Balearic Islands

Monday, 1. July 2013

Again Prince Philip takes the floor. Come on, Papi, because that will lower the salary workers Palace! that isn’t me, with the pay that Sundays give me!. And the King, paternal but firm in its proposals. Son, you more than anyone should understand me, us us sacrifice by Spain, all for Spain; In addition, Leticia and you don’t have pay the works of remodeling your House, the 163,000 euros of the outdoor swimming pool, the 935.000 euros in the expansion of access to the Palace, 300,000 euros of expansion of stores and 30,500 euros of ornamental improvements to your private gardens paid them the Ministry of the Presidency. What do you think?.It will always be a little help!. Queen, who until then had remained quiet intervened: sweetheart, if it must be tightened belt pressed us, but must think that we have many expenses, and we have also had the wedding of the boy..!. His Majesty took the hands of the Queen gently and replied: Cari, don’t worry, I’ve already charge lighten costs.

Look, the 78,000 euros of the renewal of the electrical installations at the Marivent Palace also paid them the Ministry of the Presidency and the Ministry of defence shall defray the salaries of the Chief of the military quarter and my assistants. And the wedding expenses you no longer have to worry about, they were only slightly more than four million euros and total nor we will have to pay us for it. In addition, always thinking of the good of Spain also I lightened of expenses to the State. Recalls that the yacht Fortuna I bought after doing a collection among business friends and four hundred million missing put bushes when he was still President of the Balearic Islands. Well, I hope that not goes on trial!. Magazines Forbes and Eurobusiness argue that the King has managed to amass a fortune of 1,790 million three hundred thousand million pesetas!.! And my only two interpretations occur to me.

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