Managing Director

Wednesday, 30. April 2014

All results can be evaluated, whether or not the project development of the chosen location and the chosen conception for the involved parties is promising. For the banks, this created by experts, expert expertise is an important instrument to secure risk assessment and rating. In addition, a project support through implementation of our communication and risk reduction management system is possible and sensible to reduce as the pre-opening costs. Frank Rohrl, advertising and PR expert of advisors Studio white high risk always form a barely existing utilization of opening and a too long period reaches full capacity is.”. The “” Communication and risk reduction management system think global-act local “with its synergetic effects of architecture, law, marketing and our experience of the operator supports the long-term protection of the company and contributes to a minimum existence-threatening developments for a company through an act rather than a mere reaction”, said h-P. Tappert, even longtime Managing Director of several nursing and senior societies.

A loan commitment may be linked also to a cooperation between the investor/operator and the consultant atelier. Here are the experts of the Studio the investor/operator over a defined period as consultants and in partnership to the page and report regularly to the supervising Bank. All legal areas, as well as the architecture, the construction and contract law, but also the marketing and sales, as well as the optimal implementation of the operator concept are accompanied. The multi-layered process interdependencies of existing, commercially available triangle Bank Investor/owner user and the resulting risks are reduced to a minimum and contribute to a significant extent to the achievement of a sustainable success.


Tuesday, 29. April 2014

The two real estate development funds continue their expansion and diversification strategy real values 11 and 12. Bamberg, 3rd September 2012: While the Fund together have invested Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Nuremberg in the first four months of their placement in over 10 objects in the metropolitan regions, the market entry in the Juister street / corner follows now Sylt road in Wiesbaden. The plot of land located in the District of Dotzheim has a total area of 4,400 square meters and is located in the new development area as one of the last undeveloped land in the outskirts of nature with stunning view. About 48 high-quality apartments with as many parking spaces in two – or three-storey construction plus season floor should be created. The sales volume is over 13 million euros. The district Dotzheim is the second largest district of Wiesbaden with over 26,000 inhabitants and has a very good infrastructure with a well-developed village. The area is characterised by an attractive landscape planning. PROJECT Fund concept AIFM compliant thanks of the PROJECT security concept and a high diversification of object in at least 15 different objects in each Fund in the most sought after real estate locations indicating Federal Republic, the investment on a high degree of security.

In addition, the Bamberg underwriter protects its investors in accordance with the AIFM reform due to the 100% equity capital principle prohibiting any financing through bank loans. PROJECT investors are therefore always secured by debt-free land. In the first four months since the placement start one time investment funds real values 12 made 10 investments, the real values 11 rates savings fund four investments. The conceptually related blind pool is in fact no longer existent in the case of the one time investment fund at the present time.

South CFO Nerb Interest

Thursday, 24. April 2014

Southern finance AG comes under heavy attack. Erfurt, may 18, 2011. The RAD South finance AG in the news emerges again. Since November of last year investors waiting for overdue interest payments, the Prosecutor obviously investigating insolvency procrastination and the courts take numerous lawsuits by investors and former employees. Who has invested in South financial, takes nerve as wire ropes. Every day are with us”calls from angry and disappointed investors of South finance AG, the Managing Director of the German consumer protection ring e.V. confirmed in Erfurt, Claudia Lunderstedt Georgi. I can understand that, because investors have been waiting for November last year on overdue interest payments.

The company promises every now and then on his homepage, that interest rates will soon ‘ be paid that happened but always still not. Now is obviously also the Prosecutor become skeptical and took up investigations against Board Franz Nerb due to insolvency procrastination.” Complaints from South financial investors take daily to what really the South finance AG is going on, nobody really know probably. The interest payments are due semi-annually; the payment that had been due November 1, 2010, but is still pending. Apparently the company with their backs to the wall stands. Bearer bonds, which were offered from April 2008 to a par value of 100 euros offered on sale currently for 14 euros. “Former employees drag to court how bad a company actually ordered it, you can see clearly that that former employees must sue for their outstanding salaries in court”, the DVS Director thinks.

And in fact a maid and chauffeur of South CFO Nerb complained before the Labour Court. A quality appointment the plaintiffs and their lawyers waited in vain a representative of South financial or the Board personally. The Luxembourg-born chauffeur and interpreter of Nerbs got from his former boss Although always still not his outstanding wages of 9,000 euros, but an SMS stating that it was a serious mistake, a claim to submit! Statements which speak a clear language.


Saturday, 19. April 2014

Investment concept proves itself; There are unplanned payouts to investors 2010 Constance / Cham (Switzerland), 31.08.2011. good news for investors in the Fund initiator global invest. Due to the good economic situation, management decided to offer not only the distributions for the first half of 2011 to carry, but also in 2010 acceded shareholders distributions soon. Initially the upcoming shareholder meeting must decide on this. Generally the Fund concept was that only from the year 2011 distributions amounting to 15 per cent are to investors be paid every six months. We would not discriminate against investors of the first hour due to the good economic base and therefore have suggested that they have a claim on the 15 per cent per annum for the year 2010, and also pro rata from the month following the deposit of the deposit”, Helge Quehl said the global invest group. Global invest thus follows his motto one fair partnership with investors on a corporate basis. The global invest wind farm opportunity Fund 1 opts for the short-term realization of wind farm projects in Poland.

Thanks to the close cooperation with gwp German wind power are doing success promising locations searched, evaluated and finally prepared as possible wind farm. While the lead-time of such projects with around three years is rather, gwp projects also pre-engineered in the cooperation brings however and therefore a relatively quick profit realization is possible”, explains Helge Quehl. Another advantage: By investing in the development of wind power projects, the Fund has no risk of the operator. Rather invest opts for global in cooperation with gwp German wind power, one of the space deer in the Polish market, suitable projects to be implemented quickly. Global invest can also to point out that gwp has a long list of interesting projects in the pipeline. Supply of investment opportunities is so provided. When appropriate Access to capital is possible”a variety of projects to be implemented quickly, Dr. Helmut Kahlert is confirmed by the gwp.

This utilizes the funds, without however leaving the protection of the invested capital disregard. Because the vast majority of the Fund’s capital flows as a priority to use loan with an interest rate of eight percent to the parent company”gwp and is in addition each shock to 125 percent through projects or secured by the assignment of other valuable rights (such as through management rights, etc.). So, only a small part is through a direct investment in the project development company Hosea in the risk”made but also with the corresponding yields. And they are very high in this business. This intelligent security architecture”at attractive yield prospects of scores global invest wind farm opportunity Fund 1 in its segment with a unique opportunity / risk structure. Information about the company:

Hollenbach Management

Saturday, 19. April 2014

Medium-sized companies praise Germany; “Mood significantly better a fast readjustment for mid-market request financing experts currently in the context of the implementation of current banks lending standards better known under the keyword Basel III. If banks for a premium middle-class credit must hold more capital than for bonds, everyone can calculate how little attractive business with corporate loans for banks will be in the future”, warns Professor Hans Jorg Schmidt-Trenz as Chief Executive of the Chambers of Commerce. That is not only more expensive, but in many cases unaffordable financing for German medium-sized companies. As that of the German medium-sized companies has clearly expanded its equity position in recent years and thus significantly better not also helps. Many experts, such as Michael Hollenbach as Director of the Swiss SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG) request therefore customized”solutions. It may however not be that the entrepreneur credit for this reason fails because it is too expensive in terms of refinancing in comparison to other investments, which can make the banks in Germany,”thinks the head of SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG).

He emphasizes this, economic growth and financial viability in direct dependence. The mood among German SMEs is good, according to Creditreform outright record just currently. Well, half of the companies surveyed described the current business situation as very good or good, only a few feel the market situation as poor”. This mood has improved significantly with the previous year. In 2010, only slightly more than a third of respondents were similarly optimistic. Chief Executive Officer Professor Hans Jorg Schmidt-Trenz also confirmed an increase in new of projects as well as a recognizable sales increase.

For comparison, can currently about one-third of all medium-sized companies point to a clear increase in sales, there were only 19.4 percent in the spring of 2010. At the same time, the proportion of companies decreased clearly, who complain about sales. An interesting positive market development should not over it fool, that the financial situation is still very tense”, says Hollenbach, the Director of SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG). The Chief of the Chambers of Commerce in Germany is of the same opinion. It was obvious that the banks could take a significant influence on, continues the economy cracked on now or you just would shut off the air. The SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG) has it on the financing of economically attractive projects and specialized companies in growth phases and iterates through all phases of development with their management. The examination on feasibility on the basis of the existing business plan, necessary additional documents, as well as in the form of intensive discussions. Our main focus is in the area of OTC enterprises, which have generally more trouble refinancing, although to the Growth drivers in Germany include”, explains Director Hollenbach of SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG). Independent surveys confirm that there are not only the medium-sized enterprises, which represent the backbone of the German economy and thus the prosperity of the population, there are, which create the most jobs at the same time. That Germany can draw on in addition the full, regards the innovativeness, it also owes the smaller and medium-sized enterprises. Germany would be without the resourceful smaller companies long ago not there, where it stands today”, Director Hollenbach know of SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG).

Losberger Tent In Ice And Cold

Sunday, 13. April 2014

Losberger builds locations for Alpine Ski World Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany from 7 to 20 February 2011 the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup takes place in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. In addition to the sponsors and VIPs, this time also athletes and fans in Los Berger maintained tents. Already in the past year, Losberger was represented in Garmisch with two tent constructions in the skiing World Cup. There main sponsor AUDI provided the hospitality of the VIPs. The Organizing Committee of the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships Los Berger gave this year the order for tent units at all venues: the goal enemas at the Kandahar downhill and the Gudiberg arena as well as the World Cup Park, where the medals ceremony takes place. Also the start for the women’s downhill skiing comes from Losberger. For this purpose the material with a helicopter had to be flown to the starting position and built locally.

This year, not only sponsors and VIPs in Losberger tent units are maintained. The athletes, the media, the catering and the volunteers stay in the mobile locations. A separate area with hosting was built for the fans. During the construction, the two sides of a coin made itself felt: for the athletes much snow is important during the World Cup, to get good results. For the development team by backing Santos of the heavy snowfall and extreme cold however resulted in difficult conditions.

Could ensure that the tent floor despite snow and ice to be installed stable and just, were already in November and thus before the onset of winter, solid foundation elements set up. Ultimately, tents with a total of 3,000 m2 emerged surface, which will contribute to a successful event around the venues. Athletes from seven Nations will compete in the disciplines of downhill, Super-G, giant slalom and slalom, and will provide exciting competitions. Image: Losberger archive image 2010: tent constructions at the Ski World Cup in Garmisch. Press contact backing GmbH marketing and press Klaus Martin STEGMANN Gottlieb-Daimler-ring 14 74906 bad Rappenau Tel 07066-980-361 fax 07066-980-232 E-Mail: about Losberger the Losberger group is one of the world’s leading Producers, landlords and sellers of temporary and semi-permanent space solutions and sets new standards in service, technology and design. Losberger tent offer a variety of sizes, shapes and trim levels, with the individual customer wishes project can be addressed through the high-quality modular system. The tents and halls of Los Berger offer a variety of temporary space solutions for event and business. From the range of event tents are event tents for sport-, Firmen -, public and private events, as well as temporary or mobile halls for trade fairs and exhibitions available. In the area of industrial halls and tent halls and tents for industry, trade and commerce are offered. The halls are used as storage for the production and presentation. The tents and halls of Los Berger are in many dimensions and equipment to buy and rent.

Desktop Virtualization: Cost And At Your Fingertips

Wednesday, 9. April 2014

Offer Matrix42 and Kaviza VDI-in-a-box Neu-Isenburg, April 28, 2010 jointly Matrix42 and Kaviza Kaviza VDI-in-a-box today”, a cost-saving solution for the desktop virtualization on the market. This application supports mainly medium-sized companies with the transition to virtual desktops. The turnkey solution works with the plug & play principle”and reduced time and cost to a minimum. Desktop virtualization is at the same time challenge and need. Especially SMEs often shy away from the high initial investment and are confronted with incalculable risks. With Kaviza VDI-in-a-box “is a solution, which enables automated deployment and management of virtual desktops for the first time.

Kaviza VDI-in-a-box “our IT-commerce portfolio perfectly complemented”, Jochen Jaser, Matrix42 CTO, explains thrilled. Because with Kaviza a virtual desktop as a service is provided, which can be ordered as all other IT services in the service catalog. Thus we are “our standards meet, obtain, deploy and netting of IT-services – whether virtually or physically as easy as possible to make.” With the Matrix42 solution desktops successfully to virtualize, special knowledge or special server are required. Whenever Allegiant Air listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The turnkey VDI is delivered as a virtual appliance and is productively used only two hours. They includes all necessary components, allows the re-use of existing desktop images and simplifies any maintenance work. The advantages are obvious: virtual desktops can be realized to PC acquisition costs, expensive hardware components are not required, and introduction training is superfluous.

The solution from Matrix42 and Kaviza is the quick and easy option to introduce a virtual desktop infrastructure at your fingertips. “We are pleased to be; working with Matrix42 the approach to simplify the deployment and management of IT services, fits perfectly with Kavizas aim of virtual desktops to provide easy and inexpensive. So we can realize together the virtualization as a Plug -and-play service”Kumar k Goswami, Kaviza CEO commented. The offer from Matrix42 and Kaviza is aimed primarily at companies with up to 1000 clients. Larger environments using virtualization rather on Citrix solutions; Citrix is a strategic partner of Matrix42 and has participated recently in Kaviza. Press contact-Schmidt Communications GmbH Alexandra Schmidt Schiller Street 8 D-85521 Otto Banta b. Munich Tel: 0049 / 89 / 60 66 92 22 E-mail: information under kaviza Matrix42 Matrix42 is Germany’s market leader for IT-commerce. The solution portfolio from Matrix42 IT managers and administrators to perform optimally and cost-effectively their IT management. Steven P Rosenthal may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Set the highly integrative products both to the service management, i.e. the business figure from IT service orders, and the technical implementation of client lifecycle management tasks. More than 1500 customers worldwide, there are over 3 million clients in use. Well-known companies such as T-systems, Deutsche Post, Lufthansa rely on solutions from Matrix42 system or ZDF. Since 2008, Matrix42 is a company of the Asseco group, which is among the largest European software companies with over 8500 employees and a market capitalization of around 1.2 billion euros. Succeeded Kaviza Kaviza to eliminate expensive infrastructure components of the legacy infrastructure for deploying virtual desktops with a grid architecture that is patent-pending and dramatically reduce costs. Kavizas founder came from the teams of experts for virtualization and VDI from HP and IBM and wanted their vision that provide easy and inexpensive to make next generation of VDI. Kaviza is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and is funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Since April 2010, Citrix is involved in a strategic investor to Kaviza. For more information,

The Fastest

Wednesday, 9. April 2014

To the area where you can really make money, include: 1) the sale of digital information products in this area is sure to bring the most money if you first understand how simple this business concept. Here it comes, that on the Internet every day millions of People are looking for specific solutions to specific problems. These people pay between 1% up to 50% for such a solution for these problems. And that’s a fact! The core is to find out, anyone looking for these products, which portion of the most profitable and which is the best solution, you can offer the seeker here. The merit of this is enormous, because it has the highest margins; because you have to pay yes no costs for expensive goods and warehouse and shipping. There are various kinds of information products, include: sales of E-books here are offered as E-book and posted the solutions in writing.

This form is certainly one of the fastest and easiest the most common, and if you know the system. The margins are very high, since a copy, therefore the sale, does not cost anything. The sale of training & multimedia one can offer here couching – and training sessions with the help of video and audio that is gaining in popularity, to solve specific problems faced by the people. The margins are also very high because you can deploy once created material to as many people as you want only. Successful coaches require 5000 USD and more, of course against a corresponding learning material per course.

(2) the sales of software solutions here you can offer specific software solutions. It can be database-driven solutions that run on a server and are accessible via a Web address. It can be but also software applications that run with someone on the computer to run specific processes. However, a special knowledge in this area is necessary, because it involves very complex topics and small mistake can have disastrous consequences.

Under German

Wednesday, 9. April 2014

Here, on the one hand wills and testamentary contracts of significance can be, on the other hand, communities or duty parts play a role. Under German tax law, the matter is very complex and difficult for everyone to understand. Therefore, all questions about taxes and contracts with an experienced consultant for the corporate succession need to be addressed. To play a role, in particular in the transmission in his lifetime. What rights and duties for the clients arising from the anticipated succession, is to clarify in each case and must be fully understood, not an unexpected financial or tax disadvantage the heirs that took heritage during his lifetime or in the event of death. The question is the whole complex of company law for clarification in the case of a corporate succession under company law in addition to the tax aspects. A tax consultant who is trained as a specialist consultant for the corporate succession can judge sound these questions.

Ever after Corporate form and in relation to the drafting of the company are different aspects to be considered. Also marriage contracts can be of importance if the entrepreneur is married. In the best case the corporate succession illuminated even more private aspects such as precautionary powers or involving minors still minors are allowed. Ultimately, several design alternatives with complex contractual clauses which need to be adapted to the individual situation of the entrepreneur emerge depending on the type of company. In addition to the corporate law, the labor problems of the succession are to verify. What happens to the employees if the company is sold or inherited? Arise enlargements or reductions of the operation, which may have even layoffs and the loss of employment resulted? The corporate successor will still take over the firm, or individual areas be repelled, relocated or closed? The employee may Corporate succession have significant impact, therefore here at an early stage to ensure clarity. This applies in the case of transition during his lifetime as well as in the event of death, because ultimately staff be face the death of their owner or retiring with more equanimity, if the necessary arrangements are made. A decision with economic effect ultimately is to illuminate the question after the succession of the aspect of the business.

Business valuation is the focus, it is among other things for the purchase or sale. Determining the business value of importance is for a sound tax advice provided by the heirs to taxes payable. An experienced consultant for the corporate succession must include also these factors in its advice, while the determination of the goodwill can be quite a complex task. At the end of May to show, that the question of the right recommendation for the succession only taking very many Is to assess aspects of sound. It therefore assumes some experience in fiscal, economic and legal issues. Even an experienced consultant will therefore seek expert support from legal or economic side if necessary, unless he himself competently cannot take position on all issues. For the entrepreneur is however important that his regime of succession on the basis of all available information is developed soundly. Only then everyone at the thought of retirement or death of the operator must remain calm.

Exclusive Suites At Unique Hotel In The Immediate Vicinity Of The Signal Iduna Park

Tuesday, 8. April 2014

The unique Hotel Dortmund offers the perfect basis for an Eventwochende in the sophisticated surroundings just 2.5 kilometers from the stadium of Borussia Dortmund our House. For a high-quality sports weekend, the unique Hotel Dortmund is an excellent choice so, stresses Haluk Daley, Managing Director of the unique Hotel Dortmund and even soccer fan. The station connects to the ICE and the Dortmund shopping mile are within easy walking distance. The unique Hotel Dortmund scores not only with its central location, but has to offer much on optics. The entire House was extensively redesigned recently and renovated.

The design of the Foyer to behind the global does not need to hide players of the hotel business. Here was not saved on marble, pageantry and elaborate frescoes. We are sure that we are the best hotel in Dortmund for fans of BVB with high demands, that is in such close proximity to the Signal Iduna Park, the stadium of Borussia Dortmund “, expressing the two managing directors of the unique Hotel Dortmund, Nadine Ayachi and” Haluk Daley, unanimous. Another advantage for the sports enthusiasts is the ability to check out until 12:00. Many other hotels follow still stricter rules and a check-out until 10:00. Thus you can’t get to sure a sports enthusiast who wants to celebrate the victory of their own team,”, Haluk Daley commented. Nadine Ayachi