Managing Director

Wednesday, 30. April 2014

All results can be evaluated, whether or not the project development of the chosen location and the chosen conception for the involved parties is promising. For the banks, this created by experts, expert expertise is an important instrument to secure risk assessment and rating. In addition, a project support through implementation of our communication and risk reduction management system is possible and sensible to reduce as the pre-opening costs. Frank Rohrl, advertising and PR expert of advisors Studio white high risk always form a barely existing utilization of opening and a too long period reaches full capacity is.”. The “” Communication and risk reduction management system think global-act local “with its synergetic effects of architecture, law, marketing and our experience of the operator supports the long-term protection of the company and contributes to a minimum existence-threatening developments for a company through an act rather than a mere reaction”, said h-P. Tappert, even longtime Managing Director of several nursing and senior societies.

A loan commitment may be linked also to a cooperation between the investor/operator and the consultant atelier. Here are the experts of the Studio the investor/operator over a defined period as consultants and in partnership to the page and report regularly to the supervising Bank. All legal areas, as well as the architecture, the construction and contract law, but also the marketing and sales, as well as the optimal implementation of the operator concept are accompanied. The multi-layered process interdependencies of existing, commercially available triangle Bank Investor/owner user and the resulting risks are reduced to a minimum and contribute to a significant extent to the achievement of a sustainable success.

The Investors

Tuesday, 29. April 2014

That is often monthly load exactly as high or only marginally higher than my current rent; Yet the write-downs are added at the end of the year, I am often even cheaper than if I pay rent. It is similar for the investors. Here interest and redemption but in principle by the lessee is taken over, namely with his rent. Often, the income exceeds even the rate for interest and amortization. At the end is a paid for by the tenant immobile. Do you know another system form, with a third party for you paid? Regardless of these very weighty reasons I will mention below 10 good reasons for a real estate purchase you: 1 learning you from the past many fortunes of the last 50 years by real estate incurred. Who in 1960 has purchased a house or an apartment in a city like Frankfurt, Mainz, Munich, multiplying until today his fortune.

And the demand for attractive living room. Is a return to cities or on the outskirts of the city in the last three years scroll. Here again is an increase in the rent, a particularly good opportunity for investors. 2. due to inflation destruction of financial assets by the creeping inflation recorded some savings account after deduction of taxes and fees often even a negative return, i.e. Their money is real less each year. Owners of real estate confidently confront this situation. In a financing with debt, inflation reduces even the amount of your loan.

The real value suggests the value of money in the return. The personal exploits which adversely affected the value of money, positive. Accordingly, with an own home, you are protected against rising rents (as compensation for inflation). 3. tax benefits with fixed and the State directs investment tax breaks exactly defined in the income tax act in his name. Caused by for investors and owner-occupiers of real estate such as several highly interesting ways, his assets to participate in the State, making tax claims to Create depreciation or loan interest discounted using the KfW.


Tuesday, 29. April 2014

The two real estate development funds continue their expansion and diversification strategy real values 11 and 12. Bamberg, 3rd September 2012: While the Fund together have invested Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Nuremberg in the first four months of their placement in over 10 objects in the metropolitan regions, the market entry in the Juister street / corner follows now Sylt road in Wiesbaden. The plot of land located in the District of Dotzheim has a total area of 4,400 square meters and is located in the new development area as one of the last undeveloped land in the outskirts of nature with stunning view. About 48 high-quality apartments with as many parking spaces in two – or three-storey construction plus season floor should be created. The sales volume is over 13 million euros. The district Dotzheim is the second largest district of Wiesbaden with over 26,000 inhabitants and has a very good infrastructure with a well-developed village. The area is characterised by an attractive landscape planning. PROJECT Fund concept AIFM compliant thanks of the PROJECT security concept and a high diversification of object in at least 15 different objects in each Fund in the most sought after real estate locations indicating Federal Republic, the investment on a high degree of security.

In addition, the Bamberg underwriter protects its investors in accordance with the AIFM reform due to the 100% equity capital principle prohibiting any financing through bank loans. PROJECT investors are therefore always secured by debt-free land. In the first four months since the placement start one time investment funds real values 12 made 10 investments, the real values 11 rates savings fund four investments. The conceptually related blind pool is in fact no longer existent in the case of the one time investment fund at the present time.

Top Investment

Saturday, 26. April 2014

Top concept for lucrative investments in real estate pension stone safe and top concept investment in real estate, retirement from stone, secure GeldanlageRhein-main area in May 2011: Rhine-main area, in May 2011: real estate specialists of H & S real estate GmbH recommend the citizens right now in times of low mortgage interest rates, to consider the purchase of an apartment or a House. The H & S real estate GmbH has many years of experience in the marketing of selected real estate and serves private and business customers always demand. In particular real estate form real estate GmbH according to the H & S the intelligent investment in the future. Thanks to the continuously extended service portfolio, the H & S can accompany real estate real estate investments by private and business customers as needed. The H & S real estate GmbH offers its customers in particular a successful combination of lucrative rental privatisation and attractive Steuersparimmobilien in the best locations of the Rhine Main region and the Rhineland-Palatinate. The basic philosophy of the H & S real estate is easy and therefore easy to understand: many consumers are faced with the difficult decision: I to put ownership on me or how far to rent live? According to the H & S real estate GmbH is the answer clear: advise on the purchase of real estate. Because who lives today for rent, is probably no longer afford its current standard of living in the age. The reason: Decreases the value of the pension and the rents increase by 37 percent in the last ten years. Much speaks real estate GmbH for so according to the H & S to use your own four walls just at the current low mortgage rates as private pension plans. In contrast to the life insurance, the property has a great advantage: while is a life insurance policy in the course of professional life saved and used the insurance sum in retirement, the own four walls are from the outset and remain in place, where appropriate, for their children.

Zille Investment

Saturday, 26. April 2014

Construction of 55 condominiums in the summer of 2011 with the acquisition of 2.664-square-meter plot in Berlin-Charlottenburg realized again a residential property in Berlin construction investment group and thus further expanding the business field of the development of high-quality residential property in Prime inner-city locations. The seller was the real estate fund on behalf of the Federal State of Berlin. The plot is located in the Charlottenburg district Zille road 86 in close proximity to the Wilmersdorfer Strasse and shopping. Around 55 property apartments with a total of 6,300 square meters are created here by fall 2012 living space. The individual apartment sizes vary between 90 and 150 square meters. We see a strong demand in the Berlin market for flats in new building in inner city locations. Therefore we realize our third project in the capital with the Zille road now currently”, so Henning Hausmann, head of investment of the construction. The start of construction for the project occurred in the summer of 2011, the completion by autumn 2012. The investment volume will be around 25 million euros.

McMullen Capital

Saturday, 26. April 2014

Maximum placement volume of 60 million euro achieved extraordinary funding results Stuttgart expected, December 21, 2010. It reads like a success story and that is no doubt. The Stuttgart-based energy company energy capital invest from placed not only in a few months the now eighth Fund with the maximum share capital of 60 million euro, the planned investments are also extremely successful. The Fund invests in the extraction of oil and gas from the production units McMullen 3, 4 and 5, as well as other mineral extraction rights in Texas, one of the most productive regions of the United States. During the drilling of the first investment property of the US oil and gas Fund VIII KG, the McMullen 3, immediately found layers of natural gas – and oil-bearing support. Also, a new layer of support with such a large gas reservoir was discovered, which significantly exceeded the original forecast expectations.

According to experts this new layer of support not even needs the comparison with the shy away from extraordinary support layers of Eagle Ford or Haynesville shale. As quite a few times before, the energy capital invest in this case was one of the first movers in the relatively new energy hotspot in Texas. The initially planned placement of minimum EUR 30 million was met within a very short time, so that the Fund management company could hire more holes. In addition, the investment ratio due to the better distribution of Fund-related costs has been increased. Thus, energy capital invest continues his previous success series and placed two funds with the maximum fund size alone this year. The Stuttgart so at the top in this market segment rose only not even three years on the market. Also, because all previous brochure information have been so far met or exceeded.

South CFO Nerb Interest

Thursday, 24. April 2014

Southern finance AG comes under heavy attack. Erfurt, may 18, 2011. The RAD South finance AG in the news emerges again. Since November of last year investors waiting for overdue interest payments, the Prosecutor obviously investigating insolvency procrastination and the courts take numerous lawsuits by investors and former employees. Who has invested in South financial, takes nerve as wire ropes. Every day are with us”calls from angry and disappointed investors of South finance AG, the Managing Director of the German consumer protection ring e.V. confirmed in Erfurt, Claudia Lunderstedt Georgi. I can understand that, because investors have been waiting for November last year on overdue interest payments.

The company promises every now and then on his homepage, that interest rates will soon ‘ be paid that happened but always still not. Now is obviously also the Prosecutor become skeptical and took up investigations against Board Franz Nerb due to insolvency procrastination.” Complaints from South financial investors take daily to what really the South finance AG is going on, nobody really know probably. The interest payments are due semi-annually; the payment that had been due November 1, 2010, but is still pending. Apparently the company with their backs to the wall stands. Bearer bonds, which were offered from April 2008 to a par value of 100 euros offered on sale currently for 14 euros. “Former employees drag to court how bad a company actually ordered it, you can see clearly that that former employees must sue for their outstanding salaries in court”, the DVS Director thinks.

And in fact a maid and chauffeur of South CFO Nerb complained before the Labour Court. A quality appointment the plaintiffs and their lawyers waited in vain a representative of South financial or the Board personally. The Luxembourg-born chauffeur and interpreter of Nerbs got from his former boss Although always still not his outstanding wages of 9,000 euros, but an SMS stating that it was a serious mistake, a claim to submit! Statements which speak a clear language.


Saturday, 19. April 2014

Investment concept proves itself; There are unplanned payouts to investors 2010 Constance / Cham (Switzerland), 31.08.2011. good news for investors in the Fund initiator global invest. Due to the good economic situation, management decided to offer not only the distributions for the first half of 2011 to carry, but also in 2010 acceded shareholders distributions soon. Initially the upcoming shareholder meeting must decide on this. Generally the Fund concept was that only from the year 2011 distributions amounting to 15 per cent are to investors be paid every six months. We would not discriminate against investors of the first hour due to the good economic base and therefore have suggested that they have a claim on the 15 per cent per annum for the year 2010, and also pro rata from the month following the deposit of the deposit”, Helge Quehl said the global invest group. Global invest thus follows his motto one fair partnership with investors on a corporate basis. The global invest wind farm opportunity Fund 1 opts for the short-term realization of wind farm projects in Poland.

Thanks to the close cooperation with gwp German wind power are doing success promising locations searched, evaluated and finally prepared as possible wind farm. While the lead-time of such projects with around three years is rather, gwp projects also pre-engineered in the cooperation brings however and therefore a relatively quick profit realization is possible”, explains Helge Quehl. Another advantage: By investing in the development of wind power projects, the Fund has no risk of the operator. Rather invest opts for global in cooperation with gwp German wind power, one of the space deer in the Polish market, suitable projects to be implemented quickly. Global invest can also to point out that gwp has a long list of interesting projects in the pipeline. Supply of investment opportunities is so provided. When appropriate Access to capital is possible”a variety of projects to be implemented quickly, Dr. Helmut Kahlert is confirmed by the gwp.

This utilizes the funds, without however leaving the protection of the invested capital disregard. Because the vast majority of the Fund’s capital flows as a priority to use loan with an interest rate of eight percent to the parent company”gwp and is in addition each shock to 125 percent through projects or secured by the assignment of other valuable rights (such as through management rights, etc.). So, only a small part is through a direct investment in the project development company Hosea in the risk”made but also with the corresponding yields. And they are very high in this business. This intelligent security architecture”at attractive yield prospects of scores global invest wind farm opportunity Fund 1 in its segment with a unique opportunity / risk structure. Information about the company:

Hollenbach Management

Saturday, 19. April 2014

Medium-sized companies praise Germany; “Mood significantly better a fast readjustment for mid-market request financing experts currently in the context of the implementation of current banks lending standards better known under the keyword Basel III. If banks for a premium middle-class credit must hold more capital than for bonds, everyone can calculate how little attractive business with corporate loans for banks will be in the future”, warns Professor Hans Jorg Schmidt-Trenz as Chief Executive of the Chambers of Commerce. That is not only more expensive, but in many cases unaffordable financing for German medium-sized companies. As that of the German medium-sized companies has clearly expanded its equity position in recent years and thus significantly better not also helps. Many experts, such as Michael Hollenbach as Director of the Swiss SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG) request therefore customized”solutions. It may however not be that the entrepreneur credit for this reason fails because it is too expensive in terms of refinancing in comparison to other investments, which can make the banks in Germany,”thinks the head of SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG).

He emphasizes this, economic growth and financial viability in direct dependence. The mood among German SMEs is good, according to Creditreform outright record just currently. Well, half of the companies surveyed described the current business situation as very good or good, only a few feel the market situation as poor”. This mood has improved significantly with the previous year. In 2010, only slightly more than a third of respondents were similarly optimistic. Chief Executive Officer Professor Hans Jorg Schmidt-Trenz also confirmed an increase in new of projects as well as a recognizable sales increase.

For comparison, can currently about one-third of all medium-sized companies point to a clear increase in sales, there were only 19.4 percent in the spring of 2010. At the same time, the proportion of companies decreased clearly, who complain about sales. An interesting positive market development should not over it fool, that the financial situation is still very tense”, says Hollenbach, the Director of SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG). The Chief of the Chambers of Commerce in Germany is of the same opinion. It was obvious that the banks could take a significant influence on, continues the economy cracked on now or you just would shut off the air. The SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG) has it on the financing of economically attractive projects and specialized companies in growth phases and iterates through all phases of development with their management. The examination on feasibility on the basis of the existing business plan, necessary additional documents, as well as in the form of intensive discussions. Our main focus is in the area of OTC enterprises, which have generally more trouble refinancing, although to the Growth drivers in Germany include”, explains Director Hollenbach of SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG). Independent surveys confirm that there are not only the medium-sized enterprises, which represent the backbone of the German economy and thus the prosperity of the population, there are, which create the most jobs at the same time. That Germany can draw on in addition the full, regards the innovativeness, it also owes the smaller and medium-sized enterprises. Germany would be without the resourceful smaller companies long ago not there, where it stands today”, Director Hollenbach know of SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG).

DVS Consumer

Thursday, 17. April 2014

Information of the DVS German consumer protection ring e.V. Erfurt, May 17, 2011. After the snow Group (Luneburg) 2009 more or less silently, secretly and quietly has halted the business operation, wondering even today investors that the company had invested in so-called safety compact retirement (SKR), how they can return to their money. A good way to do this is that investors adhere to the mediators, who have recommended this risk pension”, explains Claudia Lunderstedt Georgi, Managing Director of the DVS German consumer protection ring e.V. from Erfurt, Germany.

To our knowledge there are namely numerous positive judgments of several dishes that have resulted that the investors have received compensation”, so Lunderstedt-Georgi next. Obviously, false statements were made namely in the consultations by the former investment advisors. Such breaches of duty, however, to be tested in each individual case, may then cause that the investors their money back get back”, the DVS Director confirmed. However, the limitation of possible claims for damages must be taken into account. Basically, such claims shall expire three years from knowledge of the victim of the circumstances of the claim.

Yet opportunities for aggrieved investors to obtain damages there”. Investors who cash the snow group have invested in products, can join a DVS working group and check their documents through a club lawyer. The cost for this membership is unique 59,50 EUR (incl. VAT). More information under of the German consumer protection ring e.V. (DVS) for years targeted to the interests damaged consumers and investors creates. Ultimate aim is to anchor a private consumer protection in Germany, consistently, effectively and competently to enforce the interests of consumers against fraudulent companies continue. The DVS bundles including the interests of affected investors. As a registered charity, he cooperates with specialized and experienced lawyers.