Radiators, Convectors

Monday, 30. October 2017

In stock company 'Promtehkompleks' you will find a wide spectrum of building, heating, ventilation equipment. Our company is official dealer of "SanTechProm" issuing plumbing products. By working together with the Moscow Research and Design Institute of typology, the experimental design (MNIITEP), Institute of Plumbing and by "Danfoss", as well as equipment manufacturing modern high-technological lines (WEMO Holland, TEBOVA-MGP Italy, and others) managed to plant as soon as possible to start manufacturing high quality products meeting international standards. Radiators used for heating residential, warehouses and other facilities. When you install the radiator should remember some rules: bimetal and sectional radiators' SanTechProm BM are intended for use in twin and one-pipe systems, various buildings.

Radiators can be applied as a pump or elevator, as well as in gravitational heating and other important factors. Convectors, and radiators as represent a heater for homes by natural convection. 90% of the heat transfer coil power by heating air passing through it, ie, convection, and only 10% of the radiation in the environment. In Electric heaters up evenly distribute heat in a heated room, providing thermal comfort. Electric convectors are designed for continuous operation without supervision when properly mounted and exploitation. Resistance to climatic influences electric heaters meet climatic design UHL categories of accommodation to GOST 15150-69.

Electric convectors are designed for use in temperate areas with non-explosive environment at an ambient temperature of 1 degree Celsius to 40 degrees. Distinctive features of convectors 'SanTechProm' not technically able to warm up to a dangerous temperature, the absence of extraneous noise during operation, easy installation and setup. Convectors are mobile enough of this company and have a wide range: it can either hang on the wall or put on the legs in any convenient location. Heat your home depends on you.

Wealth Without Value

Monday, 30. October 2017

What empobrece a rich one in Brazil is the security lack here so that it can usufruct of its good. It is very common in reporters to know that a millionaire was sequestrado and kept hostage in exchange for a value nonsense for the rescue, or that a celebrity was assaulted and deceased only why they wanted to take the car to it, innumerable of facts as these that occurs frequent in our society and he finishes imprisoning the people with purchasing power to coexist the fear. Swarmed by offers, Ed Bastian is currently assessing future choices. Who would like a wealth that attributes unreliability, uncertainties to it and even though death risk? In the gift, the rich Brazilian if limits to the social poverty, therefore it can pay richnesses in luxurious mansions but he needs to pledge good part of its resources to arm itself of all type of possible security and dim the beauty of its properties with the highest walls surrounding them, they can acquire we carssimos and modern automobiles that for more valuable that they are side by side face long bottlings of the crowded suburban buses. If the Brazilian eleite, the highest classroom of the society, was less egoistic, paid good wages so that its employees could improve in quality of life, supported governing whom they look to improve in the generality the education of the country, would not from fear suffer to walk in the streets, therefore if all had education of quality would not have as much violence. ' ' (…) the poor persons sariam of the poverty, and the rich ones sariam of vergonha.' '

Mark Lorenz – Love Is Like A Beautiful Song

Friday, 6. October 2017

This fall, mark Lorenz celebrates its 25th anniversary and rewarded with a new single he has sung many songs about love itself in the course of his musical career. Feelings were always a central theme in his songs. “Yearning for warmth”, “Hautnah”, “I’ve kissed already you”, “I send my heart on the journey” or “My first great love”, tell much of the artist Mark Lorenz and he much about the “most beautiful thing in the world” tells the audience with these songs. Mark Lorenz celebrates its 25th anniversary this fall. A quarter of a century a remarkable career in show business. A shelf-life, who can present the most artists today. Mark Lorenz has not least due to his extensive versatility to this consistent success. He has not stopped artistically over the years has matured, is has improved, has been working itself ever again.

And that would like to thank him not only his loyal fan base, also in the Radio stations his title be used ever again like, find songs by Mark Lorenz sustained on the play lists. A sign of the good music productions and the choice of title for the singer. Mark Lorenz could successfully use his qualities for song festivals. He won the “Golden Hall man” at the first all-German music festival among others in 1990 in Dresden. In recent months, Gary Kelly has been very successful. But not only the German-language Schlager belongs firmly to his repertoire and stage program; He interprets also in English, French, Italian and Swedish ballads and chansons. And the Swedish language has done on especially him, not only because of family ties, which lead him to the Scandinavian country. Like he spends his holidays there, to refuel for new projects. So, it was obvious that he took up the offer of a Swedish author team for his anniversary single for mark Lorenz.

“This particular melody I liked immediately. “And what I understood from the text, just touched me.” He was presented his Swedish title by music producer Ariane Kranz. For them, mark Lorenz was the first choice for the German original version of the song. “I knew by the sympathy that has mark Lorenz for Sweden, wrote a German text for this title to him and eagerly waited for his reaction. And my joy was great when it came to cooperation, because I had imagined him just for ‘Love is like a beautiful song’. We met Studio by Wolfgang Timpe, where I recorded the song with mark the first time in Hamburg, in the Rainbow. And in Berlin, I gave the title then the decisive touches.” Until the end of the year, now some beautiful engagement, which he himself very looking forward to expect mark Lorenz. And of course he rewarded himself and his fans for his anniversary with his new, meaningful title “Love is like a beautiful song”. Contact: Roland Rube audioway MUSIC & MEDIA P.o. box 620452 10794 Berlin + 49 (0) 30 80205848