Saturday, 10. August 2019

Confusion in discussions about the benefits and harms of beer for the health mainly introduces the fact that all that is said about the usefulness of the beverage, not a stuffed with preservatives, dyes, and all kinds of fluid chemistry, called beer. It is this "drink" as the army claimed millions of consumers, presented in a huge range and are sold at every corner. To be objective, to investigate the properties and effects on the human body is the drink, not a living beer, consumed by gourmets, who can afford it. Facts – are stubborn things. Not to talk to pr professionals, advertisers and fans of beer, the picture emerging here disappointing.

So, what harm is caused by the body to the constant use of beer, and what diseases it provokes? The disease is chronic gastritis – sidekick approximately every fourth beer lovers. The reason for its occurrence is the constant oppression of the glands responsible for the production of gastric juice, and their subsequent atrophy. Renal dysfunction. Everyone knows what a powerful diuretic effect has a beer. In addition to repeatedly increasing the load on the kidneys, leading to a breach of their duties, their tissue necrosis, hemorrhage, there is another danger.

Imagine how every day, over and over again, from the body with a beer washed items that it is vital. Completion of these elements through the food in which they appear, will never keep up with the daily influx of strong beer, exempting them from the body. Violations in the liver and hepatitis. The main attack hit the beer takes on the liver. Here it is necessary to take into account that the liver and without a daily bolus beer drinkers have enough worries, given the level of toxicity of all that we eat, drink, and what we breathe. Working on wear, the liver is no longer cope with its primary function, becoming a hotbed of inflammatory processes leading to hepatitis, dangerous because it often flow seamlessly and does not carry some sort of overt symptoms. Congestive heart failure, leading to a stroke. Permanent and large quantities of beer drinking leads to increased volume, and sagging fatty degeneration of the heart – dilated blood vessels create a multiple burden on this organ. This is a recipe for shortness of breath, arrhythmia and hypertension. Easy reach of coronary heart disease and stroke. All of the above is traditionally perceived beer lovers as medical horror stories, not relevant to them. But we should not lose sight of the fact that resistance to each individual as a predisposition to some diseases. And who can now boast of an absolute health?

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