Auto Repair Kit Repair Cheap Alternatives Are Too Smart?

Friday, 4. March 2016

Minor damage can be repaired but also itself. Dings by parking bump or hail damage, small stone chips on the windscreen or in the paint, holes and cracks on bumpers or dashboards, minor paint scratches, burn holes or tear on upholstery or leather seats and many more minor damage inside and outside of vehicles are annoying and bothersome. There are several thousand companies in Germany that offer smart repair and that by applying these methods correctly to save their customers money. “Because these workshops working with new repair methods which, when whenever possible, repair before replace” is applied. Must you due to small damage because right in the workshop? That all but determines also cheaper: putting yourself in hand.

Resourceful dealers offer all possible, application-ready repair kits for removing small damage and promise good results for very little money. Keep these promises also a review in practice stand? Several consumer magazines have done extensive testing and subjected the smart repair sets of a practical exam. In the show “Life adventure”, which was broadcast on the 10.11.2011 on cable 1 a car lover, Sascha, and a repair expert, Mark competed, several to examine related smart repair kits on the Internet. It tested a set for the removal of paint scratches, dent removal set, a set for the removal of a hole in the pad and a set for the removal of a scratch in a rim. The bottom line: Up on the upholstery set that section with reasonably satisfactory result, all other repair kits were inappropriate and not worth the money, that was issued for it.

The professional scored consistently better results at a relatively low cost. The latest test has been sent the 26.05.2013 in the first program in the ARD programme Advisor auto travel. A dent repair range, a universal paint marker, cockpit repair kit and an upholstery repair kit have been tested.

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