Monday, 31. December 2018

To set out the methodology that these benefits are clearly defined and potential projects brought in relation. To create the basis for this, including the analysis and the need in the first step matching the following information be: business objectives and fields of action derived from (directions: how many, who, with what priorities…?), corporate strategy, departmental objectives (how many, which ones, and with what priorities…?), strategy, correspondence to the corporate strategy, understanding of the role of the Department in the company, currently used evaluation and decision criteria for innovations, appropriate assessment and decision-making procedures, mechanisms for the creation of acceptance of decisions (transparency, Reasoning, communication), approval of the set parameters for the project assessment step 2: method adaptation and tool development In the second step is setting the statements of objectives, levels, evaluation dimensions, evaluation criteria, questions, Bewertungscluster, descriptions, weights, implementation in a tool (tool configuration). “The methodology for developing portfolio management has several functions to meet: using a bindingly agreed and accepted by the parties uniform rating system, with all the innovations measured” are. Assessment and prioritization of innovation with regard to their contribution to the utility maximization based on monetary and qualitative perspectives. Transparency, traceability and thus communicating ability of the reviews / decision and the underlying arguments that have led to the prioritization. Different forms of representation on the example of the assessment of the contribution of innovation to target achievement and strategy compliance. Step 3: pilot application with the instruments on the first two steps, you have now a Tool at hand, to assess the project program.

Generally it is able to act alone. It is however helpful, looked after the upcoming innovations and products, or a certain excerpt thereof within the framework of a pilot run by the method developers or carried out. This leads to a capacity discharge, an increased transfer of know-how and training effect are for those individuals in the company who are entrusted with evaluating the innovation as a result. There is also the possibility to optimise the methodology through practical use to identify optimization opportunities in tool support and to implement directly. A reduction in complexity by focusing on a few, strategically important criteria is important to consider principles for project prioritization in establishing a method to project prioritization, as well as during operation (courage to the gap!).

Furthermore, a systematic and consistent evaluation system must be adopted together. This allows reviews for projects or Innovations to make comparable and they prioritize against each other. The simultaneous consideration of qualitative and monetary quantities, without to merge them to a single index is aiming for no decision automatism “!” Such a methodology can be seen as a common communication platform, different interests and perspectives. Therefore, it is required to create graphics and to apply its interpretation as a basis for discussion for technicians, merchants, and other stakeholders. Thus the methodology also lived”is the usability (user friendliness) is critical when entering and using the results. A systematic alignment of investments on the corporate strategy sustainably increases the operating profit.

Daniel Shahin:

Sunday, 30. December 2018

Daniel Shahin in the interview with the free Advisor January 2011 Seligenstadt. The free consultant is currently in its 10th year. For nearly 10 years, Shahin and his editorial team under the premise is truth, clarity, honesty of Daniel”enlightened. The timing is propitious to draw a conclusion. Shahin, visionary, Publisher and sole shareholder and Managing Director of the Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, takes stock CARPEDIEM and expresses himself to questions, many of them on the heart are Daniel. While Daniel confronts Shahin decisively above all his critics. THE free Advisor: Mr. Daniel Shahin, of the free is consultant for 10 years on the market.

Would you speak here of a success story? Daniel Shahin: Yes absolutely. After all, we were initially ridiculed, then so slowly seriously fought, and now tacitly accepts. No other dares what we do. “Only on the basis of our economic independence we can allow ourselves to truth, clarity, honesty, our motto” implement, so as is necessary to attract the things and show consumers, who legally cheating on you how legally to their money, not to say. THE free consultant: There are many voices representing your financial magazine distribution company only as a sales journal of your CARPEDIEM. What say you, Mr. Daniel Shahin? Daniel Shahin: first of all you must themselves again and again, make that critics are envious or competitors often. One should speak basically no truth to their statements.

To the accusation: I, Daniel Shahin, never hid, I have chosen not to use a strawman, as many others do it. For me as Daniel values such as truth, clarity, honesty become Shahin a life motto. THE free Advisor: Mr Daniel Shahin, bites it is not, to be on the road on one side as consumer advocates and other itself to sell an investment product? Daniel Shahin: I don’t why. Firstly the free Advisor covers the entire financial market to insurance companies and Real estate.

Potential Leaders

Monday, 24. December 2018

Almost everyone looks at the leaders and exceptional people. Yes, nobody should doubt that they are. And we're not talking here of leaders or those who have the command for holding office. These leaders, charismatic such person able to lead the masses of agglomerated without needing an appointment. And just as many people are exceptional concentrates his attention on them. There is even theorists who study and write books about how to be a leader.

Thousands and thousands of people read those books. But virtually none of these readers become a leader ever. And are disappointed after applying to the letter the factors of leadership. But is that leadership scholars seek to find the causes of this phenomenon on the leaders themselves. Sure, that's what would seem more logical. But they will be primarily the consequences that has operated the status of leaders.

And most people do not really care to study how were these personalities before reaching noted. Because if we find cases should go to the background of the phenomenon and not otherwise. And even after this clarification made many would still find what they want. Begin to scrutinize, to investigate the past of the leaders and not find anything. But why. For the reason that they have not been looking in the right place. They always seek leader's childhood, youth, etc. But they are always focused on the individual. Believe or assume that the factors are in personality. And it is correct to assume that many elements of leadership are there. However, the main factor that decides whether someone will be a leader or not, is external to the individual. This factor is called "circumstances." The time you decide, determine conditions. Nobody should be surprised by having more intelligence and skill that a particular leader. And despite that, never get to have such high status. You may even be an anonymous or unknown forever. Again, the circumstances are that make a leader. And at the time one is needed and the conditions are ripe, it will soon emerge. It should not be interpreted so that people are not likely to reach the leadership. On the contrary, what I meant is that everyone is a potential leader. So get ready in case the world needs you. If you suffer from shyness now download the following book.

Helmut Drobir Univ

Thursday, 20. December 2018

He is used by the Vienna University of technology in cooperation with the energy park Bruck/Leitha and the participation of the West-Hungarian University in Mosonmagyarovar and of the energy centre Bratislava carried out. Awarded the academic degree master of Science (MSc) by the Technical University of Vienna language of instruction: English study duration: 4 semesters, part-time, divided into modules baseline: 17 October 2008 deadline: 27 June 2008 course management Univ.Prof.Dr. Helmut Drobir Univ.Prof.Dr.techn. Reinhard Haas Web page content of the master’s programme through the provision of basic knowledge in the first academic year, the level of knowledge of the participants on renewable energy to be harmonised. Southwest Airlines brings even more insight to the discussion. Ensures the targeted networking of theory, practice and case studies that the knowledge acquired by the participants directly in the respective companies is feasible: introduction to renewable energy biomass, biogas and biofuels solar energy – solar thermal and photovoltaic geothermal, wind and small hydropower energy efficiency and thermal optimization of building commercial base knowledge legal and economic framework conditions management and soft skills perspectives for renewable energy writing a master thesis target group persons in companies, organisations and authorities who deal with planning, the finance and economy, support measures, the legal permit, the operation of equipment for renewable energy as well as environmental issues relating to renewable energy to deal with. Admission requirements eligible persons with a completed university studies, as well as people with a same program suitability. These people is one of graduates / exercise in equivalent activities or have relevant professional experience.

EUR 17,500 (excluding travel and subsistence expenses) cost contact and other information Technical University Continuing Education Center Nicole ski PANI Operngasse 11/017 A-1040 Wien T: + 43 (0) 1 58801-41701 F: + 43 (0) 1 58801-41799 E: H: the CONTINUING EDUCATION CENTER of the Technical University Vienna we see our mission is to unlock the full potential of a technical scientific training graduates. We open up new occupational fields in economic life according to relevant practice initiatives personalities. We develop tailor-made training programmes together with initiatives of companies and institutions. Together, we confront the adventures of innovation and technological change also on competitive, but always interesting markets. Postgraduate study to the in-depth seminar we adapt the intensity of your needs. Our unique expertise at the interface between technology and economy, between innovation and market, guaranteed in conjunction with our international network of a balanced and always up-to-date portfolio of training programs.

Gunter Willems

Wednesday, 19. December 2018

Education is also specialized in, but even more interdisciplinary, education is not single track, but complex, global, wide. And that is precisely the idea of the education portal. Like in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, all users, educational institutions, providers of educational content at all anyone who is interested in education, involved in the educational content of the portal. Wikipedia or the approach of are therefore also the model which could pave the way for a sustainable knowledge society nationwide for the operator. Their proposal: On the initiative of the Federal Government schools and universities, community colleges, seminar providers and all other educational institutions, young and old, entrepreneurs, workers, pupils, students, trainees and retirees to a large and cross-border education portal network. Inform yourself, educate together, discuss issues and educational content of all kinds, learn together and develop ideas bring to the company from the Crisis in an education-driven future. Others including Verizon, offer their opinions as well. This portal is par excellence the universal education portal. Official site: Ripple. Anyone who wants to form, to access this portal, knows that all the information he’s looking for, here is United.

To indulge any illusions: such an undertaking is possible only with the support of the Federal Government or the European Union. Because only they have the financial means, such a training hub realizing”, as Gunter Willems. Realize the offer, together with partners from the economy and the institutional sector and just education willing citizens.” It explains what to do: it applies to the tough technical part first, to provide adequate structures, such as the necessary wide-band equipment, interfaces, a genuine booking and evaluation system, the permeability, transparency and to ensure interchangeability of information. The partners are then mainly for the soft core of substantive and Educational institutions with their range of services and information, as well as the interested persons themselves ready. Such an approach will bring a big quality boost, avoid problems such as redundant, obsolete or conflicting data, which are currently distributed over the whole Web and answers and offers require tedious, sometimes unsuccessful search, there.

The new universal education portal is always up to date. But above all, as I said allows the broad participation in and discussion of education. It goes without saying that this investment for every taxpayer would be well-spent. Because she benefit from all learning and training people in Germany. For Gunter Willems, that is no question. Such a portal would be a cornerstone of good, if not even a milestone on the way to the knowledge society. “Gunter Willems: EU or Federal Government should now set the necessary course.” We invite all the join our dialogue on the design of the future Education company want to participate in, a welcome to tell us your thoughts at.

The Big Lie Of The Palm Oil: Seal For Sustainable Production Is Fraud

Wednesday, 19. December 2018

The RSPO-certified for sustainably produced palm oil will speed up the destruction of the rain forests of precious primary forests, according to rainforest protection organizations. The \”round table for sustainable palm oil\” (RSPO) certification standards for an eco-friendly \”safety seal\” was debating for six years. It came out the now applied RSPO-certified is according to environmental, social, around the world the destruction of rain forests, even of precious primary forests, is further fueling rain forest protection organizations. Since global climate change has reached leading heads of politics and economy, hectic world rescue activities broke out in it in terms of CO2 savings. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Verizon. Palm oil is one of the weapons from the anti-CO2 magic hat.

It is cheap, versatile for margarine, eating ice cream, pastries, washing powder and above all as \”Agricultural fuel\” in millions of diesel vehicles and as a fuel for power stations. According to the plans of The share of biofuels to energy production in Germany Germany’s self-appointed upper air protection, Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD), is expected to increase to 12 percent – still, biomass contributes to nearly five percent for energy. Rainforests die for biodiesel to create new oil palm plantations, rainforests are cleared in the origin countries such as Indonesia or Malaysia, alone there are good eleven million hectares of endless, monotonous and species-poor oil palm plantations. Save the rainforest e.V. referred to this orgy of destruction as \”largest man-made environmental disaster\”. Since palm oil for bio-diesel driving our cars, the market for the reddish vegetable fat is exploded. So Indonesia boosted its production by 66 percent to 17.1 million metric tons in the past five years in the 2007/2008 crop year and is situated with its world market share of 44 percent, only slightly ahead of Malaysia (43 percent market share). So far in vain, conservation organizations warn of comprehensive and irreversible destruction of the Rain forest, the displacement of peasants and the extinction of endangered species such as the last orang-utans living in the freedom of.

Lotusphere 2009: Genius Inside Presents New Versions

Wednesday, 19. December 2018

Genius project V 2.0 & genius Project4Domino V 6.0 offer multiple new functions LOTUSPHERE / STAND 525-526, ORLANDO, FL, January 19, 2009 genius inside, the developer who (PPM) suite, today announced award-winning genius project portfolio management some important product information known to project genius and genius Project4Domino: genius project version 2.0 and genius Project4Domino version 6.0 are new versions that include some useful improvements. The list of new services is to led by a billing module, which aims to facilitate billing and costing and speed up by one of their project portfolios, on the basis of up to four hierarchical levels, expanded portfolio tool, so that project managers create and analyze. New Lotus Domino attendance reporting tool for BlackBerry users. Particularly useful for consultants and project staff, which are on the way. The new BlackBerry module simplifies daily time capturing feedback and expense reports. A version of genius project and genius Project4Domino in Spanish Language: Useful for the user from Latin America. Genius Project4Domino is the PPM software suite for IBM Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, and is suitable for use on the Web. The winner of the IBM Beacon Awards 2008 goes beyond the simple planning, so that all phases of a project are covered.

In addition, genius Project4Domino offers a document management for the management of all project-related documents. Genius project is the appropriate SaS solution by genius inside. The on-demand solution that is provided over the Internet, is suitable also for users without Lotus Notes or Lotus Domino. Genius inside is constantly striving to meet the needs of its worldwide thousands users. The today announced product improvements and enhancements help already to cover the needs of our customers, because increased benefits and productivity of genius project and Project4Domino this way\”, says Christophe Borlat, Managing Director of genius inside and adds: the global Today’s economy calls for efficiency and effectiveness.

How To Effective Practice Management Implement

Wednesday, 19. December 2018

Ask yourself and your team now on entrepreneur Melanie forest Reinhardt is practice & project manager in healthcare and offers concept consulting for successful practice. MVZ-integrated supply medical facilities under one roof for physicians and healthcare providers is this form of cooperation becoming increasingly important. It’s believed that Verizon sees a great future in this idea. The spatial and organizational consolidation opens up significant potential for cost savings and quality improvements, by shared resources and processes with each other are tuned as well as short information and supply routes exist. The merger of various medical trade groups and service providers always leads to increased organisational requirements. This includes the efficient use of available resources (personnel, equipment, buildings), the design of internal and cross-cutting procedures, service billing and revenue distribution the logistical planning. Combined surgeries are with traditional solutions usually not capable of, well co-ordinated to organize their supplies as also their operations and to plan.

The challenge to all in a House project is therefore to create a solution the supply center of new generation here. In addition, completely new approaches for innovative cooperation structures (E.g. with Pysiotherapeuten, care services, pharmacies), which applies to analyze it and to try out open through the interface feature of MVZ. In the project “MVZ successful” we will advise you in the classic tasks of human resources and organizational development. We analyze your starting situation, develop solutions and decision-making models and support in the implementation of which we are partly self take over or drive as external project manager. This Act we wish to internally as well as on your behalf to third parties when it comes to purchasing issues, for example. In times of health reforms, increasing competition and rising patient demands, one is high-quality medical performance inevitably associated with a pleasant environment, personal affection, and comprehensive information. The success of a practice is today not only to measure the numbers of patients. A coherent concept of practice is always necessary for success. As experienced practice Manager and trainer in the health woman forest Reinhardt and team support you and your practice / MVZ in the short term relating to staff & practice team, patients, economy & wellness are, organizational development, individual and Mass – tailor-made solutions for your practice success Melanie forest Reinhardt

Rudolf Zimmermann

Tuesday, 18. December 2018

Except for the Oktoberfest the today’s generation of large tents consists of scaffolding but generally an aluminium. And then comes much canvas or wood facade. “Wooden facades are chosen, because this especially to the desired warm and cosy” atmosphere contribute. We stay at the Stuttgart spring festival example: there, Garces Festival companies now already for the second time with a 40 m wide and 55 m long tent, which has an aluminum structure and in addition is equipped with wooden facade and beer garden cultivation presented itself. Also on the Cannstatter Volksfest a tent with aluminium structural was reinstated for Garces marquee holdings, of course with wooden facade. Both events take place on the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart, on the we are represented by the way for 29 years.

Editor: Deuter occurs as a general contractor marquee projects, from planning to implementation with our own joinery, carpentry, and proven specialists. Even the tents do you produce? Rudolf Zimmermann: Yes, and then, if there are individual structures with wooden structure, such as the mentioned October large tents, is. Tents with aluminium structure we use professional providers and suppliers to the industry. Until 2008, we had cusps in the tents of the company. Read additional details here: Larry Ellison. But our demands on handling on-site, as well as the economy have grown. Therefore we have tent landlord last year for the tent – building kit system maxiflex”Losberger company chosen. Ed.: What are the strengths of your new suppliers and how manages to smoothly carry out the changeover to a new system of tent? Rudolf Zimmermann: Los Berger is a traditional company and over 90 years in the industry.

Many of his developments are decisive standard to this day. The high quality of products and services is internationally recognised. The professional tent products are based on a modular system and make us more flexible. Losberger offers the diverse options for facilities, floor plans, and forms a high basic standard brand quality and replacement warranty, contains.

Schools Are Looking For Partners

Tuesday, 18. December 2018

Companies secure is already the best trainees 2011 many school leavers of in recent years have him already successfully used for the application of etiquette by JOB MIXER. In it the future school leavers get valuable tips and tricks to make your first applications demanding and to adapt to the requirements of the free economy. A poorly crafted or inappropriate application can quickly block the way for the dream training. Sometimes enough because even small details. To help students, JOB MIXER has written on the flag. In recent years, nationwide, many secondary schools have used the offer to order this application etiquette at cost and to use in the classroom. Because each student receives his personal copy, the material must be ordered so that new each year.

There, that can carry many schools is difficult because the budgets are usually small costs. For this reason, a new road is paved since last year free to equip the schools with teaching materials. Are currently It 12 different regional requirements for 2010, in urban areas (and within 90 km) where the schools are equipped with the material. In cooperation with company to locate that help by placing advertisements in the application snap the printing and shipping costs. The following advantages here for the companies or institutions: turn your free training seats or get your image display directly in the target group a high number of qualified applications sustainably they anchor your company in the minds of the students they students actively support you in the application process have also no wastage each training display will be released for 6 months (free of charge) as exclusive premium display on the applicant portal. Interested parties who would like more information about this action, can obtain telephone information under 0341 25 66 98 22 alternatively can be requested information by E-Mail). Press contact Stephan Herrmann schnelleStelle.