BOA – Benchmarking Organizational Analysis

Wednesday, 24. August 2016

The first organizational test benchmarking comparison with Optimeter for physicians the Status quo balance of practice organization practice analyses prove again and again: the organizational tasks daily is a new, negative onerous challenge for many practice teams: about 50% of the occasions, the hustle and bustle, stress and anger in surgeries cause, based on organizational shortcomings, 2/3 of the reasons which make for bad reviews in Patientenzufriedenheits surveys, relate in essence to organizational deficits, yet 32% of all doctors have performed an analysis of the organization. On the other hand, solutions to the problem of the Organization exist quite: in every doctor’s Office 18 improvement for structures and processes are in the Middle, a tangible for patient improvement of practice organization increased patient satisfaction on average 46%, the recommendation ready by 52%, by professionalization Practice organization can improve the profit on average by 25%. Thus, the practice organization acts as value generator (“value drivers”) for all quantitative and qualitative success parameters in a practice run. The IFABS offer: Fast and easy to optimize organization from a compression and processing the results of investigations into the determinants of effective and efficient practice organization the experts of the Institute have developed a questionnaire-based benchmarking quick test the BOA system for business analysis, consulting and strategy development (IFABS). The innovative, suitable for all disciplines, practice shapes and sizes organizational analytical methods will be implemented without the need for a prior location consultant. The BOA’s scope of services the specially designed, easy and simply to fill physician – and staff – patient analysis arches reach by E-Mail in the practices.

From here, they are sent to their processing by mail to the Institute for evaluation. The evaluation report this to the specific conditions of practice everyday of customized rapid tests, which will be provided by E-Mail includes the following key information for practice owners: the results of the questionnaires in the form of clear charts and vivid graphics, a “Optimeter” with specific change recommendations supplemented with explanatory comments, a benchmarking expertise, which gives information about the practice owner, as the Organization cut off one’s own practice compared to practice facilities of the same section (sections benchmarking) and the best practice standard,. The BOA rapid test can be ordered by E-Mail at the address. Source: brochure: IFABS / Klaus-Dieter Thill

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