Chronic Veterinary Medicine

Tuesday, 22. March 2016

ADMINISTRATION AND MEDICINE VETERINARY MEDICINE Brazil if avizinha of next the 30 years to assume a role of prominence in some scenes, that will start to demand of integrated form action interdisciplinares, that they will complement themselves. Sabidamente that our I.E.S are governmental or particular they, leaves to desire in relation to the adequacy of its Curricular Gratings in relation the current realities and necessities of the nation. At the same time where its pictures of professors? masters and doctors and some with after-doutorados a time installed in its rooms and or cabinets, if accomodate before the excuse that education is defective, that the institution does not invest in the improvement of the education, that it does not make possible and nor sponsors ways of improvement it education standard. Conclusion. We are pouring in the tree-lined avenues of the life, professionals who exactly graduated with escol and have detached, do not know the reality Brazilian. In special the reality of the Brazilian agronegcio.

This will be the great car-head of next the 19 years. Other sectors they will go to develop itself for a survival question and because the society was of them dependent. The electronic traquitana is not imagined an urban human being if all. Difficult to imagine a crisis of abstinence of cellular, of Ipod, notebook and others as much. The generation that was born before the Internet already is total dependent of the T.I and the current generation was abduzida. Brazil will have to be the great supplier not of Internet, but of foods. We do not have more viable agricultveis land supplies. The Europe tried in passed years, to recoup 27 million hectares so that it had an increase of food production and concluded that workmanship hand does not exist to promote this type of politics and that the costs would be enormous, I subsidize as well as it necessary to keep the current existing systems and more the futures, would not be viable.

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