Beautiful Reality

Sunday, 5. May 2019

For the majority of people when reality is spoken of the word they associate it with the things that can perceive their senses, such as the nature, the buildings, the people, the climate, the events, etc. The reality is each of us experiments, which feels inner, for that reason we see that a same event is perceived of different way and brings different sensations, for example when a company sends new line of products can be that two people in a same position perceive the things of different way, somebody will be able to see it like an opportunity, another one like a problem. What reality we wished to experiment? That is a question that constantly we must do and find the answer to us within we ourself. Andrew Corentt in its book the Secret of the power of takes us to the goals by a detailed process so that each of us we pruned to define what is what we wished, the secret of the happiness, the happiness, the love and the espiritualidad is to discover our emotion, what it inspires to us, the things that make us feel of wonder, then we will be before the opportunity of to contribute something beautiful and valuable to this universe. Whenever we observed something useful in our world we think about the dedication that the people made who them to be able to live in a better world, we watch the telephone, the electrical energy, the computer and its applications, how many lives have been saved by these contributions? , how it has improved our businesses and the quality of life? The answer is enormously, then those people found a passion, they were a sleepy and as a result of obtaining it they themselves engrandecieron themselves generally and the humanity. When one is in the mistaken footpath the way is of pain, for example the herbivores feed themselves on I graze and they are developed wonderfully, that is his nature, but a human begins to feed itself with I graze, more surely ends up becoming ill.

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