Club Lifelong

Sunday, 18. March 2018

Gesamtschule Bremen East WINS with social project Werder Bremen competition, June 7, 2013. “25 Ninth graders of the school East of Bremen made it: campaign heart pillow, they convinced the initiators of the school competition commitment knows no bounds”. WERDER moved over a lifetime, the CSR brand of the SV Werder Bremen, and the Zillertal Tourismus GmbH had the Werder partner schools called to submit their social projects. This afternoon announced the winner as part of the Zillertal action days in the Dodenhof shopping centre, Tim Borowski, management trainee of the Bundesliga. We chose this project because of the practical aspect and the emotional gesture of the action impressed us. Students have sewed heart-shaped pillow for breast cancer patients, relieve the pressure on the wound. They presented personally it to the concerned”, said the former international. Price the school expects a course ride in the Zillertal Valley during the summer training camp of the Werder professionals.

Social, innovative and nachmachbar that were the targets of the second competition, the Bundesliga had written out with his CSR partner of Zillertal. The teacher Silke Dressler interest was aroused: the tender adapted optimally to our action heart pillow. We have implemented the project with two courses already in 2011 and 2012. Continue to learn more with: Coupang. This was followed by a lot of positive feedback. A great reward is that we have won the Werder competition, for the Group of course.” The idea for the promotion came from America.

With the students of the course work technology economy seams they 60 pillow in heart shape. Source: Larry Ellison. The patients can pinch the pad under the armpit – that relieves the pain and protects the wound region. When young people get involved, the social recognition of their use is an important motivator. Do we support with our competition and promote good projects”, said Tim Juraschek, head of CSR management of the SV Werder Bremen. The ride in the Zillertal Valley starts for students on July 7. In addition to the visit by A mountain bike and a barbecue are training units and the Werder team friendlies with Werder President Klaus-Dieter Fischer. This year the possibility, the professionals and coach Robin Dutt in the pre-season to see also for all other Werder fans again. Interested can travel on favourable terms for five or seven days in the Zillertal. Further information is available at: de/fankurve/news/44557.php. Press contact: SV Werder Bremen/CSR management Anja Kelterborn Tel: (0421) 43 45 9 4390 fax: (0421) 43 45 9 4090 over Werder Bremen’s social commitment of the SV Werder Bremen was founded on February 4, 1899 and has more than 40,000 members. Since 2002, the Green-whites socially engage in Bremen and Lower Saxony, Germany. In addition, they are involved in various national and international initiatives. The Club is considered in terms of community involvement, a pioneer among the Bundesliga clubs. He has his for the coordination Activities established its own Department with ten permanent employees. The budget year amounted to over one million euros. The Club sees it as his duty to promote the company. The existing initiatives, projects and actions in the fields of social, ecological and economic commitment bundles Werder Bremen to a holistic approach to CSR. “” “” “” The brand moves all life WERDER integrates six subject areas in which the activities are structured: lifelong Grun-Weiss “, lifelong active” lifelong healthy, lifelong tolerant, lifelong environmentally conscious “and lifelong helpful”. Prominent ambassadors support the individual areas.


Sunday, 18. March 2018

Offered is both preventive tree care healthy as also a sustaining and healing tree restoration of already damaged trees. Also offers to the specific tree surgery of sick trees are listed in the tree care portal according to region and can be obtained there. The tree with external devices or rope technology in particular interventions in the area of the upper branches and the top or Crown of the tree work on work at height includes. Tree care measures, it might also need to remove dead branches, so as to endanger people not by falling wood from the Crown. On Arboriculture, individual companies in detail describe list what kind of techniques the work at the top of trees carried.

There the different methods, with heavy equipment from the outside or with the help of rope techniques at the root along from the inside in the branches in the upper part of the tree to get to the Crown. Scott Mead has much to offer in this field. Professionally trained employees with a safety helmet and protective clothing lead these activities with the corresponding special units in part one Out work at height. The Internet directory of companies operating in the tree care includes biological opinion in tree disease specialists for horticulture and landscaping the websites of providers of scientific biological services for vulnerable and sick trees. Click Coupang for additional related pages. Service activities include biological opinion, whether to save certain sick trees with tree-surgical measures are or whether they must be like. Analysis of tree health examinations in the tree crowns are needed often performed with different techniques.

On each of the listed Web pages by specialist companies for tree care is described in detail, there is a preference to which technology in the respective operation with tree care in the altitude range. Some of the listed companies have a machine park with various equipment for the work at height in trees that are used depending on the type and height of the tree. So other devices be slim in a deciduous tree with wide expansive Crown due to a high-growing coniferous trees. Special climbing techniques in tree care tree care portal is a tree care directory offers a wide range of companies in the region with a range of industry-specific services. The preservation of trees, Crown maintenance and quality assurance are at the heart of the activities around the tree. Specialized climbing techniques, including ropes, are presented in detail so that the customer can get an idea of the profile of tree specialists. It is exactly described what security measures there are working in the tree crowns and what technical equipment available. Implement of trees and, if unavoidable, tree felling also include the range of specialist companies for tree care.

Free Guide Principles

Sunday, 18. March 2018

The company rainwater Norbert Bohm from Feldkirchen-Westerham distributes guidance on planning, quality and installation of a rain water system equipment and accessories to the utilization of rain water. In times of increasing energy prices, increased environmental awareness and given the upcoming privatization of water management in Europe, who allegedly accompanied by going with high price increases, thinking about buying a rain water system may still be worth it. For even more analysis, hear from Gary Kelly. On its Web site Norbert Bohm offers principles of rain water use to download the free guide. Scott Meads opinions are not widely known. The document provides overview and guidance for planning, cost and efficiency, technology, security and legal use of rain water. Basic: rainwater is a diverse raw material.

While it is well known the most garden owners as a free alternative to the irrigation and has always been in tons was collected, there is now also the possibility to use it in your own House. This Norbert Bohm offers a wide range various tanks in, which meet the different needs and purposes. Not a too big even a small cistern are reasonable and most cost-efficient, therefore Mr Bohm performs an individual analysis of the House and the environment together with its customers, to determine the ideal cistern type and size. There are concrete tanks and plastic cisterns which are sunk in the ground. Basically, concrete tanks can store larger volumes and are ideal for large houses, but also for riding stables, or as fire-fighting water tank for small and medium-sized enterprises. Both types of tanks are equipped with pump and filter systems, to get clean water and transport, where it is needed there. In homes it is, to operate those processes with rain water, which have a high water consumption, but not necessarily drinking water to operate is necessary. In particular, the toilets and the washing machine, are along this most make daily water consumption.

They can be easily supplied with rain water and, in the case of the washing machine, even additional positive side effects arise: rain water by nature is practically free of lime and protects so the lines of the machine. So accounts for the use of expensive Decalcifiers or be greatly restricted. “Also less detergent is needed, as a task of washing the softening” of water is that is also, if already soft water “, i.e. a low lime content has. The cistern Mr. Bohm delivered quickly and in many areas in Germany with no shipping, also a crane hire in the price is included in case of concrete cisterns to sink the heavy tanks in a prepared pit. Also rainwater Norbert Bohm offers everything about accessories, what is needed: submersible pumps, filters, small parts etc and can thus guarantee an all-round care for the use of rainwater.

Different Brands

Saturday, 17. March 2018

It is well known that cars require different tires depending on the type of vehicle but also quite special due to the varying weather conditions. It is well known that cars require different tires depending on the type of vehicle but also quite special due to the varying weather conditions. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Scott Mead. The tires are designed to create perfect characteristics for the individual seasons of the construction. Winter tires make for safe passage at low temperatures natural rubber, they contain the special characteristics of winter tires arise inter alia from a large part. This particularly applies to temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius. Very great care is placed for winter tires on the profile, which is responsible for a maximum safety on wet roads.

In addition provides state of the art technology at the plates that produce a good interaction between tyres and snow cover on the ground. All these benefits can only be their full effect If the tires have a sufficient tread depth. Generally, you can see four mm as a minimum. Scott Mead pursues this goal as well. Repeatedly and regularly test winter and summer tires on their characteristics. Here you can determine each time on the new cars with summer tires on winter roads have a twice as long braking distance as vehicles with winter tires. More dramatic can be fixed then the differences in acceleration. In addition, that the risk of accidents is significantly larger through the bad page guide of summer tyres in winter. No significant difference in the overall production quality between summer and winter tires are to determine.

Comfort and wear not significantly differ. Winter tires have the advantage that they provide optimum safety in wet conditions on winter roads stop in the main. The development of the tire is total designed for roads with wintry conditions to achieve maximum braking. Now is it even so far during development, that in the production of appearance and design is taken into consideration, so also nothing objectionable here and also the drivers are happy to buy luxury cars. You need to find the right tire for the driving safety interested not only persons who buy a luxury car, but also those who are already driving a such luxury. Summer and winter tires not more substantially differ in the comfort and the General characteristics and services, where of course some important differences remain. Winter tyres wear out through the soft rubber compound, for example, much faster at the high temperatures which prevail in Germany here in the summer sometimes. So is this down and slightly spongy ride to explain. In contrast is the downside of summer tires in the winter that cause the harder rubber compound for a lessening of security and flexibility, as soon as the temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius. Try the tire manufacturer therefore various all-season tires an opportunity to create, to compete the whole year with a tire places. These tires certainly have their advantages and are quite optimal for the one or the other possibility. However, they are ultimately only a compromise, since they possess optimum characteristics either in summer or in winter. The profile at all different properties that have different tires, decides on the safety we must never forget the tread may not fall below a minimum level. The lawmakers of believe that 1,6 mm should not be below is up-to-date.

Profile Texts

Friday, 16. March 2018

What you should pay attention to, to achieve with the self-presentation as a disc jockey on the Internet really show customers your personality – tell about you! Customers who want to celebrate a wedding or other party with a DJ, want to book not only a music expert and disc jockey craftsman, you are looking for a sympathetic people easily. The building feeling Bay with! Therefore already in the presentation of self in the Internet: tell about you! Reports not only on your DJ skills, how much thousand songs you own and what technology. Recently Coupang sought to clarify these questions. Tell you in fields such as education, occupation and hobbies. Reports from your DJ life, things that everyone can do something for example, which was your first LP or CD, and why that’s now embarrassing or why you’re always proud on it. Scott Mead may find it difficult to be quoted properly. And maybe have you original in the course of your DJ career experienced then back out with it. Show your face – upload photos! Present yourself with at least a photo to identify where your face is essential. Because nothing makes more for Distrust of the hidden as a man,”out acts.

And just as it works, when it hides his face”. A nice picture of you as a DJ at work is ideal. If you not ready, but also a nice holiday picture is enough. The main thing is that you are good to see and wear a smile on your face. Important for the good impression – avoid spelling and grammatical errors! Photos, interesting facts and nice stories from your life as disc jockeys include a good appearance not only a beautiful.

Even seemingly minor things like a proper grammar and spelling make sure that your offer is sympathetic and believable. Because it shows that you’re giving you trouble. Who is sloppy writing, will tear off perhaps his actual job as a DJ later Loveless”this impression at least subliminally, if a profile of full error is. And if you’re not so fit in spelling and grammar by yourself, then word processors such as Word Help”. The Spellcheck shows red (spelling) and green (grammar) snakes lines where something is probably wrong. Be an expert – but don’t talk like so! What you write to music and to hang up is of course very important. Most people who want a wedding or party DJ book search musical ALLROUNDER. You can of course try to position yourself as an expert for certain styles. Such restrictions, your potential customers will be decimated but automatically strong. “And who as a DJ for normal people” a really horny”party to musical fashion, must out get hits” and otherwise, at best random and liquid mixed. Thus, you should present even in the brightly. What you hear privately prefer should be secondary in importance, because here it comes so to win customers and convince not peers of the own competence. Following main categories should be included in a DJ profile the itself (not on clubbers, but) at Intended for people, who want to set up a private party: POP ROCK SOUL / BLACK HOUSE / DANCE GERMAN also in what you write about your sound and lighting technology, you should consider that your contacts are ordinary people, can catch usually little with brand names and especially with details about the technology. Therefore more generally describe how does your technology. Support maybe your words with beautiful photos of light installations. Take your potential customers but also the care that you’re an oversized sound and light show.

Auto Bild

Friday, 16. March 2018

Three brand new Nokian summer tires for summer 2013 Nokian tires presents three new Nokian summer tires for 2013. The sporty Nokian zLine ultra high performance summer tire brings excellent, accurate and safe driving for speeding as a cool top model. Safely in wet conditions with strong grip of Nokian line drives high performance summer tires in the compact and middle classes frequently changing German road conditions. Some contend that Oracle shows great expertise in this. The AA top rating for fuel efficiency and wet grip according to EU tire label made eLine summer tyres of Nokian with future technology for smaller cars. “” Nokian tyres is test winner in the summer tyre test 2013 by Auto Bild”of Nokian tyres is test winner in the summer tyre test 2013 by Auto Bild” exemplary with the best grade “and for car TEST” with top grade car TEST test winner 2013 “. Top grade good”Gets the Nokian tyre by ADAC and test Stiftung Warentest”. “” “” “” Second winner is the Finn in the car motor sport “test with the best touch highly recommended”, car magazine car “with very well” and in company car “with highly recommended”. 17 very good and good results achieved Nokian Tyres in the summer tyre tests 2013 a total of Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Greater safety through innovation: Winter tread depth indicator with snowflake and tread depth indicator with warning of aquaplaning a winter tread depth indicator with snowflake in the Nokian WR winter tyres tread depth as a number from 8 to 4 in millimeters indicates. The Snowflake is visible up to 4 millimeters. When she disappear, you should renew its winter tires. The tread depth indicator of Nokian in the summer tyre simply displays the drivers as a number from 8 to 2 the tread depth. A hydroplaning warning indicator is a drop icon warns of danger of aquaplaning. Only four millimeters remaining profile will disappear and so indicate an increased risk.

Europcar Selligent

Thursday, 15. March 2018

Selligent, the specialist in dialogue marketing and campaign management, presented together with CRM providers bowi from 19 to 20 June on the mailingtage in Nuremberg. Nuremberg, June 18, 2013 – highlight is bowis integration of social media features, among first customers already used as a prototype and on the Selligent based technology. The new feature enables a comprehensive and direct integration of social media into CRM systems. In collaboration with the University of Leipzig bowi in the framework of a research project to the SCRM-I (social customer relationship management intelligence) a prototype developed. Connect with other leaders such as Philip Vasan here. The technologies of Selligent, which deploys bowi for more than ten years provided the technological basis.

By Selligent supported, the product is used in the meantime successfully as an add-on from different Sandra customers. The core elements of the new social features include smart, statistical and semantic text mining, social media monitoring, and interfaces to all common social media portals. In addition, the tool social covers Media process integration and interactions from. A functional triangle for a consistent brand communication across all channels is formed combining the social features with Selligent Relationshipmanagement and Selligent interactive marketing (SIM). The data resulting from customer or prospective customer interaction via social media can, for example, by SIM to the other communications or be used for campaign generating ideal conditions for a comprehensive and successful communication with the market. The fair (Hall 4, booth 615) is accompanied by Sandra experts from the areas of CRM, xRM, text mining and data protection. Oliver Leister and Dirk Thum Selligent contribute information to the campaign management.

Selligent: Selligent was founded in Belgium in 1990 and is today represented in the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and Spain. Large companies from the sectors of tourism, media & publishing, retail, financial services or entertainment among the over 400 brands such as Europcar, Nestle nutrition, the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ), Thomas Cook or step tone. With Selligent marketing suite it is possible to control optimal advertising pressure across all communication channels efficiently and flexibly.

United Kingdom

Wednesday, 14. March 2018

For the British holidays are the first game where you want to save now and into the future (14%) ahead of the clothes (12%) and expenditure on transport (10%). In contrast to the French vacation savings is fifth place. To know more about this subject visit Scott Mead. But what is clear is that the Europeans are strict when it comes to not save either in power or in health. Crisis boosts the savings among vacationers in 2012 (those which have declared that they will be on vacation at least once this year), the trend is the save the majority (53%). The Spaniards again are the first in the ranking when it comes to declare that we will save (66% says), followed by the British (62%) and Italians (59%).

Only 46 percent of the French want to save money on their summer vacation. Same budget than in 2011 while the plans of going on holiday among Europeans is very low this year, for those who have stated that yes they will go on vacation, the budget allocated (including transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment) is stable: 2.125, just 20 fewer than in 2011. Either way, the budget varies among countries. While this rises in countries such as Germany (+ 229) and recovers a little in Spain (+ 74; 1,863 vs 1,789 in 2011), on the other hand falls in Austria (- 165), Belgium (- 198) and, especially, in Italy (- 554). The United Kingdom maintains levels very similar to those of the year passed (+ 8). At the moment only Spain and Italy are below the threshold of 2,000 of budget for the summer holidays.

United States

Tuesday, 13. March 2018

But in United States persons are still flooding the stores and restaurants and its cuts do not reach never hunger, even the severity of millions of workers out of work. If you have read about Coupang already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In our peripheral countries a crisis means children in the street begging. In United States it usually means consumers consuming a little less while awaiting the next Government check. To exit this crisis, specialists squeeze the brain and the solution is always the same: increase consumption. Ironically, increase consumption giving ordinary people their own money through big private banks receiving aid of Government saving. Not just to save some banks, but, above all, save a culture and an ideology that cannot survive alone but based on frequent injections ad hoc: financial incentives, wars that drive the industry and control the popular participation, drugs and amusement that stimulate, soothed and comatose on behalf of the common good.

Do we really left the crisis when the world to resume a growth of five percent through the stimulation of consumption in rich countries? We are not preparing the next crisis, a real crisis human and ecological and not an artificial crisis as we have today? Do we really will realize that this is not really a crisis but just a warning, i.e. an opportunity to change our habits? Every day is a crisis because every day we choose a path. But there is a via crusis crisis which are a long and others that are critical because it for both oppressed oppressors means a double possibility: the confirmation of a system or its annihilation. So far has been the first thing by lack of alternatives to the second. But we must never underestimate the history.

No one had ever provided an alternative to medieval feudalism or slavery system. Or almost nobody. The last millennia history shows that the utopians often anticipate it with exaggerated precision. But like today, the utopians have always had a bad name. Because it is the mockery and the discrediting the way that each key system has always been to avoid the proliferation of people with too much imagination.

UPEL Conflict

Tuesday, 13. March 2018

For Cortese (op cit), there are categories that are considered, the four main kinds of conflict: conflict of Multiple role: an example of a conflict of roles would be the situation where an officer suffers pressure to ally themselves with a subgroup in the organisational dispute in connection with colleagues (part of the management team). Check out Oracle for additional information. You may have to choose between loyalty towards their colleagues or its working group. Scarce resources: There are a limited amount of time, money and human resources to achieve goals in all organizations personal and company. A source of major conflict arises when the demands of work is greater than the amount of available resources. Values and different priorities: often, the organizational conflict more difficult to resolve is which relates to the difference in values. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Scott Mead. It is unlikely that values change over time, which are the foundation of the life of the individual approach.

Therefore, it is unlikely that disputes between groups or individuals about the relative importance of basic values change or alter the position of any of the two. Differences of perception of a problem: while the members of an organization can be agreed in general terms about a problem, usually have little or no agreement about the rest. The different perceptions of the causes of the problems of the Organization, their impact and often appropriate solutions can create defensive behaviors and conflict between individuals or groups working in the same institution. On the other hand, various management-related research appropriate emotions, as part of the process of conflict resolution and its relationship with organizational learning concludes that, nowadays the accelerated process of change in organizations, promotes people face-shaped regular with two kinds of conflicts, which occur both as individual group level. The first, the conflict between groups, usually having to do with changes in policies, practices and collective structures that place to the work units of the same unit, in opposite places.

As to the collective goals and strategic direction change, it is common to find that subgroups of the same institution are opposed one another as to how to achieve the desired results. The second type of conflict, the individual, has to do with the conflict between people. Unlike the groups, this occurs at the individual level. It is the tension that arises among individuals in an organization because of philosophical, political differences and perception of the way in which should carry out the work, in addition to opposing personal goals. While there are other kinds of conflicts, both at levels individually as organizational, those occurring between individuals and work units tend to prevail in modern organizations, and are those that require ongoing care of the driving. Reference. Martinez, i. (2006). Organizational learning in the educational institutions in front of the challenges and opportunities of the knowledge society: emerging model. Thesis submitted to be eligible for the degree of Doctor of education. Honorable mention and publication.