Sunday, 25. January 2015

17 years ago in my head climbed advertising. Not even climbed and flew on lopostyah fans of a Moscow factory. Remember this funny song, under which ran on the tv screen with the fan company workers? Then advertisement wore boots wife Leni Golubkova and firmly lodged in my brain. Advertising – an integral part of modern life. We can love or not love her, but clearly one – have all have an opinion about it. At first, I looked each commercial. They were like mini-movies. These new, are interesting, seemed so useful.

Under their impression I made my first purchase on their first-earned money. Then I stopped noticing ads so common was the phenomenon. Then she surprised me with their use – during a commercial break for dinner, wash dishes, talk on the phone. But you never know what can get done in 15-20 minutes! I passed the stage of a fierce hate to advertising – is when watching a movie instead of 1.5 hours is 3, and aunt to the comet and asyami has just become family! Then again I stopped paying attention to it. So we have existed in parallel worlds, until one day Advertising is not "taken captive" my child. Now I have to carry out reconnaissance and defensive operations. It all started as fun, so harmless. Under the song "Knorr-tasty and fast," my little son is very funny dancing, and We applauded him.

Liked him sing Maggie magovskim cooks. Hearing a familiar melody, son rushed to the tv and search all the ads to the end. Before that I never noticed that the ad unit is always louder than the main program. Gradually, he learned the names of all the advertised drugs, napkins and crackers. And then I realized that it all sold in a supermarket, where after a walk we stopped for fresh bread and yogurt. Oh, it was important opening in his life! It turns out that all these magical things are sold next door! They always need to buy! The child grew up, ad is also not dozing. I started listening to the whole lecture about the benefits of calcium in the "Marshmallow Froot Loops, and bacteria in "Actimel". A "Kinder Surprise" became our best friend! For a successful guerrilla war advertisement rewarded my child magnets on the refrigerator. He is proud of its award-winning not for nothing, they got it easy! But I do not inactive. Conducted a counterattack, code named "Find Me", "Do I?". Purpose – to identify the enemy E, find a useful application of the purchase. There was a great outreach. Gradually I began to re-engage occupied territories. Already much less military action and more peaceful outreach. It pleases me. After all, ads is another side – useful. You can learn without the hassle of updates to perfumes and cosmetics, come across a gift idea close, but a lot of useful can be gleaned from advertising. We will be are beyond short-term rash purchases and we subject ourselves advertising! If you liked this article, we recommend that you go at this site where you can find lots of useful information about the nuances of marketing

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