New Worldwide Economic Order

Sunday, 15. February 2015

Graph of the fall of the stock market in 1929A new world-wide economic order and the consequences of the crisis! The American election will choose Obama or McCain, does not matter, the next president will be part key in the recovery and the new world-wide economic order, already reinante. The resilience of the American economy will give tests one more time, also is said for back in new ' ' New Deal' ' that president Roosevelt applied the ideas of Jonh Maynardes together with Keynes writing a new chapter in the economic theory. Now he will not be different. We are seeing all speaking in the end of the capitalism, in worse depression of what the 1929 crisis, in new world-wide conference in the molds of Bretton Woods and other things more, the media is uneasy, the stock exchange present volatileness insane, the market not yet is accomodated, the confidence completely is not reestablished. But for me we are not all lost ones, after all, does not advance to lose serenity. We go to some facts: 1-) A new order exists economic world-wide, the Internet, the speed and intangibilidade are premises (already said here).

We cannot compare the current crisis of 1929. The law of Say applied in 29 moved very with the financial leverage. It had production excess, but the consumption 0 variable were others, the world were completely different of the current one. Today it is known with precision that the depression that if followed the fall of the 1929 stock market could have been prevented for action of the American government, only for register the fall of Wal Street in 29 of October of 1929, day of the collapse was of 12%, in 19 of October of 1987 Wall street fell 22% with the problem of ' ' Savings & Loans' ' in 17 of September of 2001, after attempted against to the Wall street World Trade Center fell 14.3%.

Reduce Oil Consumption

Tuesday, 10. February 2015

In our time, all the fuel becomes more expensive and more expensive. Car website article says that we only have 2 choices: either to stop the car and drive to become a pedestrian, or to buy a car that goes by the sun. But no one wants become a pedestrian and a car on a steep short of money. In this article I will tell you all the known ways to save fuel. They are fairly simple and not costly. 1. Need to regularly check the status your car. Since the revised car requires less fuel, but not defective will require 10-15% more.

2. Constantly watch your tire pressure. If the pressure in the tires the car with a 2.0 kg/cm2 to 1.5 kg/cm2 – it leads to an increase fuel consumption somewhere in the 4%. Check the pressure when the car is better then stood in the cold. Since after the little run of the tire pressure increases. 3. Regularly adjust the alignment of your car. 4.

Avoid unnecessary transport of goods (if possible). Keep in mind that every extra 50 kg. increase fuel consumption by 2-4%. 5. Using the air conditioner in the car umeshivaet fuel consumption by 10%. 6. To produce fuel- just ride with the windows open at speeds over 50 km / hr. But cost overruns also depends on the body of your car. And of course as far as the windows are open. 7. Each braking of the car – it’s the subsequent dispersal of it. A consequence of this excess fuel consumption .- But how to ride without a brake? , You ask, a question. And really, no answer to it. But still less try to jam on the brakes. Try to slow down in advance of your vehicle at traffic lights, if you see that do not have time. 8. If possible, try to travel less by car during rush hour. 9. Try to start slowly, not abruptly. 10. Before driving, the engine must be warmed up until the arrow pointer temperature starts to move. After this warm-up when moving the gas pedal should be pressed lightly until until the engine warms up fully. 11. When you eat, choose the appropriate gear. 12. Not move at very high speeds. Move mainly on the speed, which in terms of optimal fuel economy. Speed which is optimal for most types of vehicles 80-100 km / hour. 13. Never turn off your motor vehicle at a stop not less than one minute! 14. Avoid long ride on the small gear. That’s all advice.

Cell Phone Use

Friday, 6. February 2015

In recent years, people are increasingly concerned about the plays of cellular phones. And whether listen to my cell phone? To listen to understand your cell phone or listen to know what are the ways of tapping cell. To date, there are 3 ways to listen to cell phones. The first is the wiretapping of mobile phone operator. Competent staff law enforcement bodies to address Court, cellular operators are required to provide wiretapping facilities, as well as provide other data such as sms, call history and location of a cellular phone. Another way to wiretapping, wiretapping is a special a device that costs between 300 and 000 to 500 000 euros. This ustroistvo works by intercepting data from a cell phone to cell phone and allows you to listen to a distance not exceeding 300 meters. The most common way to listen to cell phone is special software that is installed on the phone of the victim. The Wire is the principle of a conference call with another number.