Saturday, 9. March 2019

Bad air with when winds give no rest feels every day like an inflated balloon some odor running of – people suffering the consequences of the bloating. Many torture in addition with stomach cramps and are at the same time embarrassed when departing the winch not clay – and odorless. There are also people, the time more or less freely their bad air”out loud shout and not shamelessly sink into the ground. Dr. Andreas Lam, gastroenterologist at the Sana clinic Remscheid says: up to 15 times a day are still quite normal “.” Many women are slim and dressed like fashion-conscious, as especially a Blahbauch.Aber clothes to hide a bloated stomach bothers, or retract the solution can be even the belly. How are flatulence? The bacteria in the large intestine during digestion to release gases. Who takes like many dietary fiber or carbohydrate-rich foods, particularly suffers from the formation of gas.

Some foods such as cabbage, onions, leeks, peas, beans, lentils, Salad or fresh bread, cereals, grains, etc. cause flatulence, either odorless or foul-smelling wind. The Stinkern”is the release of sulfur compounds in the digestion of onions and leeks in the colon. “More and more people accompany an incompatibility against milk sugar (lactose intolerance), gluten (celiac disease) or fruit sugar (fructose intolerance) are also known for to trigger bloating rarely also a serious disease behind, for example a chronic pancreatitis”, Lam says. Also harmful bacteria can be formed in the area of the small intestine, causing too much air.

In the irritable bowel syndrome include the unwelcome Companion: bloat and gases to the clinical picture. Who suffers often flatulence, bloating, winches or even permanent abdominal pain should doctor necessarily the. Are the investigations resulted in no action, but still suffers from the belly should continue, on less dietary fiber and take his meals more fashion with fennel, caraway, anise, coriander or cardamom flavor and eat less sugar (low carb). As an accompanying measure, it is advisable to also a diet diary.

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