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Tuesday, 14. June 2016

The two months of the feriado more waited by the Brazilians, who not yet programmed at least part of its plans for the Carnival can start if worry. Aerial tickets already start to become scarce and (good and/or cheap) the options of lodging go disappearing as a spurt. But calm, still it has hope! Much people prefer to run away for a desert beach or if to isolate in a green area to desestressar and to use to advantage the recess. But fact is that Brazilian that if preza counts the days to fall in the spree and if to finish in the carnavalescas folias. Of destinations traditional (and overcrowded) as Rio De Janeiro and Salvador, passing for livened up Recife and Manaus or the alternatives Ouro Preto and Florianpolis? options to tan the Carnival in 2011 do not lack. The order then is if to program. Each time more, the shelters are the favourite options of who want to use to advantage vacation or a drawn out holiday in more economic way. Who prefers to invest more in one abad to jump behind its artist preferred in the Bahia, or to pay a comfortable place in berth of the Marquis of Sapuca, starts to leave of side the traditional hotels, with its prices supervalued at this time, and to adopt hostels as lodging option.

Even because for the folio that if preza, a good bed pra to fall after hours and hours of spree is more than what good. But that nobody if is deceptive: coffee-da-morning, conditional air, swimming pool and other stewardships also are part of good part of the albergueira net. Who will be to pay R$ 120 for an ingression in the arquibancada one of the Carioca Sambdromo, goes to like to pay one tero of the value of any traditional hotel, using shelters in Rio De Janeiro. Some, clearly, all use to advantage the time disputadssima for tourist of the world, and give inflated a considerable one in the prices. The same valley for the bahian capital, with its bigger popular event of the planet. But fact is that being in shelters in Salvador, the account in the end of the holiday goes to be well lesser. who knows more on buying another one abad and following the folia plus one day behind Ivete, Daniela, Chiclete and as much others. In So Paulo, reality is still more entertainer.

It are of the traditional tourist circuit, the city has sets of ten of options of shelters, with daily so modest and convidativas how much of 25.Outros R$ popular destinations to tan the folia in Brazil are the Recife neighbors, with its Carnival total gratuitous Multicultural, and Olinda, with its internationally famous glad dolls as few. Manaus also is known by its requintados parades, to the molds of the River. The Sambdromo for where they pass the samba schools is had as the greater of the Brasil.J Ouro Preto, in Minas Gerais, has a carnival says, peculiar. Beyond the traditional blocks of street, it has also predominant a estudantil climate, thanks to the organization of the sets of ten of republics that promote programmings differentiated by the city. Finally, Florianpolis has a varied carnival, with party for all the gostos. Of the authentic carnival of hall, to the blocks of street around of Square XV, passing for livened up the public GLBTS that adopted the catarinense capital with one of the main destinations at this time of the year. Perfect hour to reserve a shelter in Floripa and to tan the folia in a good one!

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