Beloglazov Game

Monday, 23. June 2014

George Beloglazov his Anthesteria performed a small miracle, some songs in the game you want to listen to for hours, repeatedly plunging into an unforgettable atmosphere, as if by magic fancy wreath grows out of sound. Sublustrum contains elements of several styles, from basic perhaps can be identified, steam-punk, with its constant steam boilers, gears and levers, and industralnaya aesthetics, in terms of approach to the different mechanisms with highly artistic side. The very same concept is based on stylistic decadent during the early twentieth century, all the psychedelic images born, as usual, not without the intervention of "special preparation" should refer of course there. Not for nothing is an action game takes place just in 1916, during the heyday of cultural decadence in Russia. Of course, if you withdraw from the lyrics and go to work, then Sublustrum-it is still a quest, and quests, as you know, a role played by all sorts of puzzles. And even here Phantomery What is udivit.Igra filled by different mechanisms, experiments with time, space is even puzzles with sounds, that in itself is interesting. The first task in the game is starting to move into the capsule, "a shimmering world", for example for the need to properly set up several facilities located in the apartment, based on entries from the diaries are scattered there. Another mechanism may be noted that changes the spatial position of the room – rather it makes the walls, floor.

To him "to have" we have to get a funny thing- "The key of time" and use it to return to the past, where we eliminate the cause of failure mehanizma.Podskazki, for the most part are quite transparent and that is not unimportant, seamlessly woven into the overall concept and style of play. Too complex puzzles in Sublustrum you probably will not find, because the game relying more on the story and set the atmosphere, which tend to evaporate if two days to mark one point, thinking "how would I start a this here machine. " The only time that caused me trouble is, perhaps, the Aeolian Harp setting, but then …. But in other matters that I'm telling you, you just have to do is to see and understand, every man for himself … After all a matter of tuning to internal frequency, and Phantomery knew this, of course, knew … …. Source: Quest

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