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Wednesday, 3. January 2024

Google AdSense: The most widespread online advertising company is considered. Its operation is based on the emergence of contextual ads that are placed in the places that you have chosen to do this on your page. Usually tend to be text, but they can also be the traditional banners. Google only counts the clicks that are made about the ads, not prints that are made. Hence the importance that the ads are well placed and the layout of the page. There are different studies facts upon people anywhere on the page usually do clicks on ads and which not. Also, as you said, it is very important where you place the ad, it is better integrated as possible on the web, i.e.

which appears to be one part of it, and not an advertising patch, which would be not taken into account. Contrary to what people think, it is best advertisement does not stand out on the page, that is integrated into it. Ultimately, blocks designed for the overall appearance of the web they have better percentages of clicks. Apparently, a block out of place does not attract attention as it generates some reluctance, at least in a portion of the visitors. It is easier to achieve to read ads integrated into the structure as dissociated from it. I want to emphasize that Google has very very into account, which are not made fraudulent clicks.

That is, they can get clicks from the owner of the page, or that is account that it is campaigning for the ads being pressed. To do this, discusses the origin of the clicks, check the ips, compared with those of the user, discusses the proximity of locations, etc.Where it deems it fraud, Google AdSense, is expected at the end of month (what ready!) and the account cancelled until you receive payment. Never allows you to reopen an account cancelled for this reason, so you have to be legal with them.

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