Brazilian Infrastructure

Friday, 3. November 2017

The street Benjamin Constant, presents characteristics of a population occupation not monitored by responsible agents in fiscalizing the use of the ground urban. From the occupation of this ground in question the public power has as to have to implant the public services that all Brazilian citizen has for right assured in the constitution as: sewer, drinking waters, garbage illumination, park, collections. This work has as objective to analyze the ambient problems caused by the absence of net of sewer in the main way of movement of the city of Umbaba/SE? Brazil. THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL the urban space is the city, place of concentration of people and the means of production, which demand the infrastructure implantation, there understood the services of water and sewer. (VENDRANEL; MENDES; KOHLER, 2003).

The cities are resulted of the social one and the politician while process, the first cities had had its localization determined for the conditions natural, of a historical moment, where the humanity searchs when passing of the years its technological evolution, surpassing the challenges taxes for the way. (CARLOS, 1999). According to Mota (1999, P. 17) ' ' The increase of the population and the magnifying of the cities would always have to be folloied of the growth of all the urban infrastructure, in order to provide to the inhabitants a minimum condition of vida.' ' Still according to exactly author, ' ' the ordinance of this growth becomes necessary, in way that the influences that the same can have on the environment not become harmful habitantes.' ' However, the reality of the urbanization process is well different of the ideal. In the majority of the cases this process occurs from an inadequate planning generating a disordered growth, folloied of the lack of the infrastructure capable to guarantee the minimum ambient quality. As Days, Pereira and Virglio (1999), the disposal of effluent domestic servants possesss uam narrow relation with the ambient aspects and counts on a gamma of legal requirements technician and that guide the relative procedures to the sanitary exhaustion, since the elaboration and evaluation of projects until the treatment and launching of treat sewer.

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