Sales Master One Business

Tuesday, 31. May 2016

This module joined several products in the Sales Master One family, to be able to have a platform specific, effective and integrated: Sales Promo, for the optimal management of promotional campaigns; Sales Planning, to maximize the volumes of sale and commercial investment planning; Sales Force, to coordinate the sales force in the territory and Sales Execution, for the effective control of the points of sale. These solutions are perfectly integrated with the ERP (SAP) and with the Business solution adopted by Galbani group Lactalis Italy intelligence. Involved distribution channels will be large-scale distribution, the normal trade, and foodservice. It is a project of considerable size express Giuliano Tosi, the project manager at group Lactalis Italy and will involve many people in our Organization: initially about thirty central and close to 180 in the field, with different hierarchical levels, which will join other 120 in the course of the year, working in activities related to contracts and promotions. There are many benefits that group Lactalis Italy expects from this small revolution: an important reduction of operational activities for the support of business processes; process automation not yet covered, such as monitoring of points of sale, the business plan customer or sales targets; integrated management of business processes and the simplification of applications through the use of a complete suite of easy access to both online and offline, and easy to use for end users. It also concludes Tosi, XTEL solution is characterized by the flexibility needed to support future business scenarios such as the development of subsequent merchandising activities, and will allow us to have effective tools to carry out analysis of great complexity..

Ethical Principles

Thursday, 26. May 2016

Taking like reference Metacdigo EFPA, also they are of application its Ethical Principles (Separated 2) of: Respect to the rights and dignity of the people, by whom are due to respect and to promote the rights, dignity and values of the people. Privacy, confidentiality, self-determination and autonomy. Competition, the psychologist will maintain competition levels high, although recognizing its limits and their specialization, taking part only if he is in favor properly qualified of his formation or experience. This principle can be of special consideration in this case, because we do not know if the psychologist is specialistic in the field of I mistreat infantile. Responsibility, the psychologists must be responsible for their acts, avoiding to produce damages and to make sure that their services badly are not used. Integrity, the psychologist must be honest, and just respectful with the people, identifying clearly its roll and to act on the basis of this one. It is evident that, before initiating any type of action, it is necessary to realise an exhaustive analysis of the conflict. For it, the basic model of analysis to use will be the developed one by Knapp and VandeCreek (2006), Model of the five stages of solution.

Stage 1. Identification of the problem First of all, one is to identify the problem, to compile the sufficient information, of all the possible sources, on the causes that have brought about the conflict. It will be necessary to maintain interviews with the people who can be implied (the protagonist, the family, people of the social surroundings, educating, etc ). In our case, the first hypothesis on the case is that we are before the Harassment scholastic (Bullying) to a student of the institute. This hypothesis has been formulated on the basis of the information facilitated by the student: it asks for aid to the psychologist of the center, because since it entered in center, comes undergoing practical jokes, they harass to him calling it to house, insult to him, they are ***reflxed mng of her, etc is trusting no the problem to his parents; it is scared to that the situation can worsen.

The Dimensions

Thursday, 26. May 2016

With methods that do not take in account the logic of who aprende’ ‘. (FUCK, 1994, p.14). The EJA must search in its essence to form and to stimulate the young and the adult to search multiple together visual languages with the dimensions of the work and the citizenship. ‘ ‘ However, this requires something more than this modality that ahead has of itself people mature and cut by experiences longer of life and work. It can be said that we are ahead of the equalizadora function of the EJA’ ‘ , as it emphasizes the Cury philosopher (To seem CNE N 11/2000).

It is appealing the CURY (2000) that: … we bring tona the perspective of the young education of adult as promise of a development life for all the people, independent of the age, also contemplating aged, whose paper is unquestionable next to the new generations, for update of knowledge and abilities, exchange of experiences and access the new regions of the work and the culture. One is about promise of qualification and life expectancy for todos’ ‘. Therefore, today I believe the belief of the potentiality of lives deeply of an educative relation, that finds as one of its pillars, the recognition for the other, that is, the gesture of being well-taken care of for it develops the capacity to receive e, thus, to give. Thus, the relations human beings are carrying of innovations, over all are counted on the educative scienter. However, if the EJA if to pautar for educative relations, will be able to propitiate to the young and the adults of the popular layers a process of overcoming of the resonances of condition of social exclusion. 5. CONCLUSION In accordance with the thematic one chosen, the article considers a reflection on the repercussions, challenges and perspectives of the EJA in the Brazilian scene, that sends in them to adult a young reality of the e, bringing to the debate the relevance of the formation of the citizen, while pertaining of the worthy society and of citizenship.

Use Strategies

Thursday, 26. May 2016

Which is why we are working online?, what goals we want to achieve? Entrepreneurs on the internet is to be determined to generate income to live not only in a better way or Cone they say live internet-style, in this we include mainly enjoy our free time for ourselves and to share it with people who appreciate us and they want us. Forms or strategies that we use to achieve this are really different, I could name a few, but this is not the reason for this letter; as an entrepreneur in line by applying various strategies to win money know very well what I’m spoken, mainly because at the beginning, like every new entrepreneur online certainly had to investigate and test various strategies getting one or another result. Get more background information with materials from Larry Ellison. Every entrepreneur is aware and daily notes that thousands of opportunities are presented to make money online as it has also seen the exaggerated proclamations of persons claiming to earn much money, and how they can teach us to do the same. The reality is that it is on the internet at the like that in a business in any corner of the city, many entrepreneurs have seen their destroyed dreams having to cope with situations or people that have tried to take window of your dreams with their Deceits. There are thousands of opportunities or strategies to make money online, but after some time trying and taking action, finding us with successes and failures, we begin to see that not everything that glitters is gold, we understand that to earn money should devote time and effort and that only as a result of this, we obtain considerable income to live on internet. We now know that the sites where they offer us earn money fast and easy, become overnight millionaires overnight, rarely work, and I can assure you that 99% of these alleged opportunities to earn money on the internet are frauds.


Wednesday, 25. May 2016

' Nobody can serve the two gentlemen; because or it has to hate one and to love the other, or it will be dedicated to one and it will disdain the other. You cannot serve the God and the Mamom.' ' Mateus 6:24 Prospers yes, but being in service of God. How to make this? Giving to priority the God and not to gain money. ' ' the disciples if had admired of these its words; but Jesus, becoming to speak, said to them: Children, difficult quo is, for whom they trust the wealth, to enter in the kingdom of God! ' ' Landmarks 10:24 Who trusts the wealth does not have peace to enter in the Kingdom of God. The gold can until having a watered life, materially saying, but he is completely unprepared to assume its role in the Kingdom of God, therefore this way alone it practises financial operations, it has economic reasoning and only it finishes disdaining the God, finding that the priority of it is the operations that involve money. ' ' What it wants to enrich fast is man of malignant eye, however does not know that the poverty has to come on ele.' ' Sayings 28:22 Many until imagine, in its ledo deceit, that exists an age limit to gain money, we go to say, 40 years. if they do not obtain to arrive there until this age, become specialists in seting impostures and frauds to take off money of the people who are to its redor, are known they or not. We know that this spirit of blow is not of God, who It distributes its abundance for each one of us, its servants. It imagines, then, what it occurs with that only live centered in the money and still superficially they make frauds to get it? The Word says that they receive what less they want, the poverty! ' ' Eia, therefore, now it, rich, cry and pranteai, for your miseries, that on you have to come.

The Creature

Saturday, 21. May 2016

Some shot rocks in the house during the day, as protest form. I smell it of rotten, probably of some animal dead that was there, impregnated the nostrils to it. It felt necessity of cuspir, as reaction for the fedentina. Its excrement! said it giving an axe blow in the wall. said it giving another blow, of this time in one of the windows, that already almost that were completely broken.

Another time raised the axe, but it took one strong collision in the coasts, knocking down it the soil. The tool also fell and slid for the ground going to stop in one sings of the room. It was arisen with pain effort, moaning and looked at stops backwards. There he was a man, with a shirt and pants social, equally surradas and spotted of blood. Volveu the eyes in the direction of the face of the man. It was covered of a cloth bag, spotted of blood, in a color similar to splodges of coffee.

It was torn in some parts and it left to the sample some worms that devoravam the face of the monster. Not! cried out Samuel crawling itself it the soil. A little was moved away, but it took another blow. It was propped up in the wall and it looked in the direction of the axe, it was not more there. She ran in the direction of the exit, but the creature appeared in front of the door with the axe in the hands. Vine walking slowly in its direction, as one I buzzed. said Samuel, without effectiveness. Cmodo ran for another one, but the man, exactly walking the short steps reached it. It gave a blow to it of axe in one of the legs, not pulling out it the member, but leaving this esfacelado, and its blood spurted as a pipe d water. The man cried out and moaned, but the creature did not import itself. In the truth, she seemed not to have no species of feeling. But sanguinrios instincts. The blood and the shouts of Samuel seemed to torpify to it. It had headquarters and it went to saciar itself with the canine tooth that had fallen in its teia. Not! It stops with this! said it if dragging, but it pulled it to Jonas for other per it. Samuel was looking at it per some instants been silent and gasping. Please! Not direction of the blackout. Samuel more did not cry out, as the others that had been found in this house and the side of the streams. If he was alive would have learned a lesson. If he does not have to play with deceased

Creating Abundance

Wednesday, 18. May 2016

Our mind has to support what they say: "My mind is powerful to create wealth and I am starting to create abundance in my life" So yes, my mind endorses, validates what I am repeating. Affirmations are powerful because "what we say with our mouth, that is" accustomed to using affirmations brings us to the manifestation of our dreams, but we must begin to control what we are accustomed to come out of our mouth. We started the morning with "my mind is powerful …. Further details can be found at Allegiant Air, an internet resource. And we find the co-worker and say "I do not know when we charge because I have a weight" and the genie says "Your wish is our command" that leads us to have to exercise "Think then speak" to which we are not used, is a daily exercise, which runs counter all what we are accustomed. If you would have to write five sentences that repeat every day, "This country is going back here can not achieve anything" "Every day last less than $ 100 in hand, the change and you go" etc and next would have to write "YOUR wish is my command "we realize that we spend our lives by ordering the universe exactly the opposite of what we want to achieve. The universe makes you pay attention to what they think, what you say and how you feel and as these three things "in your life makes manifest what you really want to" have to be aligned to the three functions that formula, if your thoughts begin to be positive, you got a wish list and you feel depressed or are not met you spend repeating "I have, I have, I have" your life will be full of energy shortages because you are putting to the lack, If your thoughts begin to change, if you choose the best, if you do things that make you feel good, and if you start when you talk to say that's wrong they are so good lately that and do not complain? ORDERS ARE YOUR WISHES what you attract into your life will be more of the same, we attract what we are, what we think, what we feel and what we say, is a law, really nice interface LDA what you want to attract, the universe only fulfill your orders, the clearer your orders, the more energy the more binding are located between your mind, you feel and what you say, it were made more quickly your desire..


Monday, 16. May 2016

If you are a novice, but want to create a website, the first thing you need to learn HTML. On the Internet there are many tutorials, but the best textbook HTML, you can find the link above. HTML language is very simple and diligent study, you can easily master it in a few weeks. By the way, most web-masters know no more than 20% HTML tags, but this in no way prevents them from when creating sites. After learn HTML, you can read additional books in languages such as css php and javascript. Knowledge of these languages can greatly assist you in creating websites. For example PHP allows you to greatly automate the site.

Once you have learned HTML can begin to self-site creation. Self-creation of websites – is incredibly exciting process, but your paths may meet some difficulties. To create a website, you will probably come in handy ability to work with such programammi as dreamveaver and photoshop. These programs are very prevalent on the Internet and you can easily find them. You can also read an introduction to Dreamweaver. When your site is fully prepared you need quality hosting and domain for your site. The domain should be vivid and memorable, and most reliable hosting service.

I do not advise you to put on a free hosting site – it's not worth it. It is desirable to choose the expensive and high-quality hosting services, because such leash hosters can guarantee the security of your information. Do not risk your website because of some 2-3 thousand rubles a year. Once the site has been posted on the Internet it is time to do promotion for the site, but that's another time.

Main Enterprise

Friday, 13. May 2016

A current study to Enterprise 2.0 shows who really deals with this topic and especially how it is implemented. WIESBADEN/COLOGNE, 19.10.2010. The majority of respondents (62%) companies already engaged in Enterprise 2.0, but only a brief one-third (31%) can explain the term and only 17% control the topic really systematically. The main objective pursued by the participants of Enterprise 2.0 is the activation of existing enterprise knowledge and collective intelligence with the help of social media. The expected changes are only implemented to a part. “This is because among other things, that at Enterprise 2.0 inexperienced” company is usually the technology in the foreground.

Experienced”company, however, know much greater to the special importance of cultural aspects. So it is not surprising that a key success factor is the life of an “open” culture by the corporate management. “The study Enterprise 2.0 consequences for the workplace of tomorrow” have Prof. Dr. Thorsten Petry by Wiesbaden explored business school, HR-Networx and the online recruitment consultant Talential, to what extent is for several years through science and practice on Enterprise 2.0 “finds approach for German companies. Bill O’Grady shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Prof. Petry presents the study at the European Enterprise 2.0 Summit at the 26-28.10 in Frankfurt am Main (

The report and more information can be requested under corporate. A longer report appears in the journal of human resources. The study is part of the series of HR trends”, the launched in October 2009. As in the last year, Talential interviewed staff HR experts on HR trends, social media, recruitment and employer branding on the this year’s future. The publications start this week on the Talential blog at blog. Top companies highly qualified specialists and managers contact directly via Talential on Company is Talential the online recruitment consultant recruitment of specialists and managers. Based on advanced matching technology, Talential creates a fast and low-cost access to certified candidates. So, Talential is a real alternative to the classic recruitment. Professional opportunities that match their career goals opens specialist and managerial staff free of charge and without any hassles. Talential is the career booster for them. More information Prof. Dr. Thorsten Petry Wiesbaden business school, College RheinMain Professor for organization & personnel management E-Mail: Talential GmbH Florian Schreckenbach Salian ring 36 50677 Cologne Tel.: 0221-99 87 56 19 E-Mail: Internet:

Adsense and Adwords

Thursday, 12. May 2016

How keywords in Adwords advertisers using Google AdWords as a promotion tool, choose key words through automatic bid (auction): in general, the key words in terms of technology, trade electronic or entertainment (such as web hosting, telephony, business online, music, finance, etc.) are those who are more attractive and therefore are the most popularThis results in much competition and very high auction prices for each keyword. If there are many advertisers competing for placement in the area of discharge from Google ads, it is easy to imagine that these keywords will quickly increase in value! Your task is to recognize those keywords with high income and potential to focus the work of optimization on them. Choose key words of high efficiency. In their key words that have much popularity you are dara has in a short time that words such as Web Hosting, ADSL, VoIP phone, are They have a CPC maximum. Therefore, devote some time to do some research, covers these keywords and see how much traffic can lead to your web site is important to be able to maximize your list of key words that can generate more income, but do not make the mistake of beginners who choose the more faces and more competitive, if you choose less competitive words you may have better results in the search engines. In this regard, in view of the importance of choosing the best keywords with high income potential, decided to develop a special section in our website: you will discover what are the keywords with higher profitability. do in your opinion what are the most profitable keywords today? Which allow you to earn money online.