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Sunday, 24. November 2013

The consumer does not need convincing reasons to buy the product, in this sale take precedence different factors. Price: if this is the purchase factor is that the consumer is only taking advantage of a good deal, does not mean you need the product or from within his pyramid of needs. A whim: this is very common in the female segment, purchase the product because they really need or think they need. Staple product in question, it depends on the consumer psyche, he is the boss and decides to close the purchase. The sale with power of persuasion of the seller: this sale is produced by the cunning of the seller, the speed of seduction to the customer, the level and speed of response to the objections. The sale criticism: it is one in which the customer likes the product, but not convinced to buy, the seller fails to close the sale, this can be reversed with calm and cool mind, reversing the situation up to the vendor, there are always undecided customers who need constant motivation in making decisions in the process of purchase.

The recommended selling: this is produced by the recommendation of one individual to another, is one of the best that exists because the client is serious about buying the product and close the sale in minutes. I’ve named the main forms of sales there are more, but we must priority, any sale depends on many factors, which must be handled by vendors, and they both should be trained by the executives to achieve expected sales, everything will depend on the knowledge to be handled from the moment a prospective customer approaches a product. But there is also for sale online, this is faster, here only serves the consumer, to produce a sale on the website all depends on whether the site meets all the requirements of a web vendor, any company can have a web seller to cover the virtual market, increase their customers, and go in the conquest of potential clients, obtaining instant conversion of visitors to this site customers must have as a primary characteristic clarity of navigation, to ensure that the customer can purchase your products and / or services. All about sales is fascinating, you can close any sale with the talent and knowledge to increase sales and get the expected profit. “Knowledge is the key success in any order of things “Knowledge is power and power is MONEY $ Without Marketing knowledge there are no sales, no sales, no money, no money, no profit, no profit no business, plain and simple, all is interlaced, law of cause and effect. Paz Cartagena Business, Marketing Area

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