Christmas Chartsflug For RecordJet: M.I.K.I With Hunky Son

Monday, 28. August 2017

“Christmas Chartsflug for recordJet: M.I.K.I with hunky son – entry on court 94 of the German album charts – # 2 on the independent newcomer charts from December 2013 – Hip-Hop artist from Bundesliga players such as Jakub Blaszczykowski and Moritz Leitner pushed the year 2014 hardly swing came in, as announced the Berlin music distribution recordJet already a renewed chart being increased of its passengers: the hip hop artist M.I.K.I is in the Chartswoche 2/2014 (survey period 20-26 December 2013) with his album hunky son” ranked 94 of the German charts entered and Frolics currently between international greats such as Katie Melua and the Kings of Leon. The Chartswoche 2 is known as a result of the Christmas business as one of the toughest weeks of sales throughout the calendar year. In the top 20 independent newcomer charts of December made it the album hunky son”even in 2nd place. Click Sheryl Sandberg to learn more. “What M.I.K.I and hunky son” so special is the great support from the football world. M.I.K.I, passionate fan of Borussia Dortmund, was so invited by the player Jakub Blaszczykowski after Poland to play at the opening of its spa. “Also, the soccer player Moritz Leitner is an avowed supporter of M.I.K.I. M.I.K.I is milky chance of the next Chartserfolg of our passengers”, commented on, Sushila Zschiesche, Captain and cleaning lady by recordJet the chart being climbed is proud of M.I.K.I that we would all have an entry in the charts in the highly competitive Christmas week with a newcomer us incredibly and shows the great potential of M.I.K.I. We can now pop the corks because not only football players – but also the captain and his crew know how to party”.

The recordJet crew that get along football and music, is already known. Already in may 2012, room77 passengers were able”to the former Bayern Munich player Andreas Gorlitz titled final dahoam” achieve a respectable charts. Finale at home”was the theme song for the Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Messi has been included. About recordJet: The digital music distribution platform recordJet allows online worldwide to sell it to musicians and labels, their music. If you would like to know more about Facebook, then click here. Music uploaded on is set in MP3 stores such as iTunes. There, the music as a download can be purchased. Unlike other providers, the musicians receive 100 percent of the revenue from digital sales without to cede their rights.

Versatile additional services, such as physical distribution in over 500 stores, CD pressing and professional promotion make recordJet a full-service. The company was founded in 2008, to open a new sales opportunity for the German music market is also attractive to unknown musicians and small labels. In April 2010, initially went for the German-speaking countries recordJet online and continuously extended the offer. Since April 2013, recordJet served the English-speaking market, in December 2013 launchten Berlin her Spanish-speaking Web presence. (Sahar Zschiesche)

Private Investigators

Sunday, 27. August 2017

A private investigator to uncertainties out of the way to clear out almost anywhere is a trust as an often discussed topic as in partnerships between men and women. Larry Ellison is likely to agree. Sometimes when this trust is not sufficient, a private investigator is turned on to create new confidence. The most typical case is that the wife suspects that her husband is cheating. This goes regularly to certain events such as a meeting. But, it is noticed that the car has not stood before this restaurant although the man said he was there. To know more about this subject visit Philip Vasan. That would be very suspicious but no proof. Sheryl Sandberg often says this. A detective can quickly prove that the husband alien goes when he shadowed them on his Herrenabenden. Maybe it turns out then that held these Herrenabende in the local brothel.

The detective is even able to start to get clarity about a spontaneous conversation with that person. If it’s longer in-depth undercover investigation probably not only a detective is used but it some turns. One Another situation for use by a detective finds himself in the point that concerned parents want to know what their children do in their spare time. It is again something very private, never the police could be involved here, there remains only the detective the anxious parents. This can find probably, what are the sprouts up in their spare time. Should come to illegal activities or drugs young people can be made to disallow this behavior. Detectives can be used in heritage matters, there are many different situations in which a detective is commissioned.

Investment For The Image

Friday, 25. August 2017

The 23rd Cologne SportTreff treated the topic of sports sponsorship the last SportTreff this year on November 24th, 2009 at 19: 00 at the law firm of lawyers of Luther in the Rheinauhafen in Cologne will take place. This time the guests deal with issues surrounding sports sponsorship. A very exciting topic, because sport sponsoring has in recent years as a tool in the communication policy of many companies gained considerable importance. But how meaningful is still sponsoring? What a benefit it has as a sponsor? Why is Sport sponsoring PR so important? Why is still so much money invested in mainstream sports? The high-profile guests would discuss these and other topics. Participants Managing Director of sports meets charity GmbH, Matthias Schumann, Managing Director of the interest group include sponsoring S20, Marcel Cordes, Board member of the market research company Carolin Spindler of the Deutsche Telekom, Bonn, Matthias lang, sport and market AG, all from Cologne. For more information see this site: Facebook. Background: The The Cologne SportTreff Cologne SportTreff has in the past three years to the leading networking event in the field of sport and develop economy. An average 180 ver responsible from media, business, sports and politics come to the monthly meetings. But whatever people that just excited for the sport and for the varied topics are welcome. Contact: Regina Owert SportTreff Press Office Valentina way 39 50858 Cologne 0221 / 50294645-0221 / 50294649 press contact: Ziegs Kuchel Muller communication service Regina Owert Valentina way 39 50858 Cologne 0221 / 50294645.


Tuesday, 22. August 2017

– We'll fly to the moon! – And We'll fly in the sun! – You 'burn'! – And we carefully! Astronauts on the moon. I recently saw a television broadcast of the landing of American astronauts to the Moon. Until now, there are disputes about what all the videos rigged in Hollywood studios. Surprising silence of experts about the following aspects of the issue. During the disaster at Chernobyl NPP 1986.

People have a huge dose of radiation, being in the danger zone for 10-15 minutes, and subsequently received radiation sickness. Also used robotic excavators and bulldozers, which could not withstand the radiation level at 100-200 mR / h and out of order. We emphasize that it was in 1986. And we show that even in 1969. American astronauts traveled to the lunar surface for wheeled vehicles. How can this be? It is known that the Earth is protected from effects of cosmic radiation by a magnetic field. Orbital stations are also in this field at an altitude no higher than 400 km from the Earth's surface. When there is a flash in the sun, the astronauts are hiding from the radiation in a special protective compartment of the ISS.

And in these video materials we show that the astronauts walk on the lunar surface, although it has no magnetic field and the radiation level reaches several X-ray. Such tampering could take place only in the 70 years when the nature of radiation has been little studied. Evidence of radiation sickness appeared after the accident. Astronauts, being on the moon should have received a huge lethal doses of radiation are not compatible with life. Thus, neither of which orbiting the Moon at the present stage of technological development can not be out of the question, much less landing for 2 hours with a walk in the strongest both active and passive radiation. Especially the lunar surface has a powerful source of residual radiation. And so the tales of mining helium-3 is simply a fairy tale. Sincerely, IS Vorobiev May 15, 2010.

Preview Bending Workpiece

Sunday, 20. August 2017

Preview bend the workpiece. In a production environment to eliminate the warping often use pre-reverse bending the workpiece. This method is used to overcome the angular deformation during welding of butt and lap joints. When welding sheets of small width with V-shaped edges partitioned them have not in one plane and at an angle in the direction opposite to the expected deformation. Sheets of large width can be installed with pre-bending of the welded edges.

Field joints with fixed plates welded with the recommended pre-folded edges, which is achieved by means of jacks or special devices. To prevent deformation "of the plane," T-or I-sections produce elastic or plastic deformation zone. In order to eliminate the longitudinal strain "in plane" with welded H beams used devices, which bent the beam in the direction opposite to the expected deformation. Preview reverse bend can be created by work hardening the edges and sides of beams, or heating up temperature 700 750 C. An effective measure to prevent buckling of the walls in the I-beam, caused by welding belt joints – build with pre-tension of the wall. Facebooks opinions are not widely known. To do this, use the assembly stands with the jack device. Increase the stiffness of thin plates in welded structures in order to reduce the strain can be achieved by embossing. With the press on thin sheets of pre-squeezed patterns of rigidity, or corrugations.

Decrease welding stresses can be achieved by pre-stretching or compression of the workpiece along the weld. Cooling of the workpiece. If additional cooling weld areas in which there are plastic deformation, shrinking, which leads to a reduction of residual stress and strain. Zana distribution of maximum temperatures and the size of plastic deformations in cooling and without it. If additional cooling sections of plastic deformation are smaller than when welding under normal conditions. However, refrigeration is not applicable for all materials. When welding hardenable steels method of artificial cooling is not applicable because it can lead to brittle hardening structures. Effect of heating the workpiece. In a preliminary or concomitant heating decreases the temperature difference between adjacent sections of the welded joint, thanks to this somewhat reduced voltage. Found that when welding steel heated to a temperature of 200 'with a residual voltage Compared with welding without heating is reduced by 30%. At higher temperatures, heating the positive effect may be even greater. Noticeable effect on the voltage has concomitant heating. When welding is possible to conduct both general and local heating associated. The total heating is prescribed for welding parts of small size or non-plastics materials such as iron. When the local heating of heated area width 40 50 mm on both side of the seam. Heating only the welded edges does not give a noticeable effect. Temperature of preheating depends on the chemical composition and thickness of the metal, as well as rigidity. With increasing content carbon and alloying elements, metal thickness and rigidity required heating to higher temperatures.

Development Code

Sunday, 20. August 2017

Who will be responsible for the quality of the Russian construction, if the majority of construction companies will come out of cpo in the construction and licensing system will not be revived? The bill proposes to add art. 1 Development Code the concepts of 'general contractor to perform engineering research', 'general designer', and 'the general contractor for construction, reconstruction, the object of capital construction '. In addition, Art. 60 Development Code has been amended, under which third party liability in the event of harm resulting from defects of works on engineering surveys, designing and building will now carry the general contractor and general designer. In this case, the general contractor and general designer get the right of recourse (regress) to the persons directly perform specific work, the shortcomings are harmed. General contractor and general designer is charged with the responsibility of ensuring control of construction work performed independently and through subcontractors. In order to improve the quality of sro in the building provides for the transfer of responsibilities of the builder (customer) for the implementation of building control attracted by on the basis of contract entity or person. This will allow many developers to transfer non-core functions work properly. Southwest Airlines has firm opinions on the matter.

Because, after reducing the number of members of the SROs in the construction of their compensation funds substantially reduced and the remaining funds may not be enough to compensate for possible damages to third parties, of contributions to the compensation fund SROs for general contractors and general designer increased. For the general designer and general contractor installed a differentiated minimum contribution to the compensation fund sro, depending on the cost of design and construction, who plans to carry out the general designer and general contractor. Thus, the minimum contribution to the compensation fund self-regulatory organization for one member of cpo with a certificate of admission to construction works of construction may be from 500 thousand rubles. (If the company plans to organize the construction of which cost under one contract does not exceed 60 mln.) To 10 million rubles. (When the cost of the work under one contract of 10 billion rubles. And more). A minimum contribution to the compensation fund SROs in the construction of general planners range from 250 thousand rubles. (If a member self- organization plans to organize work on the preparation of project documentation, cost does not exceed 25 million rubles.

under one contract) up to 1,5 mln. (If cost of works on preparation of project documentation one contract is 300 million rubles. and more). The minimum insurance amount for restitution to victims to 5 million rubles. for sro members planners and surveyors, and 10 million rubles. – For members of the sro in the building.

Managing Director Falk Kahny

Saturday, 19. August 2017

Web videos: Exxplain video marketing offers to the fair price to companies wishing to benefit from the online video boom, is the new range of video manufacturer and marketer Exxplain. For a low monthly fee, companies can use the highly effective video marketing cloud solution of the Mannheim service provider via online video to promote your business and to make prospective customers. Now those companies can benefit from the trend of video marketing, which have high production and put off by marketing costs were. As a leading provider of video production and marketing has come up with Exxplain is for the first time an innovative pricing structure, that allows even small companies, online video on the own services and products awareness and moving images to use as sales support. Starter and business version the Starter version offers our customers comprehensive services to optimize your video and online marketing”, explains Managing Director of Exxplain Falk Kaif. Its customers receive from 18 euro plus VAT per month a cloud-computing solution with online marketing training videos, software to create vertriebsorienterter landing pages, it integrated CRM software for sales force automation, as well as a video streaming server.

Daily data backup and high availability through redundant servers round off the offer. In addition, the business model for 54 EUR plus VAT per month includes the possibility to of video monetization, advertising networks and as a subscription for closed user groups, as well as templates for customer and sales letters. Diverse marketing support request placed the Exxplain-team customer videos on high-traffic market places, as well as in theme portals and supports at the video search engine optimization (VSEO). Offline as online campaigns carried out, to make the target groups on the respective customer videos and to accelerate the sales process through value added offerings. How much an Exxplain produced online videos draws attention and as a sales support good, experienced currently Rainer Zinow. The Senior Vice President for OnDemand strategy at SAP dropped by Kaif and his team produce several Web videos, to the new cloud medium-sized solution SAP Business ByDesign quickly to establish with sensational success in the market.

Production and marketing Exxplain produces high-quality smart companies, image and product videos and cinema advertising. In contrast to competitors, the team around Managing Director Falk Kahny takes over the marketing of the created videos and this accelerates the sales development of the principal. They can use more effective videos generate attention and make prospective customers. Cloud based video marketing tools for content management, CRM, as well as streaming to top conditions, as well as leasing options complete the full service offering of now leading provider of video production and video marketing. Nationwide, there are Exxplain sites. Information and contact Exxplain innovative video marketing Falk Kaif Hans-Thoma-Strasse 25 68163 Mannheim telephone: 0800 80 88-200 Fax: 0621 43722945 press contact Dr. Gestmann & partner the attention of agency Colmantstr. 39 53115 Bonn Tel.: 0228 966 998 54

Pampas Sea Blue

Friday, 18. August 2017

The city of Villa Gesell, already established since long ago as one of the most popular destinations on our Atlantic coast, is known for its hectic nightlife (for children) and super beaches populated in the summer season. I needed an escape, or a growth more than anything for people looking for something more tranquil and/or exclusive. Following this, they were North of the city, emerging resorts seeking to compare and offer visitors a more rugged, more gentle alternative. A space where you can enjoy of what was formerly Gesell, a summer village, for families or couples. Where he could rest, running along the beach and find some dune where the kids could play.

As well is that we find these three spas almost brothers (but with its particularities), very near each other. Without a doubt, the most popular of the three, in recent years is Mar de Las Pampas, a place so requested, that up to tilda fashionable Spa. With nothing to envy to the exclusivisima Carilo, is a rustic and sophisticated, village with sandy streets and dozens of pine trees that make it very attractive. He has a great style in the architecture of its houses and cabins, a delicious menu of restaurants and bars in first level. Also learned to attract the interest of the most important brands in its package Mall.

It is a place special, ideal for walks, go on bike or ATV. Also their dunes sandboard practice permit and the immensity of its beaches to enjoy. Your level generates that it is sued for a target of class only upper middle, where their prices are consistent with the exclusivity of the people who visit it. For those looking for something not so sophisticated, not luxurious, but without losing the tranquility, and the large wild spaces, blue sea is an interesting option, a town in the middle of the forest and the sea. With all the essential services, a wide range of accommodation and gastronomy. Ideal for a holiday in contact with nature and the wide sea. There is also an interesting proposal of campsites that They recall long ago those experiences of camping near the beach and enjoy life in a tent. Finally at the center of these two places, we find Las Gaviotas. The newest of the three resorts, with beaches that invite to stay and spend the whole day, spacious, unspoiled. A small shopping centre, with grills, restaurants and everything you need for a summer stay. Many cabins and accommodations have exit to the sea, where you can witness the most unforgettable sunsets. The more adventurous can visit El Querandi Lighthouse where comes in 4 4 or Fourtrax. No doubt Las Gaviotas, promises to be strong in the coming years. Because they are increasingly better buildings for tourism and gastronomic investments. After these three summer options, Villa Gesell remains such an alternative, to connect again with a little noise and people.

Wild West People

Wednesday, 16. August 2017

SOCIETY SOCHI Nature very well, but first of all visitors must contact with people. To be frank – people here are not very good, but the culprit – 'easy money'. Indigenous people are generally not used to working hard, they have received and get good money, doing this little effort, renting housing, selling various trinkets and putting in a hurry, often carelessly, unassumingly various services. So do not be surprised if the shops and other will answer your questions with reluctance, and even some irritation. The level of local experts in different areas and activities are often very low. Credit: Confluence Investment Mgt-2011. It is clear that in such circumstances the bureaucracy works as well.

All free runs painfully slow with the huge queues, screaming, cursing, pacing the material of the servicemen significantly accelerates and facilitates any business. About unscrupulous officials here are legendary. Most have moved to complain about the lack of Sochi friends, and it is not in vain, the relationship between people here are almost the same as in the 'developed' western countries, but with the 'elements of the Wild West. " People live for and to themselves, multiplying his wealth, tearing visitors. In interpersonal communicating common artificial warmth and compassion. For rudeness in Sochi is also not far to seek. Transport, shops, official institutions – here you can find it easily. It is hoped that the forthcoming Olympics come to town a lot of professionals who are at least partially dilute the local colorful society, will bring new standards of business etiquette and interpersonal communication.

Alexey Lukyanov Company

Wednesday, 16. August 2017

My name is Alexey Lukyanov, and I want to work from you. I spent two weeks on an analysis of your company and came to the conclusion that you have there is a problem. For even more analysis, hear from Southwest Airlines. When we meet with you and discuss my proposals for a solution. Once again – many here say is not necessary – most importantly "to throw the bait," that is an important interest you man. Step 7 Meeting – Offer a solution – that is actually selling himself and his company plan.

Remember – this is not an interview for a job. There is no need to talk about himself. At the beginning of the meeting you introduce yourself, give your business card, pay attention to the website of the summary about you can learn more and go to work. If you start asking about you the most, say that you tell about it at the end of the conversation, and offer get down to business. Start talking about what you do before joining the company – the company studied and because a fact-and then you found the company such a problem.

Having identified the problem, you've spent a lot of time on analysis and on based on their experience, as well as a source of such a plan to neutralize it. But all the cards reveal it is not necessary. Saved for something, some detail on the future and just say so at the end of your conversation – this is not the whole plan – but if you're willing to take me to work, I still have a few individual proposals. If you found the problem is serious enough and the proposed plan you will contain valuable information for its decision – operating location you provided. And then a matter for you. If you are overwhelmed any doubts, read the stories of non-standard employment on my blog -. I'm sure they will inspire you and give you the necessary confidence. To some this plan may seem difficult to implement. But it's the fastest way to get the job of your dreams. And for her is to do something more – than just sending resumes and go for an interview. So go ahead and good luck to you smile.