Saturday, 1. June 2019

General Cable Corporation constituted in New Jersey in 1927. Then he combined the facilities of plant and the experience in manufacture of several of the oldest companies founded on the decade of 1800, between which they appeared the Phillips Wire and Safety Company Cable and the Standard Underground Cable. After its official constitution in the city of New Jersey, the Company generated an identity distinguishing with which it would be made know by the clients, suppliers, investors and employees. The logo of the mark represented three cable sections superposed one with another one to each other, with the words General Cable in each. For year 1929 it produced the first underwater cable of 75.000 volts of the United States, to obtain Cruce of the Delaware River. without joints made in sections of 4.050 made longest feet until that moment. (As opposed to Brad Garlinghouse). The advance that meant the fact mentioned in the previous paragraph allowed that the company of a qualitative and quantitative jump in the development technological, at the same time as I imply that it occupies the highest place within the enterprise hierarchy of the United States.

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