Popular Materials

Thursday, 31. July 2014

Despite the fact that the market is constantly emerging new materials and technologies, cardboard is still one of the most popular materials for packaging. This lightweight and comfortable material provides safety of products and protects it from damage, bumps, shocks and compression. Packaging made of cardboard designed to withstand low temperatures without losing its quality. At present board is widely used for packing groceries, medical, cosmetic, confectionery products, detergents, toys and more. What makes it so popular and in demand in the market? Cardboard – solid laminated packing material with a thickness of 0.3 to 5 mm, produced from the pulp, which differs from the paper thickness and weight. The basis of the board of cellulose with various additives, which is produced from wood by mechanical or chemical action. By mechanical action short fibers are of poor quality, and a chemical exposure are higher quality long fiber pulp.

The result is pulp, from which, after drying, produced by different types of paper and paperboard. Select the types and kinds of cardboard rather problematic, since no single criterion typology. We can distinguish the following types of cardboard Depending on its scope: Cardboard boxed intended for the manufacture of consumer packaging without printing, boxes, corners, honeycomb, cardboard and packaging navivnoy a certain class. May used as a cushioning material between the units of manufactured goods, as the bedding material to protect against mechanical impacts in different works. Cardboard oblozhechny intended for manufacturing Covers books and other publications and is also used in leather and furniture industries.

Cardboard chrome-ersatz white top layer, uncoated, intended for the manufacture of consumer packaging to single and multicolor printing, different boxes, folders, sleeves, toilet paper. Cardboard Facing intended for the manufacture of plasterboard. All these types of cardboard LLC offers "Workers of St. Petersburg" (). Likewise, "Workers" can offer cushioning cardboard and cardboard Insulating sleeves for the production of (gilzovy cardboard). Despite the fact that in some industries the displacement of various kinds of plastic cardboard, in many areas is indispensable cardboard material. In recent years our country has seen growth in the production of cardboard and paperboard consumption in the world is constantly increasing. Trends in the market today show that the board will continue to be widely used as material for the production, transport and packaging group. This article was prepared specifically for the company, "Workers of St. Petersburg" (). Kuznetsova Lynn

Open Joint Stock Company

Wednesday, 30. July 2014

Errors, corrections and blots it is not allowed. Moreover, the mistakes that were revealed after receiving the documents the registrar will entail the denial of state registration. 2.Kopiya passport. 3.Kopiya document confirming your place of residence. 4.Kvitantsiya the payment of state duty. Its size is 200 rubles.

5.Ryad other documents stipulated by law in individual cases. Keep in mind that the registration of FE matter any details until the color of the handle, which you fill out documents. The order of their appearance is enshrined in government decree 439 of 19 June 2002. Registration of companies. This activity also has its own set of features.

To begin with, you will need to choose organizational and legal form of your entity. You can choose any. Register a LLC or a limited liability company. Features: 1.Ustavny capital – not less than 100 minimum wages. 2.Kolichestvo participants – from one to fifty. 3.Uchastniki LLC is not liable for its obligations and bear the risk of losses associated with the company’s activities within the value of their contributions. Register or joint-stock company closed society. In general, very similar to the LLC (to match the first two counts), but has one distinctive feature: the optional issuance of shares, which, however, apply Mezhuyev participants. And finally, Inc. or Open Joint Stock Company. Features: 1.Ustavny capital – not less than 1,000 minimum wages. 2.Kolichestvo participants – not limited. 3.Svobodny issue of shares. Of course, this is not all the features organizational and legal forms of legal entities. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. On them will tell you MosYurGarant specialists. When you decide to view your company will be proceed to its creation. Depending on the legal form of your company you will need to prepare a series of documents: statutes, articles of incorporation, minutes of the meeting of founders, decision, etc. Also required to pay state tax, which amounts to two thousand. Regardless of whether this registration company, register company or registration of the order of its uniqueness. We must turn to the registration Body Service ready documents executed and completed properly: 1.Podpisannoe and certified statement in proper form (P 11001). 2.Reshenie the creation of a legal entity. 3.Uchreditelnye documents created legal entity. 4.Dokument the payment of the fee. As is the case with registration FE, the documents must be drafted in such a way as to not undermine the mosquito nose. Of course, it can guarantee only the professionals. The company’s specialists MosYurGarant are experts in their field. We will carry out registration of company (and only) “turnkey”. A very important document, which the law provides, but is required registrars tax Inspection is a document that confirms the location of your future company. And with this in practice may be difficult. Our company and this will solve your problem, and we will help you buy a legal address. Thus, Now you can see that the company MosYurGarant employs highly qualified specialists who understand the business. Contact us, and save yourself a lot of hassle associated with legal support of your affairs company.

England Production

Wednesday, 30. July 2014

Omedo of you raise that them and the revolts took ' ' citizens of bem' ' of that time to lose its source of production and accumulation of wealth, suasregalias and privileges inside of a regimen escravocrata, it was a fatordeterminante so that the use and the invention of new methods of punishment, laws and doctrines of nature coward, violent and desumana were applied paraa maintenance of the status quo and the good moral and ethical values daquelasociedade. However, as the way of eraincompatvel escravista production with the estavaconsolidado way of industrial capitalist production that already in the Europe and, mainly in England, the slavery sucumbiupara to give to place to the called wage-earning work oulivre. Concomitant esseprocesso of transformation that gained the world, also appears novos' ' algozes' ' of the society based on the production of merchandises and lucroextrado of exceeding work: the proletariat or, simply, the classetrabalhadora. However, to exert the control on these, necessrioa became dinamizao of a more sophisticated and efficient apparatus to watch and to punish (comodizia M. Foucault) these new threats to the new effective order: the policy. Police, vigilant and ostensive Ainstituio 24 hs per day is one peculiaridadede a system where the wealth is materialized in the private property dosmeios of production, in the merchandise and the money as end in itself exactly. Sendoassim, is extremely important, for a system as this, to guarantee total and uninterrupted asegurana of the places where they are stored these types deriqueza, to prevent and to fight the robbery, the robery, break-it breaks, etc. new Dentrodeste picture, ' ' escolhidos' ' to be the most feared, undesirable, dangerous and that more they offer risks to this new model desociedade will be those that do not obtain or simply if they refuse to sesubmeter to this new order of the work: the unemployeds, the beggars, idle, etc.

Cone Crushers

Wednesday, 30. July 2014

Cone crushers are widely used around the world. Crushers of this kind, produced in Russia are among the best, as adapted to the peculiarities of our climate. They have high abrasion resistance and, if necessary, they are always easy to find all the parts at very affordable prices can not be said of the equipment are imported. Cone crushers are used at all stages of crushing the processing of most variety of ores and materials, such as by size crushability material and the diversity of physical and mechanical properties. Except, perhaps, should be considered only materials having structure or containing clay fraction at high humidity.

In the first case can occur overload the driving motor grinder or an increase in size crushability material in the second – frequent operation of the system and amortization clogging of the crushing chamber. Classification of cone crushers, depending on the destination as follows: sac – boulder crusher; dcc – secondary crushing mills; kmd – crushers tertiary crushing; mrc – crushers reducing fragmentation. The crusher ksd and cmd main characteristic is the diameter of the rolling cone, which is in production of industrial sizes of crushers is 600 – 3000 mm. In crushers process fragmentation is the compression of material between the two cones, placed one inside another. The first samples of such machines have a workspace in the form of two truncated conical surfaces, from whence they name – the cone. Workspace modern cone crushers produced more complex surfaces are often curved shape.

South America

Tuesday, 29. July 2014

Melt pure platinum was in 1783, AL Lavoisier. To the west of the city of Nizhny Tagil panorama of the main Urals. Mountain, forested, go into some mighty peaks of rocks, outcrops. In the Urals, they are called "Shihan". From these cliffs, at a glance, see the old Demidov settlements have grown up in the beginning of XVIII century near the ironworks – Chernoistochnik, Visim …

With the discovery of gold and platinum, they expanded, built new streets and villages. Thousands of serfs families were driven from the "Rasei" – Tula, Chernigov, Moscow and other provinces on the ground Tagil. How many tears were shed "through the platinum that same"! Platinum. Valued more than gold right now, this noble metal, called by the Spaniards lightly "Serebrishko (platina – a diminutive of plata – silver). Heavy silver grains found in the beginning of XVIII century in the deposits of South America, "port" gold and undermines the credibility of the coins minted from it, so detached and thrown away as a harmful impurity. In the study of the Tagil platinum professor at Kazan University K. Klaus in 1844 for the first time in Russia has opened a new chemical element ruthenium (pozdnelatinskoe. Rutenia – Russia).

Deposits platinum associated with deep-seated igneous rocks – dunites, where it concentrates in the areas of clusters of iron-chromium. Tagil platinum has a high content of iron impurities, and therefore has dirty-brown color. For buyers it called it "red" or "Demidov". In the region of Nizhny Tagil dunites composed of mountain Solovyov. In the study it in 1892, Professor A. Inostrantsev open the world's first indigenous mine Platinum (Pt separation in the rock), and at the same time mine was laid Manor (Gosshahta). In August 1825 an employee of the plant independently-Utkinskogo Ivan Lyubimov and his son Abram in the exploration of gold in the river near the village of Dry Visim Zakharivka first discovered platinum placer.

Custom Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Tuesday, 29. July 2014

If you need to transport any goods across the border without customs clearance is necessary. This concept includes: submission of customs declaration, shipping, permits and payment of customs duties. Customs clearance is a procedure under which goods are placed under a special regime. This is a whole range of activities, which can deliver cargoes from abroad. In order not to avoid confusion, we should note another point of terminology.

The terms "customs clearance" and "clearance" are one and the same concept, just one of them is officially recorded in the documents, but the other remains in spoken form of customs experts. Customs clearance can be carried out as the owner, as well as a customs broker. This is an organization conducting registration and declaration of goods under the contract. Sometimes, though should refer it to the experts, because legally competent decorated clearance is one of the terms of timely delivery. By law, customs clearance is mandatory for all imported into the territory of the Russian Federation of goods. Factor is desirable, the organization of "customs clearance" by a person who resides in the host country. In practice, the clearance means by following: the consignee undertakes to pay all customs operations and cargo. There are two stages – preparation of documentation and customs clearance itself accordingly.

Standard set of documents that must be provided should be as follows: invoice, packing list, bill of lading, contracts, specifications, transaction passport and application to the contract. Also, this may include – Invoice proforma invoice, license, permit other state agencies. But this stern, for some product groups, additional documents. This is a sanitary-epidemiological certificates, certificates, phytosanitary certificates and other special documents. All of the above documents must be provided to the customs authority in the original performance, security certificates, phytosanitary, veterinary and sanitary certificates can be represented in the form of a copy, certified by the authority which issued the certificate. You also need to prepare for certain payments that occur in the course of customs clearance – VAT, import or export customs duty, special customs duties, excise duties, etc. The very design consists of five phases: registration, documentary controls, exchange controls, payments, and LTK. If all steps are passed, taxes are paid, the goods freely admitted to free circulation in Russia. In order to avoid any problems with the entry of goods in the country, it is better to apply to a specialized firm that will take all the technical and legal issues for themselves, it will significantly save time.

Deputy Chairman

Monday, 28. July 2014

Sergei Kolesnikov, Academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Health: – Quite often, when it comes to medical error, the cause of treatment failure are the physiological characteristics of the patient. But even if the wine will be set medic, he with his income from 7 to 20 thousand rubles compensate for the millions in losses to human health will not be able to. Can not insure their employees and medical institutions, because they have mostly low. How could they take that kind of money? But insurance companies gladly will take up the matter. And the experience of the introduction of CTP is confirmed. Due to the fact that almost 50% of all collected from motorists money is the insurance companies, they are fabulously rich, though with the doctors, Of course, such a fantastic enrichment will not work. In my opinion, insurance, physicians should take on the state.

But try to talk about this with the gentlemen of the Ministry of Finance – and then run into a brick wall. They are better will give the money the U.S. mortgage agencies and let them burn up there, but the development of the Russian insurance market will not give a dime. To address this issue, we need political will of the president or prime minister. Paul Vorobiev, MD, director of standardization in health care MMA.

Sechenov: – medical professional liability insurance – a key element of a civilized and Health to our country as air. It will give both doctors and patient confidence in the fact that, even if contrary to the use of modern technology comes the negative outcome of treatment, patients can receive financial compensation. But for a start in this country should be provided quality health care, and this is just a big problem. Do not put us so far and the quality standards of medical services, although more than 600 projects Standards have been developed and submitted to officials from the Health Ministry, but over the past year and a half has not been approved, not one.

Space Technology

Monday, 28. July 2014

Now these technologies are available to people in everyday life at home "- he replies. I asked: "So it turns out space technology? In this box? "He answered:" Yes. It was so " I have a joy full of pants I think: "Definitely a product of the future! How Vidic or telly, is in every home And when you nebylo "I said:" A man! Come dine in restaurant in the evening. I want to do it! ". He replied: "No problem ". In the evening over dinner talking about the problem of dirty air, about things that can not be denied: – that the air of offices and apartments is 5 times dirtier and more toxic than the street – that In addition to dust and smoke is still paint on the walls, linoleum, and new furniture, formaldehyde, volatile – evaporating chemical cleaners, Renovated 150 chemical compounds evaporate into the air every second – Dust mites, allergens, odors caused by cooking.

– Dead stale air that smell of animals, bacteria and viruses. – "Energy" windows, which are "saving" dead air indoors – appliances producing a positive charge ions starvation, etc. All that poisons our lives, making it shorter. This is a reality that does not go away. But modern man spends 90% of the time of his life in a confined space (Home, work, transportation). This problem has already ranked among the most dangerous in the 21 century. How many people can live without a computer?

Third World

Tuesday, 8. July 2014

These information, therefore, concludes that it is the industrial use, in fodder and foods that incorporate an important processing, and not increase of population between raw the poor cereal consumers or little made, which has contributed to the increases of price. Germa’n Gorraiz Lopez, adds that she considers herself, who basic the agricultural product scarcity for the feeding, (wheat, maize, rice, sorghum and millet), and the beastly increase of these products in the world-wide markets that its end of iceberg in the 2,007 had, will go " in crescendo" throughout the decade until reaching his zenith in the horizon of 2.020.Para to arrive at this crisis, (whose first bocetos already are well formed and that it will finish drawing itself with all their crudity at the end of the next decade), they have contributed the following elements: Suicidal economic development of the countries of the Third World with disturbed growth of macrolarge cities and tourist megacomplejos and the consequent reduction of surface dedicated to the agricultural culture. Change of landlords of consumption of the emergent countries due to the spectacular increase of the middle-class and its spending power and the weakness of the dollar and collapse of the prices of the crude one with the consequent deflection of speculative investments to markets of raw materials. To it the increase of the use by the countries of the first world of depredadoras technologies will be united, (biocombustibles), that under the label SAW of respectful countries with the Environment, will not doubt in fagocitar enormous amounts of maize at first destined, to the feeding for the production of biodiesel, combined with unusual droughts and floods in the main world-wide barns. An excellent aspect in this crisis also, it has been all concerning the increase of the prices, that now with world-wide the financial crisis has entailed to prices unattainable for many in the acquisition of products. .


Tuesday, 8. July 2014

Hello Reader! If you're reading this means you're tired of hours to look for crack or keygen for the new prog, or even wait until it comes out. In this (hopefully) series, I try to describe how 'research Protection programs, 'and help you not to wait for the mercy crackers, and by breaking the program. In the first article I will describe the theory and some of the terms, and then begin to practice the following articles. So get started! (A few paragraphs about AFM) Assembler – (People AFM) low-level programming language (which means that it most closely approximates to machine code that is only one operator (the team) Asma correspond to machine code). Because of this program on ACME obtained as Fast and small. Very often written in assembler critical (which in other languages is very slow run) area code, as well as the driver. For example in C + + language (high level) there is support for assembler inserts (Ie to the basic code in C + +, you can even paste the code in the ASME). Perhaps you ask, why do we do this AFM? We are pleased to answer them.

The fact that any compiled program (. Exe) can be represented in assembly language. That is it you see in analyzing the program, rather than the language in which it was written (of course, there are now programs that recognize the code, on which was written application, but mostly they are ineffective). Thus, start actually to Asma.