Biological Necessities

Wednesday, 14. August 2019

To arrive itself in one more complete definition and more needs the concept function, it is important to know as if they relate and as the cultural and contingent necessities appear. (A valuable related resource: Gary Kelly). We restricted to the two axioms: 1 _ All the culture must satisfy the system of the biological necessities; 2_ All the cultural accomplishment that implies the use of devices and symbolism, would indirectly construct to an instrumental valuation of the anatomy human being, mentioning itself directly or the satisfaction of a corporal necessity. Additional information is available at FindShadow founder. The Theory of the Necessities imposes a set of determinative adds, as for example: The purely biological necessity of nutrition, we must register the new necessities of character economic, that produces new necessities technological, economic, religious or ethical; The necessity of physical arrangements in such a way inside of house how much in the accumulation as a whole, also taking the organization of the groups of neighbors; The overcoming of imperfections in the human knowledge and the recognition of the great existing gaps in evaluation of the destination and the luck, the affirmation of the existence of supernatural forces had taken the men. The Theory of the Necessities and its derivations allow them an analysis definitively more functional of the relation between the determinismos biological, physiological and cultural. In this perspective it concludes Malinowsk, that the function always means the satisfaction of a necessity, of the simplest act to eat to the sacramental performance where taking the communion becomes related as all a system of beliefs, determined for the cultural necessity to be in harmony with the God. The functional Theory allows to carry through a comparative analysis of the phenomena in diverse cultures. It is capable to produce a concrete analysis of the culture through the institutions and its aspects. Recommendation the reading of this workmanship the field researchers this means, mainly, to equip the investigator of field with a clear perspective and complete instructions with regard to what to observe and as to register.

In this manner, the bureaucracy insists definitively where it possesss basic validity as preliminary analysis of the culture and that it supplies to the anthropologist the only valid criteria of cultural identification. Bibliographical reference MALINOWSKI, Bronislaw. ‘ ‘ The theory funcional’ ‘. In a critical theory of the culture.

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