Thursday, 8. March 2018

Take the time to analyze, think and decide with cool head, this will take you to a better solution or compensation. 5 Worry the solution rather than to find culprits. Discover the culprit and download against all the weight of rejection and recrimination, not solve if same problem, concentrate on finding a solution rather than on analyzing the problem, so you will see more clearly and may make suitable decisions. Often the culprit is the victim of the situation and not the cause of the problem, dismiss it or replace it will have soon a new culprit, if you opt for the same management without correcting the causes of the problem, will soon only be. 6. Speaking candidly Southwest Airlines told us the story. Not all problems require action, some are resolved alone. Does not intend to act whenever they present a problem, you do not confuse activity with effectiveness, consider the options, the cost of making them and the contribution that will be the solution, accept that many things can not control them, must take a leisurely attitude and allow time to help. If you must exit the Bank but drops a heavy downpour that flooded the street, you can wait for the rain to move, the drain system will drain the water and you may leave later, it is not necessary that is dedicated to desinundar Street.

7. Open the mind, consider other ways of doing things. Creativity helps to solve many of the problems, dare to try different forms, investigate, accept the collaboration, listen, and finally use what may be useful. 8 Apabullar someone who has made a mistake, by serious this is, does not contribute to improve or that the situation is resolved. Be sympathetic, collaborate, most of the people when they are wrong are widely ready to work to resolve this issue, allow that they seek to do so and jointly review with them the best way to achieve this and the way to prevent that repeat, see all the growth opportunities arising from an error or mistake, sometimes this allows discovering flaws in the procedures until they have greater consequences. 9. Not always solutions are of two types: the wrong and yours. Afford to listen to other opinions, consider other points of view and see that opportunities can be derived from them, not good ideas discard without analyzing them and consider them properly just because they do not coincide with your way of seeing or doing things.

10. A leader you need to be noticed, is probably not a good leader. If you are from the leaders who never recognizes the work of his team, if it presents everything as initiative itself, check if it is really a leader, consider as members of your team will feel everytime you unknown and appropriates their contributions, keep in mind that this attitude will do that every time they are less interested in making contributionsYou can lose a team. 11. A leader who does not receive input from their team, probably has a bad team. If your computer does no contribution while your leadership style allows it, supported it and recognizes it, ask yourself if you have the proper equipment, ask yourself, that you must know your equipment, which is the profile appropriate, check to see if they can be trained or perhaps relocated, review and if necessary modify the process with which they were selected.

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