Agriculture Ministry

Monday, 18. March 2019

These conditions were equally for all forms of the walnut, walnut, the nut or nut of the paper. An Austrian Walnut could be like about only then, when it was obviously lazy or corrupt or in 1.3 m measured above the ground had a circumference of more than 200 cm. So, you wanted to make sure individual strains at all that only damaged or old trees could be made. Walnut groves and Walnut group holdings as special worthy of protection special protection was seen in the presence of a greater number of nut trees. Walnut groves or walnut group stocks normalized about, at all, that not more than one-third of the original structure was used by wise master collection thus greater gaps in these groves of walnut or walnut group stocks should be excluded.

So should all closed Walnut cultures in their inventory be obtained. The closed season and controlling authority had any felling of Schicht nut trees to be immediately reported to the competent authorities for the control. As absolute protection”, the period was also set from 1 April to 15 October each calendar year during the making of Schlagerungen. Thus, the flowering and ripening of the fruits should be protected anyway, expressly in addition. Mandatory reduction of the walnut stock compensation to make compensation for the resulting reduction of the walnut stock in the wake of tree felling, had to plant a young tree and raise the respective landowners for every tree felled. This commitment was put into effect for all precipitation since August 1, 1914 and it retroactively to the beginning of the first world war. For the planting time was given in principle two years the rights-holders.

Private use agreements for nut trees were banned and it also already existing ineffective explains. Administrative penalties to protect of the walnut stock how serious it the Agriculture Ministry with the said protection of Schicht nut tree, has been documented by the severe penalties for transgression: as fines were threatened with up to 5,000 crowns or arrest up to 6 months in this context for actions contrary to. The district authorities with the participation of forestry technicians of the political administration had the full”to take over. A specific example from the history of Austrian law.

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