by changing habit of leaders – to deal exclusively with the current activity. Why employees are engaged exclusively in the current activity? Habits are encoded in our subconscious.

The subconscious also controls our heartbeat, body temperature and other vital processes in the body. Consciousness can only handle images – the future or past. For the current activity information in an image of consciousness be held in the subconscious. If you provide information in the subconscious of unknown or unusual activity to him, you have to constantly monitor the reaction of the subconscious with his consciousness, which requires sufficient effort. Or a person gets tired easily, or he "need to tuck under the arm" to the more familiar activities that at present the company's more than enough. The subconscious mind instantly and unconsciously forces you to switch to this activity.

Federal University

Saturday, 15. February 2014

Such cited problems previously cause still others as contamination and pollution of underground courses d ozone layer aggravating the effect greenhouse and heating the planet. The respective cited problems are generalized and to a great extent caused for the greed of a minority each richer time, while the majority is kept out of society lives in the absolute misery. Regarding the global heating searching they affirm that in about 100 years the planet heated about 0,7 C, it seems little more is the sufficient to affect the climatic balance of the planet. The perspectives for next the 50 years are more alarming (preoccupying) still, therefore to foresee that the planet heats 3,5 C more than, this would be catastrophic, taking in consideration storms, droughts, etc., that already we suffer in 2005. Data of NASA affirm that in the next decades it will occur in the world international migrations of people, decurrent of the ascent of level of the oceans. The increase of water level of the oceans to give it for the melting of great glaciers, and with this islands> the man this harvesting the fruits of its irresponsibility in detriment of wealth and profits, this form the man and the nature is in collision route.

If we will be to think about el nio and there he sings to sleep, they are natural phenomena that occur in the planet since always, with a frequency of occurrence to each the 8 10 years; however hand the situation most serious is of the forests of the hemisphere the North, more citizens to the sudden variation of temperature. They is esteem that regions as Canada, Russia and Scandinavia have superior losses of habitat 40%. Adverte the zologo Adam Markham, of the ONG Clean Air-Cool> intelligence . *Mestre in Ecology and Handling of Natural resources Federal University of the Acre. >.