Competitive Price Of Cars

Wednesday, 24. July 2019

Custom cars may be made with a double cab, reinforced frame and suspension. Another major advantage – competitive price. Additionally, Chinese cars, reaching a overloaded at the present time, the Far Eastern customs channel, being new, often drawn as used, which again affects the ability to reduce prices. Although, by and large trucks from China can not be considered competitive European and Japanese brands, even if used. Cars from China is far behind the world's leading brands of technical and operational performance, reliability and security. China industry can still compete with Russian products, products from the cis and to some extent – with the Korean manufacturers. The only thing that can be taken into account – it may be, the territorial factor.

Assessment market participants, the majority produced in Russia and imported from Europe trucks (75%), implemented in Moscow and Leningrad regions. The remaining 25% of sales are relatively evenly distributed between other regions. That is, in particular, for the Siberian consumers may be more convenient to purchase Chinese car through Irkutsk, than in Moscow with the consequent need to wait. Nevertheless, for trucks and machinery important than price is the availability of network maintenance and repair. And for the Chinese manufacturers today is a small problem. Despite the growth in demand for these cars, Russian dealers do not intend to actively develop a network of service stations, as it requires little additional material cost. But with time the situation should change.

And given the flexibility Chinese manufacturers of main competitive advantage may become available and the rate of supply of spare parts for the markets of the Far Eastern and Siberian regions. One of the main reasons for the popularity of imported trucks is the development of leasing. In this case, the acquisition of new Chinese truck can start its operation with a minimum initial investment. Leasing program Chinese special equipment will be needed more. So the Chinese trucks already in full win the Russian market, as this would have tried not to notice the Russian manufacturers.

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