Alicante: The Beaches

Wednesday, 26. June 2019

Helpful tips for the selection of suitable beaches in Alicante Alicante offers with the largest number of beaches that have been “Excellent” rated in the category environment. Environmental considers the water quality, preservation of the beaches and its services. Therefore, it is difficult to choose coast from the ranks of its 244-kilometer, but for that I will give you tips on how to choose your perfect Alicante Beach here. Tabarka beaches. One of the most spectacular sea floors in the province located here, to enjoy an ideal environment to the protected Meeresreservar. It is a popular beach and services, although I the investigation and recommend, lost to a small Bay on the coast (usually with little sand and rocks to find though), in the bathroom, very quiet, with the right shoes to swim the rock enjoy, if we choose. A tip, the access of Tabarka.

You can reach by boat from Alicante or Santa Pola there.The ride is a lot shorter from Santa Pola. El Raco de l ‘ Albir in Alfaz del Pi. This is another beach with a rating of excellent blue flag. It’s one of my weaknesses in the off-season, the quiet environment and clean and clear water. It runs along the promenade and palm trees, and is a gravel beach, near Punta bomb.

All services in the high season and, in contrast to previous beaches, has a wide selection of hotels and shops nearby, as well as bars and restaurants, where you the various rice. Playas de L ‘ Esparrello and La Caleta in Villajoyosa. The hotel is located in an area of cliffs, is walking distance from the hotel Montiboli which protrudes from the top. Have “excellent., so that’s worth a ride In l ‘ Esparrello we find broad and accessible a Cove of sand and stone, and the Creek, with services such as Red Cross, umbrellas and deck chairs and showers. Sweet transparent waters are the best in the province. The small beaches are only about 2 kilometres from the town of Villajoyosa Alicante direction. The quiet location is ideal for fishing and diving and l ‘ Esparrello is suitable for the practice of alicante

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