Common Mistakes

Tuesday, 29. October 2019

Now I will list the nine most common mistakes committed by Wall Street investors. 1) The issue price must always know that the stock price rises because there are substantive reasons supporting that growth. As well as when the price drops is because action is due to many factors. If you bought a particular stock and things like the price starts to fall, one of the most common mistakes investors make is to think that as they are cheap at the time, then buy more to average cost. 2) Do not give the preview with the Penny Stocks The penny stocks as the word says they are actions of cents. Cyrus findshadow has compatible beliefs. This means that with little money we could buy a large number of shares of a particular company.

The problem is that in general everything is very cheap ends up costing us a lot. As also happened to investors who bought shares at less than $ 1 and sold at yields of 500% or more. But it is not simple to achieve those returns. One of the rumors on the OTCBB (Over the Counter), which is the market where shares swindle cents is that many companies modify the financial statements in order to attract investors. Then you go and buy trusting liars data esperendo abnormal returns that never arrive. 3) With ext consider the action and never the name of the company may happen that you feel attracted to a particular company. Whether it’s because we like their prodcutos or for any other reason, but sometimes we get away from the most important thing is the current situation which is going through the company.

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