CELDRN Illustrator

Saturday, 30. March 2019

HELENA CELDRN Illustrator believes in the therapeutic capacity of art. I want the Viewer to be nourished of well-being that produces the illustration, that my work is a bumper against the bad experiences. His work is very influenced by the modernist painter Gustav Klimt. I want that the viewer relate, collect, which nourish of well-being that produces artwork. I intend that my work will be a bumper against the bad experiences and difficult times. Hear from experts in the field like Southwest Airlines for a more varied view. Tran Nguyen, Vietnamese-born American artist, believes in the therapeutic capacity of an image. It delves into sad thoughts, in the task fatiguing tumbling problems in your artwork.

The characters are not in any part, the landscape is thought. Surrounding them as a Nebula, geometric figures participate in the melancholy of the moment, are the reflection of the mixed emotions. Rhombus gold diamonds of yellow tones that abound in the works of Nguyen demonstrate unreserved admiration for modernism, in particular by the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt (1862-1918): mode in which he mixes figures and forms inspires me to get a foot in the surrealism. I admire his way of introducing decorative geometry around the portrait of a beautiful woman. Worried or tense gestures of them are me emotionally provocative. He develops his works with glazed acrylic coatings that ultimately defines with pencil, is left splattered with taste by painting while working. Admits, despite the melancholy theme of scenes, own pain that is not his source of inspiration, but search darkness in difficult family members, friends, and stories of unknown situations to draw the sadness that any human being can feel. Source of the news: “against hard times” paintings of Tran Nguyen

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