Andreas Lehnert

Monday, 10. June 2019

Durmersheim, 01.03.2010. ‘high time for something new’, Andreas Lehnert thought and scores to the eight-year anniversary with a revised corporate design including Web shop. Under the CEO of Lehnert create underlines the, further contemporary to establish its brand in the mission solutions for individual and professional call management. We needed a larger Web platform for different customer needs, explains Lehnert also we wanted to restructure our offerings and offer more speaker and music styles. After several months of renovations, the new appearance of a carefully drawn-up redesign shines now.

In the shop itself, hierarchically structured groups provide a quick overview of the first. Variety of useful features, ease of use and efficient order processing around the clock individualized prompts to facilitate hear and feel the project stakeholders and customers. The Language hit right tone and music have become important tools in the communications mix of companies. A corresponding appearance in the right tone on the phone can positively reinforce a corporate identity and leave a lasting acoustic-emotional impression on callers. \”Who his telephone visitors waiting or just not accessibility\” with a personal greeting, individual texts, original music or interesting information from his company would like to sweeten, should so think about professional call management. The phone sounds team offers professional queues, voice mail texts and prompts, uses for experienced speakers and spokesman, as well as a huge archive of royalty free music.

\”Super sounds for every purse who want to surprise his potential callers in the future with a new acoustic reception, found in different packages in various price categories: base\” allows a new for the rapid creation of online from 49 Euro Telephone greeting from preconfigured text blocks. The latter are not monotonic, selectable by mouse click computer voices, but individually produced and spoken by professional speakers or speakers uniques. From 159 euros is there by clicking the individual\”a freely designable text meets the respective music and speaker selection and supplemented with the respective company or a company-specific greeting the sound card is ready.

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