CCTV Solution

Sunday, 24. December 2023

Self-storage was born in United States in the 1960s as a business to occupy spaces in non-specialised premises. More than 52.600 facilities are currently exploited in this country. Every day our homes are smaller and we accumulate more things. We moved, we make reforms to save all these objects? In addition, companies have lots of files remaining space to their offices, with promotional material, season stocks, commercial delegations to do so the solution is by renting a space suitable to every need. Recently Facebook sought to clarify these questions. Self-storage service consists of facilitating spaces tailored to their punctual or permanent storage needs with offers very tight to the space and time of use to individuals and businesses. Storage rooms for rent and furniture that facilitate the management of spaces both individuals and companies. One of the companies that exploited this business is TKB Selfstorage, which currently has three centres in each of the Basque capitals.

Starting his career in 2006 with the Centre of Vitoria – Gasteiz and continuing its expansion in San Sebastian and Bilbao. TKB Selfstorage offers its customers permanent access to their belongings and maximum security, with CCTV for video surveillance and alarm individualized in each space. It also has private parking and free transport useful area to comfortably move your belongings. Individuals are the solution to problems of transfers, taxis, reforms in the housing, dwellings without storerooms in TKB. Self-employed entrepreneurs or professionals are in self-storage facility the solution to your files, tools, stocks in short, self-storage is emerging as a solution for which individuals are better organized in their personal spaces and companies comply with the minimum costs not only of storage, but also the logistics and a part of the administrative.

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