Agrarian Geography

Tuesday, 28. June 2016

The present work is fruit of academic research disciplines tied it of Agrarian Geography, of the Course of Licenciatura in Geography of the Federal Institute of the Rio Grande of the North. It consists of an analysis that it aims at to characterize the community of aboriginal remainders Catu, located in the city of goianinha, Rio Grande of the North. It will be taken in consideration the historical, cultural and geographic aspects of this community, with the objective of if analyzing its economic development and its interferences in the social reality. For in such a way, they had been carried through research in the place, with the inhabitants of the region, enclosing since agricultural workers the professors, using itself half electronic and written documentation. It is justified research front the necessity of reflection of the graduandos of courses in the area of sciences human beings, as well as also of the society in a general way, concerning the related routine problems to the agricultural space.

With the present research it was since the agricultural and agrarian questions can clearly be worked by means of deepened research more, for researchers of some areas of the knowledge, due to present familiar agriculture in the community, located the edges of the great latifundium production exerted by determined sugar company. Thus, it was observed presence of one me the distribution of lands, sazonais works in this company for small proprietors and also the necessity of a bigger investment in the improvement of the ambient questions, as the treatment of industrial residues for municipal agencies. For in such a way, one expects to contribute for the half academic with a new research, critical and based in empirical and bibliographical analyses for it I appreciate interested generality of the academy and. Word-key: agrarian geography, production, familiar agriculture.

Koreas Income

Saturday, 25. June 2016

The Coreia of the south is an underdeveloped nation, in the molds of our country, therefore these countries already sufficiently had been seemed. In 1960 they were typical nations of the underdeveloped world bogged in calamitous socioeconmicos indices and with taxes of illiteracy that beiravam 35%. At the time, the per capita income (division of the GIP Gross domestic product for the population) korean was equivalent of Sudan (African country): it patinava around 900 dollars per year. In this aspect Brazil took advantage its per capita income was the double of the native of Korea. Korea still made bitter the trauma of a civil war that left a million of dead more than and economy in ruins.

Today passed forty years an abyss it separates the two economies. Korea shows a development fervilhante, capable to triple its economy to each decade. Its per capita income grew nineteen times since years 60 and the society reached a welfare platform enviable. The Native of Koreas had eradicated the illiteracy and practically had placed 82% of the young in the university. Already Brazil keeps 13% of its illiterate population and has only 18%de its young in the universities (Reviewed It sees 2005). Its per capita income is less of the half of the Korean per capita income.

In short Brazil was stops backwards and Korea released in gone off due to the investments massive in education. The difference is in the economic growth, exactly for the investment in education and the great incentive of the families with its educandos. The investment applied of correct form in the education appears effect and to follow, some item suggested to Brazil, for this Asian country that grows and redistributes income with investment in education: Premiar better pupils with stock markets and extra lessons so that he develops its talentos.? To rationalize the resources to give better wages to the professors.? To invest in University Polar regions come back toward the technological area.

So Paulo

Thursday, 23. June 2016

So that it occurs this change of attitudes is necessary that let us change the paradigms (SOFFIATI, 2005) and the organisms livings creature need to be seen as really they function, in which has a ecossistmica harmony where they interact and interdependem one of the others so that the process occurs of positive form (GRN, 2005). For example, if one determined area with native bush will be substituted by the culture of an only vegetable, can be compromised the alimentary chain of the animals that if they feed of the native plants, as well as the animals that if they feed of the proper animals of that region. We need acquiring knowledge in them that, if all share to usufruct of the nature in which we belong, also we would have to share the responsibilities to protect the same one. Our current behavior of destruction without repairing can be consequence of the reproduction of certain values that finish determining the way them people of if relating, acting and to be in the world. These values give base for our culture as, for example, the individualism and the uncontrolled consumerism. The residues have utility and, if handled well, can generate income for who need. The main one is not to separate of correct form, but yes, not to produce.

About 40% of what we consume already it is garbage. It is not only enough to place in the media and to make campaigns ' ' simblicas' ' if not to invest concretely in infrastructure that answers the current demand of residues that we produce daily. The quarrels on the thematic one of the garbage they would have to be generating of deeper reflections on our way of living individualistic and competitive e, the recycling, could not be interpreted as an activity end, but yes, as a beginning of one walked contestadora one of behaviors after-modern. REFERENCES FREIRE, I.M. TAVARES, C.

' ' Place of the garbage is in lixo' ': study of assimilation of the information. Ci. Inf. Vol.32. N.2 Brasilia May/August. 2003. GRN, Ethical M. and ambient education: the necessary connection. 9 Edition. So Paulo; Papirus publishing company, 2005. 120 P. SOFFIATI. the philosophical and historical Beddings for the exercise of the ecocidadania and the ecoeducao

Selena Gomez

Tuesday, 21. June 2016

Been born in the Texas state, United States in 22 of July of 1992, Selena Go’mez teens of the moment is one of the main stars. Little people know, but its career started well before seriado ' ' The Wizards of Waverly Place' '. The career of the young woman started to the 7 years of age, in the seriado celebrity ' ' Barney and its amigos' '. Of a simple and charming beauty, the small Selena already was distinguished of the other children. Looking always a chance to act, the actress also participated of the film ' ' The Small Spies 3D' '. Selena started to have papers of bigger expression in 2006, when it was contracted by Disney Chanel. At this time it participated of seriados of success as ' ' Zack & Cody: twin in Ao' ' ' ' Hannah Montana' '.

With much talent and devotion, it demonstrated to whom came pra to be. In October of 2007, &#039 estreou in Disney Chanel; ' The Wizards of Waverly Place' ' , the first production carried out for Selena Go’mez. Its personage soon conquered the public in the first episode, becoming young an icon of Teen public. In Waverly Place, the actress not only acted, as well as she sang and she danced. To the few he was born there, a star, good ahead of the eyes of the public. In 2008, it estrelou the film ' ' Another Cinderella Story' ' received a torrent from critical positive. In the following year, it decides to invest in its career of singer.

Its first album of studio with the band ' ' Selena Go’mez and The Scenes' ' it received the name from ' ' Kiss & Tell' ' . Musics as ' ' Falling Down' ' they had shown to the public who it was really multitalentosa Its last film launched in the United States was ' ' Ramona and Beezus' ' , in Brazil it has forecast of estreia for the end of March of 2011. Selena continues recording other productions and its loving life goes so well how much the professional life. The singer started to namorar the singer Justin Bieber, forming a beautiful young couple. If you want to more know a little on the career of Selena Go’mez as singer, has access the site ' ' Which is the letter of music? ' ' with some letters of musics. There you will be able to confer the letters of the Selena Go’mez, this new princesinha of music pop.

Unfortunate Person

Saturday, 18. June 2016

In the passage of the humanity, names had been written in history through acts of herosmo. Certainly that the recognition is praiseworthy of that they appear as salvation for that it needs. However, until point herosmo if makes praiseworthy, in view of that its act, in space between lineses, represents a certain dependence of mais' ' fraco' ' for more ' ' forte' '? To criticize herosmo she is necessary to before understand the reason of a society that if says so evolved still to need this perpetual aid. It is not necessary to go very deep in history to notice that herosmo appears as reply to the lack of a people. Since that it passed if to organize in communities the man acquired the necessity to feel protege, and as nor always was seen self-sufficient of this protection, started to attribute something or somebody this eminent task. Of the sculptures fincadas in the gates of Rome to deuses Greek or still to the modern Super-hero, what if it perceives is the fragility of the groups that form the current one in such a way as already passed society. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Allegiant Air on most websites. The lack of a people is presented as a consequence of problems in it sweats context, and from there herosmo appears in such a way solidary, that it has left of the collective one in search of an objective, how much herosmo opportunist, that it consists of a vertical form where an individual acts for the lack of somebody, with second intentions.

It is clearly that the stories of the humanity are repletos of well-succeeded heroic enredos, but revs also is truthful. The problem is in the fact of that for times the hero of some is the executioner of others. The danger it herosmo, however, also is associated with the link of dependence and determinismo that creates, and is this that occurs in the current society, where this already meets vitiated in heroes, and the consequence of this is a generation each accomodated time more, waiting that ' ' heris' ' they save them and with the fixed idea of that nor all are capable to make something in favor of the common good. In the truth, this necessity of heroes that always nourished the nation, only it made to fortify the egoism and laziness human being, where to pass the responsibility for the next one each more current time becomes. Without doubts that to have heroes are cmodo well, after all, responsibility for the success or failure of something is taken off of the collective and if it attributes only to a figure. the drama still becomes worse when this figure disappoints or if return against the group interests that represent, what if it knows not to be so uncommon how much makes look like. It is needed to invest in a critical education for the emergent generations, thus these will only be armored how much to the possible attack of opportunist heroes, true vultures that wait to take advantages of the necessity of somebody. If it only can get true and voluntary herosmo when if it has science that the heroic act cannot turn routine, therefore a society that it needs heroes is a static society, accomodated and that it does not evolve. It is needed to understand that herosmos well-occurred they appear of collective acts.


Saturday, 18. June 2016

He would be the premessenger of the destruction? The precision of the mathematical calculations and the consequences of bizarro event, foreseen to perhaps shock it the land in 2019, retakes the quarrel of perplexa possibility of the end of the civilization. At the same time, ghosts of armagedom come back to investigate the minds of millions of people. But it will be that the paranoia of the destruction already populates the minds of the human beings? The investigation above makes in them to reflect on the condition human being in diverse ‘ ‘ matizes’ ‘ of its tumultuated and soon existence. Science affirms that in the evolutiva scale we are relatively recent beings, if compared with others ‘ ‘ products of natureza’ ‘ , which had developed at times more recoils here that ours.

But what it becomes the different human beings is without a doubt, its capacity to innovate and to transform the way where they live. By the way, in last the two hundred and fifty years, the proportionate changes for ‘ ‘ ranos and avanos’ ‘ of the race human being, they have proven how much we are effectively dialticos beings. Consideraes eschatological to the part, agrees to remember that although as many racial, cultural, economic and social differences, we are all together in an only place, the mother-land, the least until the scientific speculations and the cinematographic fiction are desbancadas by concrete and concrete evidences, we are literally alone in the imensido of the space. Although many, so diverse and pparently alone in the universe, do not seem to be ‘ ‘ new I afflict of cus’ ‘ , the great threat our existence..

Special Schools

Wednesday, 15. June 2016

In this to think the condition of the deaf person is atrelada to the pathology, to ineptitude for the learning, to the intelligence lack. The opposite to this perspective, Santana (2007, p.15) says that ' ' the auditory deficit does not compromise the cognition, since that the person with deafness has an active and participativa social life, in this condition its functions (reverse speed) is organized inside of a context partner-description, where he is inserido' '. It is understood, with this, that is of utmost importance the understanding of that a school that takes care of deaf pupils and/or with other especificidades necessary to commit itself to the variety compose who it, having as paradigm a pedagogical performance that defends the heterogeneidade and an education of good quality, has seen that this is one ' ' right of todos' ' without distinction. In such a way, what one intends to emphasize in the quarrel is the importance to offer the deaf people, Special Schools or specialized attendance, in the first years of the escolarizao, for the fact of if understanding that these are, par excellence, spaces of interaction of the deaf people with its pairs, and thus, certainly will have a bigger incentive to the culture, the language, the construction of the deaf identities. The Special School, in this reasoning, is that it will make the true inclusion in the partner-educational scope, therefore in its interior the quarrels more will be come back toward the specific field of the deafness. Agreement believes with Lacerda (2000) that the involved actors in this educational space are more apt to understand the deafness as a linguistic difference that will have to be respected, something that in fact little occurs in the said schools inclusive. From these estimated the problem is distinguished that if constitutes in guide for the reach of the objectives of this study: Because the Special School for the attendance to the deaf pupil is considered more adequate? In the direction of this investigation they will be proportionate excellent quarrels on the subject, which will go to guide the analysis to more arrive the possible conclusions concerning the indicated educational attendance for education of pupils with deafness. .

Equatorial Africa

Tuesday, 14. June 2016

In Equatorial Africa, 40% of the population are carrying and the falciforme illness reaches a prevalence of 2 3% of the population. The hemoglobinopatias constitute one of the main and more frequent genetic illnesses that acometem human beings; amongst them, the falciforme anemia is the more prevalent hereditary illness in Brazil, arriving to acometer 0.1 0.3% of the black population, with trend to reach parcel each more significant time of the population, which had to the high degree of miscegenation in our country. In fact, population studies have demonstrated the increasing presence of hemoglobina S in caucasianos individuals. The percentage of mortality between lesser children of 5 years with falciforme anemia al was analyzed by INGUEZ et. (2010) that it varied enters 25 30%, and the majority of the deaths in this group is secondary the fatal infections, esplnico kidnapping or aplsticas crises. Although the biggest taxes of mortality occur in the 2 first years of life, COAST (2001) quotation that the obligator inclusion of the research of hemoglobinopatias in the examination of neonatal selection (test of pezinho) comes demonstrating to be an important step for the reduction of these taxes, therefore allows to the precocious identification of these individuals and the consequent introduction of adequate Prophylaxis and regular ambulatorial pursuing. The current life expectancy for the American population with falciforme anemia as SILLA (1999) is of 42 years for men and 48 years for women.

Although very superior to the 14,3 years of 3 decades behind, this still meets very on this side of the life expectancy for general population, what it evidences the necessity of bigger investments and progressos in the treatment of these patients. SERJEANT (1999) affirms that the laboratorial diagnosis of the falciforme anemia is made through eletroforese of hemoglobina, iso-electric focalizao or liquid chromatography of high performance (HPLC). The globnicas chains are detectable in precocious phase of the fetal life, from 10 12 week of pregnancy, what it would make possible the prenatal diagnosis of the falciforme anemia.

Available Inns

Tuesday, 14. June 2016

The two months of the feriado more waited by the Brazilians, who not yet programmed at least part of its plans for the Carnival can start if worry. Aerial tickets already start to become scarce and (good and/or cheap) the options of lodging go disappearing as a spurt. But calm, still it has hope! Much people prefer to run away for a desert beach or if to isolate in a green area to desestressar and to use to advantage the recess. But fact is that Brazilian that if preza counts the days to fall in the spree and if to finish in the carnavalescas folias. Of destinations traditional (and overcrowded) as Rio De Janeiro and Salvador, passing for livened up Recife and Manaus or the alternatives Ouro Preto and Florianpolis? options to tan the Carnival in 2011 do not lack. The order then is if to program. Each time more, the shelters are the favourite options of who want to use to advantage vacation or a drawn out holiday in more economic way. Who prefers to invest more in one abad to jump behind its artist preferred in the Bahia, or to pay a comfortable place in berth of the Marquis of Sapuca, starts to leave of side the traditional hotels, with its prices supervalued at this time, and to adopt hostels as lodging option.

Even because for the folio that if preza, a good bed pra to fall after hours and hours of spree is more than what good. But that nobody if is deceptive: coffee-da-morning, conditional air, swimming pool and other stewardships also are part of good part of the albergueira net. Who will be to pay R$ 120 for an ingression in the arquibancada one of the Carioca Sambdromo, goes to like to pay one tero of the value of any traditional hotel, using shelters in Rio De Janeiro. Some, clearly, all use to advantage the time disputadssima for tourist of the world, and give inflated a considerable one in the prices. The same valley for the bahian capital, with its bigger popular event of the planet. But fact is that being in shelters in Salvador, the account in the end of the holiday goes to be well lesser. who knows more on buying another one abad and following the folia plus one day behind Ivete, Daniela, Chiclete and as much others. In So Paulo, reality is still more entertainer.

It are of the traditional tourist circuit, the city has sets of ten of options of shelters, with daily so modest and convidativas how much of 25.Outros R$ popular destinations to tan the folia in Brazil are the Recife neighbors, with its Carnival total gratuitous Multicultural, and Olinda, with its internationally famous glad dolls as few. Manaus also is known by its requintados parades, to the molds of the River. The Sambdromo for where they pass the samba schools is had as the greater of the Brasil.J Ouro Preto, in Minas Gerais, has a carnival says, peculiar. Beyond the traditional blocks of street, it has also predominant a estudantil climate, thanks to the organization of the sets of ten of republics that promote programmings differentiated by the city. Finally, Florianpolis has a varied carnival, with party for all the gostos. Of the authentic carnival of hall, to the blocks of street around of Square XV, passing for livened up the public GLBTS that adopted the catarinense capital with one of the main destinations at this time of the year. Perfect hour to reserve a shelter in Floripa and to tan the folia in a good one!

Brazilian Society

Wednesday, 8. June 2016

The Brazilian reality is very cruel, and to face it such which it really is, is not easy task, the social problems, seems to be multiplied to each day, being the corruption, the unemployment, the violence, the education me the quality, racism and the habitacionais problems, among others, are conflituosos points that guide and at the same time they leave perplexa great part of the Brazilian population, mainly the great population mass that finishes being the most reached, for such factors. Moreover, the number of assaults, homicides, sequestrations, seems to be multiplied to each day, is evident the lack of social politics, that they invest in the population most devoid, therefore if opposite to be in the streets, if great part of the devoid children was studying and in the vacant hours if they occupied with some course of profissionalizao and recreativas activities, such as sport and leisure, with certainty the number of outlaws would be well lesser, lack investment in the citizen in itself. CONCLUSION Ahead of the displayed one, we can perceive that the codes of ethics, inherent at the social service, ahead of all the way covered for the profession until the current days, taking in consideration each historical moment, it is arrived ahead conclusion of although much that already was fact, of the fact, of the history of the construction of the ethical process to date of middle of the decade of 40, until the current days. However, in the confrontation of the consevardorismo and the refusal of its critical, generating the attention in search of a profession that really searchs the agreement of the problematizao of questions politics, economic and social. Aiming at always a society more joust and igualitria, that will only be reached if all to work together in collective.

Moreover, never we can forget that the man is a social being, therefore, what dumb is not what is produced at one definitive historical moment, but yes, the relations permeiam that it, in our way, the system capitalist if keeps as dominador and intensifier of the relations of being able, optimum way to be followed is of the subjetividades, for the autonomy of the collective citizens. YOU MARK, Ademar.