Creative Car Is Moving Advertising

Friday, 11. September 2015

NEW – company name * management * contact moving advertising started in the second half of 2009 as a label of new CreCar businesses for means of transport and ambient media – with great success. Now, consistently follows the next step: from creative car GmbH is moving advertising GmbH. Comes a change in company management and the company’s headquarters. Business name and business structure after 20 years as a marketer of taxi advertising 2009 started a new era for creative car. The new label moving advertising enabled the expansion of the range of media in the area of mobile advertising and ambient media. After successful campaigns and promotions, a renaming was the only logical step.

And so the CreCar moving advertising GmbH since April 2010. The offer of moving advertising is divided into divisions of fahrschul media, sports media, promotional media and individuallosungen. The longstanding cooperation partner TAXi AD took over the existing core business, taxi advertising. As a sales person for Like moving advertising, the joint sales partner, the sellmedia GROUP acts taxi advertising. Change in corporate governance not only the company name changed – the former Managing Director, Horst Menden, breaks new ground. After he built the CreCar GmbH and largely determined taxi with the success of the medium, he works consultant in the future as a freelance. He handed over to his former Assistant and right-hand Nicole Braun (26) resigned as CEO. So far, already responsible for the project management of the new label and in all business decisions included, Nicole Braun to 01.04 seamlessly took over the further development of moving advertising as successful ambient and outdoor vendors. New headquarters and contact completes the departure for new tasks the company moved into new premises. The Villa Rhodius in Leverkusen-Schlebusch the new seat of the company can be reached at the following contact data is so since early April: moving advertising GmbH Bergische Landstrasse 82a 51375 Leverkusen phone: 0214 / 330 16 54 3 Fax: 0214 / 330 16 54-7 email: (author: Nicole Braun)

Rock Star Helps Unknown Bands

Sunday, 6. September 2015

Rock Star trained previously unknown bands on their way into the music business in Chicago, United States – after he has sold itself worldwide over 1.2 million albums, establishes Alex Staropoli, keyboardist, co-songwriter and co-leader of the Italian Symphonic metal band Rhapsody of fire (current album “the frozen tears of angels, April 30, 2010”) a training program for bands that have so far not signed. Many aspiring and talented bands trying to gain a foothold in the music business, but do not know how to do, where to do, who you should contact, or what they generally do. The result is usually that many really great bands who deserved success, remain forever unknown. “The most talented bands go lost in the wilderness of the business. They are doing the wrong things, the right things in the wrong order, or do nothing at all. The greatest danger is that these bands have the misconceptions and no clear path to success.”says Staropoli.

The Music business has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. With the dawn of the year 2000, many unknown musicians and bands were enthusiastic about the new age of music marketing, which is accessible to virtually every band with a small budget. Most thought that it now would be much easier to enforce in the music business. These early assumptions – which still exist, have proved to be too optimistic, because the music business is still dominated by competition since 2000. Even if unknown bands have now more resources available than before – as well as cheap or free online promotion (especially on social media sites) every other band has same possibilities. In addition, record labels usually dominate these media and attention media popularity of unknown bands hardly the social. More importantly, regardless of what the Internet offers, there are many more things that a band must do to be successful and that the music industry, unlike the aforementioned, Attention to. Having “Only” good music is not nearly enough to get a record deal.

Many other factors pulled, neglected by the industry consider by most bands however. To help bands to make the right decisions and to accompany them on their way in the music business Alex Staropoli, has spent much time so that besides the work with his own Band Rhapsody of fire, over the last two years, to develop the program with music career mentor Tom Hess their common new Rock Band Success Coaching. Both enjoy working with some few new bands and, to help them set up their music career. Tom Hess music Corporation contact: ULI Latus

Karl Pomschar New At Ricoh Germany

Sunday, 6. September 2015

Ricoh launches IT services infrastructure and one of the ‘Top IT Executives’ Ricoh Germany GmbH has recorded at the beginning of the new fiscal year (April 2010) the business activity in the new business field of action of IT infrastructure services. Thus the well-known solution provider for digital office communication, production printing and enterprise-wide print and document management will significantly expand its range of products and to redefine the role of an exclusive provider of output solutions and services. The former Infineon Manager Karl Pomschar was won as Manager for this task. Reorientation towards IT In the framework of a Europe-wide reorientation phase towards IT services infrastructure is Ricoh Germany this way at the same time with other sister companies understand. The Ricoh Group has already several years of experience in this field in the ancestral homeland Japan and offers a complete portfolio of services for years. Karl Pomschar of his initiates new area with Karl Pomschar, joining Ricoh Germany as “” Director IT services and solutions business group “entered officially as of 1 May 2010 has, a heavyweight take the German organization” with great experience. After graduating in computer science, Pomschar began his career in 1978. He was most recently CIO and Senior Vice President responsible for the Infineon AG IT, where he designed with the spin-off of Infineon AG from the Siemens group and the Division of Infineon AG into two new companies.

He previously worked in leading high-tech companies, with Compaq computer and VLSI technologies. The now 54-year old IT Manager has extensive experience with global organizations and structures. He was focusing on agent change”with focus on downsizing, supply chain operates route optimization and enterprise process framework redesign. Some of his projects and concepts have in the industry role model “-character.” Among other things he was top-10-IT executives Germany by CIO magazine by a jury in 2005 and 2007 under which”selected.