Temporary Work: Equal Pay And Statute Of Limitations

Wednesday, 30. March 2016

Many temporary workers whose contracts of employment were directed to the CGZP likely to void collective agreements, there are entitled to “Equal Pay” up to 3 years retroactively – the regular limitation period after BGB – high demands on the borrowing employer have to. Also claims from 2007 are still not barred, because 199 calls BGB for the start of the limitation period, that the claim arose and the creditor of the circumstances substantiating the claim gained knowledge. Background according to a decision of the Federal Labor Court (BAG) in Erfurt can the umbrella organization of Christian trade unions work no collective agreements in the future complete (1 ABR 19/10). The first Senate made the validity of existing CGZP contracts though no details, but not obvious is why something else should apply to the past. Now, many temporary workers are entitled to comparable remuneration compared with their (former) temporary employer. Should this action way be claimed, must first obtains information about the there paid comparison wage at the user undertaking are. Since January 2003, there is a prohibition of discrimination in accordance with article 9 for temping agencies Nr.

2, 10 par. 4 employee hiring law (AuG). As well, employers must pay salaried employee, which he gives to other companies, with him as workers with the same activity in the user undertaking. This is not true only then when a lower remuneration is provided on the basis of a collective agreement for the temporary employment relationship relevant. This exception is hidden behind the small Bay, “A collective agreement may allow derogations” in 9 Nr.

2 AuG. That means in addition to comparable wage can also other remuneration elements – how about surcharges, Christmas or holiday money – be claimed, the workers of the borrower company, but not the temporary agency workers have received. Statute of limitations starts the validity of claims according to 199 BGB with the Emergence of the claim and the notice of the circumstances substantiating the claim. Entitled to comparable pay for 2007 was created in 2007. It is questionable but, when the workers took note of the claim the circumstances giving rise. The complicated legal situation speaks my opinion clearly ensure that the Statute of limitations in any case prior to the decision of the BAG has started. It is unanimous legal opinion that complicated and intricate legal situations can lead to doubts, that exclude the beginning of the period of limitation until the clarification. Therefore the knowledge of the conditions of eligibility was missing until the decision of the BAG and the Statute of limitations could not start. Thus, the validity of claims of temporary workers on “Equal Pay” begins with the end of the year 2010. The claims in 2007 leave himself so also now still assert. Claim, legal counsel is recommended due to the complex situation. Contact: Law firm said Zahir farmer 8 81539 Munchen Tel. 089 – 54 89 92 52 mobile 0170-68 81 52 8 Fax 089-54 89 92 53 E-mail:

Contributions Examine Trade Associations – Rather Than Accept

Wednesday, 30. March 2016

Posts for trade associations can be noticeably reduced In 2009 the commercial companies had to raise approximately EUR 9.5 billion in contributions to the trade associations. An incredible sum that has however only to the part of their raison d ‘ etre. A special analysis process, these contributions can be reduced sustainably and legally compliant? Many companies do not even know that a considerable savings potential lies in their contributions to the trade association and that they certainly have influence on sustainably to hide this. What is the reason that this area is not regularly screened? Now, on the one hand it is located on the described unaware that here an optimization back flush quite lot of money into the coffers of the company. To broaden your perception, visit Bernard Golden . On the other hand, it’s the lack of experience and expertise. Add the missing temporal capacities come to perform such analysis procedure. Even if this topic initially tempting and easy sounds, however, many factors must be noted, that such a project are quite complex. For this reason, it is recommended any companies from 200 employees, you will find here external know-how.

Especially when a preliminary analysis free of charge can be invoked. Observe legal certainty: in principle becoming the target must be pursued an optimization of the contributions to the Professional Association to bring about reductions sustainable and legal security. The current investment must be examined in detail and assessed. Based on this analysis an appropriate optimization in the way can then, through the consistent use of the existing scope. To be observed is, that always a consensus between the interests of the company and those of the professional association is made. As a result, a significant acceleration of the decision-making process can be achieved. A legal dispute, however, leaves often only “scorched earth” and also negatively affects the permanent legal relationship of the parties.


Monday, 28. March 2016

Much is commented currently on quotas in public universities, competitions. As not to think about racism if proper racism it is inside of itself, when one expects in this, the chance to go ahead. Reserve of quotas was much more easy if comparative to the component agency of the human body that is the brain, located of equal for all. Gary Kelly often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Racism if keeps through this ' ' apoio' ' governmental, of this ' ' mark registrada' ' , or it would be only one way to burlar the incompetence of the schools, way to prevent a worthy investment, that the education deserves, knowing that in few years tera a superior education, in a public institution? Institution already by the way ' ' pblica' ' , of all and not of a group of people, independent of color or race. Also I place the question of a promising career, good wages. Which the empregabilidade guarantee? Marcela de Morais Da Silva Technologist in Oil and Gas.

Great Cafeicultores Brazil

Friday, 25. March 2016

It is time to wake up, therefore inertia makes of the human being, a massivo, seized being. We live in a State that it looks to assure an identity, that already is in the past one of ' ' Gentlemen of Engenho' ' , or in the Old Republic, of ' ' Great Cafeicultores' '. Old republic, is there, beauty alias, that calhava mui to our extempornea society well. The past serves and transveste in the soul of the souvenir to be relembrado, in order to extract scholars teachings. It must be argued that we live deeply the new, still more, when if New Brazil is applauding, that is born of the flaming letters of the Constituent of 1988, that it signals the yearnings of the coming society well: plrima, exempts and democratic. The march must be toada to the front, the progress is made solid with investments; it is necessary to invest in new governing and legislators.

To invest requires the accurate mention of the risks and fruits that will happen, for this, only with the politicalization, haurida in the critical sense, we will effectively obtain to grow. The tears run when seeing itself wasted quo great contingent human being, who no nation will see, deriving of the miscegenation, and classrooms that dream in tomorrow. However, believers who this tomorrow will only become reality with the ascension the power of right men, with brio, whom they believe in the importance of its mission, of formadores of opinion, of symbols, that fight against the inaqualities in its infinite forms. The reason, and the call, becomes of motto to this iderio, invokes the presence of justice, with its impartial vision, but with limpid and briosos, tendenciosos ears to listen to the tranquility, and feeling of waking up of new Brazil.

Social Service Blog

Wednesday, 23. March 2016

Jade Barbosa, in article published in the column Third Sector (), in 09/07/2010, confirms this important paper of the third sector when affirming that this, ‘ ‘ in part, it represents the legitimate interests of the society and is responsible for articulating politics, in fact, Pblicas.’ ‘ Second it places the founder and coordinator of the AfroReggae, ‘ ‘ the amnesty is the instrument that lacks to change the situation of jovens.’ ‘ Online of 24/07/2010 under the name speaks published in the O Globe: ‘ ‘ Amnesty who to abandon the traffic ‘ ‘. (). I am partisan of the amnesty. In the studies raised in the field of work in the Complex of Slum quarters of the German, in the interviews in the headquarters of the AfroReggae de General Vigrio in 2009, I was witness of how much it has of young that they desire to leave the traffic and according to its proper one it speaks, ‘ ‘ to be diligent honesto’ ‘. Also I witnessed the difficulty of of this if giving, in the measure where to be living of slum quarter in our hypocritical society ‘ is one; ‘ plus’ ‘ in the process of exclusion of the wealth socially produced in our country. The quarrel of the advantages and disadvantages of this initiative if of whenever the subject is presented. It is important to perceive the necessary and urgent quo the establishment of alternative measures to the imprisonment, the summary execution and the social exclusion of this important parcel in our great centers. For me, the amnesty is presented as one politics of social insertion and reduction of damages.

Despite the project represents ‘ ‘ gastos’ ‘ to the public coffers, I believe that such expenses can consist in investment, over all in the preparation of a population that is economically active, hand of necessary workmanship to a country that has a horizon of development in world-wide the economic field. The imprisonment politics if presents inefficient, expensive, corrupted and violating of the human rights. Nor a project of insertion of deriving young of the traffic of drugs can be more expensive than about R$ 1,700, 00 of cost that represents each prisoner in our insolvent debtor jail system. To face with seriousness and exemption the questions ‘ ‘ gargalo’ ‘ of the development of our nation it is a commitment of all. This commitment if presents more clearly in our country now, during the elections. As the decision of this subject on the amnesty it is of legislative matrix of the federal one, is a question here that me it intrigues: We are prepared to choose, in next October, legislative a really competent one and compromised to the questions of the public security guard and to the yearnings of the Brazilian people?

National Plan

Wednesday, 23. March 2016

(Wedge, 2001.pg.31) She is necessary to speak inside now in articulated education of a national system of education. The voice of the 3,889 lecturers was changedded into 677 emendations to be to be reference in the elaboration of the new PNE 2011 /2020 inside of a National System of Education that according to participant the absence of a SNE configures the fragmented and disarticulated form of the effective educational project in the country. To breach practical politics with the functioning of the Brazilian education as is given, that is, capitalist relations of state, gerencialistas characteristics, state bourgeois, and others are in fact, challenge to that considers such rupture, considering themselves that for this, one politics is necessary that has left legal documents and gains consistency in the implementation. It is clearly, in thesis, the ways most favorable to an education with continuous and articulated quality. For example, when understanding that an education is not developed without financing such alternative in terms is placed as CAQ Aluno/a-Quality Cost. in fact, the values established in law, the logic of the speech, go to the meeting of the relation value pupil/year and the parity education/quality, however the speech of the increase of the value is, doubtless, what it is not assured, mainly in public education is the concretion of the value/quality. Currently, with the FUNDEB, the national average of the value pupil/year quality is of R$ 1.415.97 2010 placing in quarrel investment x, not overshadowing the growth of such value in relation to the previous years. Ahead of this reality, a special look to the new PNE is necessary National Plan of Education to be implanted from 2011, in view of the necessity of sustainable politics of education. Axle II – Quality of the Education, Democratic Management and Given Evaluation the Brazilian, situated educational reality in contradictory spaces as for financing x results, we detach the approach given for the document of the CONAE, social quality and democratization of the management.

Brazil Under Justice

Wednesday, 23. March 2016

Of this point in ahead, Brazismo if became extremamentedependente of its members, and more with it was not before, umaautonomia that conducted the members. The picture was invertidonesta phase, bringing a series of decays ordem, due what, the members was not investing osvalores that would go to help the order, in what had been asked for. Not tolonge of this time, somebody very important for the Order, aliderana of the Brazismo adds, without leaving vestiges, atmais seems the abandonment of the cause. comes back suddenly, bringing new videos, new information, and comtoda a structure to arquitetar the future of the Order. Last reunioque decided the way that the order I will take, placed the Brazismo evrias phases, that the members had been able to follow of close. The seriamdenominadas phases situations where they would act and noatuariam, to facilitate the conduction of the system.

Masaps the exit without acknowledgment of the Conductor, the system faleceu emuito in all its structure, and with the matureness of the young they quepertenciam to the Brazismo, the cause started to be olvidada edebatidas on the possibility to make everything what it was promised. It started entoos members, to see air of madness in the Conductor, who finished todapossibilidade of progress in the order, but this, little before dolanamento of a new project that the order kept as CartMagna. The Brazismo entoretoma its position of prominence, forgotten still, mascom its precious quandary of Brazil Under Justice, interessante that the order in this phase, leaves to be on prpria Order, and looks for to bind the members to the maispatritico feeling saying it Order to be in second plain, if they noem third due to family. After all umafase subseqenciada in fighting in the congress for the doBrasil defense, increase of the wage of the people, the military, melhorescondies of health and all a below-signed infinity delutas made by, the Brazismo says: Our objective greater we also jconquistamos, that the love for the native land is in each one, enosso objective end, that all have conscinciados its rights, that know and recognize sangueda native that it gushes out on this people, and that it knows as defendersua nation and it perfects it as the most beautiful sky.

Disarmament Brazilian

Wednesday, 23. March 2016

In 1970, Uganda disarmed the ordeira population. Of 1971 1979, the 300 a thousand Christians, disabled of if defending, they had been 1979 hunted and exterminados. In 1975, Cambodia disarmed the ordeira population. Of 1975 1977, a million of citizens had been the 1977 hunted and exterminados. They had been more than 55 million hunted and exterminados defenseless citizens in century XX, after the disarmament of the civil society in these countries. The civil disarmament, as combat to the violence, does not pass of a lie imposed to the society, is a confession of incompetence of the Brazilian State in the combat increasing crime that torments the ordeira population and destroys the families, hinders the investments and the generation of jobs, stimulates the organized crime and takes care of suspicious.

We have a Recent Experience of Disarmament in England and Australia and Thundering the Failure. In England, in 1997, after twenty years of increasing restrictions to the transport and sales of weapons, all the commerce and has carried had been considered illegal; immediately afterwards, in 2002, consecutive year of increase of crimes provoked for firearm with increase of 35% in relation to the 2001 was the room. In Australia, in 1997, restrictions to the weapon ownership had been created, had been expenses US$ 500 million with confiscate and destruction of weapons, the result was that the levels of homicides, aggressions and robberies had grown significantly. Therefore, it is an mistake to associate crime and violence with the suppression of the inalienable right of defense of the citizen, hindering the possibility of that acquires weapon to defend the proper life and of familiar. As Beccaria the laws that forbid the transport of weapons, only disarms the pacific citizen, whereas they leave the weapon at the hands of the criminal, much accustomed to violate the conventions most sacred to respect those that are arbitrary. Moreover, such conventions are of little importance; little danger exists in infringed? there if, on the other hand, if the laws that would destroy the freedom personal, so necessary to homem …..

(BECCARIA 2009, PG 95). Again Beccaria in abrilhanta with its commentaries regarding the individual freedoms, so necessary so that let us can construct to a society more worthy joust and. She is necessary to have much caution with these projects that intend to sacrifice the freedoms on behalf of a better future, future this that is unknown, and that history has in shown a sufficiently different reality of the ideas that the government comes nailing in its speeches. The disarmament in some Countries contributed for the increase of the violence, and not in contrast as it affirms the Brazilian government. Therefore, to disarm the population is a cowardice act and imbecility, we must total be against this pretension of the Brazilian State.

Chronic Veterinary Medicine

Tuesday, 22. March 2016

ADMINISTRATION AND MEDICINE VETERINARY MEDICINE Brazil if avizinha of next the 30 years to assume a role of prominence in some scenes, that will start to demand of integrated form action interdisciplinares, that they will complement themselves. Sabidamente that our I.E.S are governmental or particular they, leaves to desire in relation to the adequacy of its Curricular Gratings in relation the current realities and necessities of the nation. At the same time where its pictures of professors? masters and doctors and some with after-doutorados a time installed in its rooms and or cabinets, if accomodate before the excuse that education is defective, that the institution does not invest in the improvement of the education, that it does not make possible and nor sponsors ways of improvement it education standard. Conclusion. We are pouring in the tree-lined avenues of the life, professionals who exactly graduated with escol and have detached, do not know the reality Brazilian. In special the reality of the Brazilian agronegcio.

This will be the great car-head of next the 19 years. Other sectors they will go to develop itself for a survival question and because the society was of them dependent. The electronic traquitana is not imagined an urban human being if all. Difficult to imagine a crisis of abstinence of cellular, of Ipod, notebook and others as much. The generation that was born before the Internet already is total dependent of the T.I and the current generation was abduzida. Brazil will have to be the great supplier not of Internet, but of foods. We do not have more viable agricultveis land supplies. The Europe tried in passed years, to recoup 27 million hectares so that it had an increase of food production and concluded that workmanship hand does not exist to promote this type of politics and that the costs would be enormous, I subsidize as well as it necessary to keep the current existing systems and more the futures, would not be viable.

National Integration

Friday, 18. March 2016

The Managing Committee of the PDRS Xingu, in accordance with the Decree N 7,340, of 21 of October of 2010, has the attributions of monitoramento, joint and planning in set with the society for the implementation of the plan, evaluation and revision of effectiveness, elaboration of annual reports to be presented to the National Chamber of Politics of National Integration and Regional Development and the elaboration of the Internal regulation of the plan. Participation of the Managing Committee 05 representatives of the Federal Government, 05 Representatives of the State Government, 05 representatives of the Municipal City halls, 01 representative of employers of the urban sector, 01 representative of employers of the agricultural sector, 01 representative of the sector fishing boat, 01 representative of the company Norte Energia s.a., 04 representatives of the syndical entities of the urban, agricultural workers and of the fishing, 04 representatives of the too much segments of the civil society understanding the social movements and ambient organizations in the area of abrangncia of the plan, 02 representatives of the aboriginal communities proceeding from communities in the area of direct influence of the enterprise of Beautiful Mount, 01 representative of education institution and operating research in the abrangncia area. The participation in the Managing Committee in accordance with the Decree does not try any remuneration, being considered as rendering of services of excellent public interest. However, much even so the Plan institutionalizes a managing committee and guarantees the participation of the civil society as a whole in its initial process of quarrel until the implementation of the actions of the plan, the same does not guarantee a formation process that it guarantees to this population conditions of pautar the internalizao of investments for the region, the democratization and ambient management and the consequent minimizao of socioambientais impacts in the region..