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Saturday, 12. March 2016

But what is planning? I like the version exhibited by the American specialist Dr. Albert Waterston, that expresses: " It is the organized, conscious and continuous way to select to the best alternatives and means available to achieve certain objectives or I put especficas". Interesting also it is the point of view of the Argentine specialist Antonio Brown Federico, whom it defined in one of its works that to glide or to plan could be conceived as the development of a process of decision making anticipated and coordinated to each other with a view to reaching a predetermined objective. Other times the error is committed to plan in isolated form of the other departments of the company. In the planning of the strategies of public relations it is necessary to take like reference the global plan from general corporative objectives from the institution, that is the main guide of the course to follow and for which the work of public relations becomes an important contributor as far as profits, like all the other areas of the company. At least in my country, is very common to see how great corporations have relacionadores public or directors of communication who do not plan the image of their company every year but they leave all it at random. Not plans write his for every year, all it signallers improvise These that does not write their plans, that they do not plan, must be conscious that the plan that is not written simply does not exist original Author and source of the article.

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