Friday, 14. February 2014

It invested itself insensatamente, the fellow creatures and the creatures, it defied the Creator intending to be as god. It is the poison of the ethical revolt against God and everything that is signal of it in the creation: the creatures, who if keep alive and function in harmony ones with the others; ethical values that mark out with buoys the actions of the free beings: freedom, equality, fraternity, justice, democracy, truth, love and chances of growth pra all; directed economic order for general well-being, does not stop profit and enrichment of some and impoverishment of majority; social order that allows all to live in the mutual respect; the personal religious creed and its theological places: pardon, compassion, mercy. The human being attempted against against the order joust of the creation and against the Creator. For not assuming the criatural condition, but fondness to be god, it generated the chaos, ecological clutter in the creation its care, pain and sadness. The consequences of the great mistake had not delayed to appear: for envy, Caim killed Abel and the foolishness of the evil overflew pra all the creation, mortally reached for the devastador power of the evil.

' ' Until when the land will complain of and will be dries the grass of the field? Because of the badness of its inhabitants, the animals and birds perish. Therefore they say: God does not see our future. Therefore the land will complain of, will faint all its inhabitants, will disappear wild beasts, birds of the sky, until the fish of the sea. All the creation moans and suffers pains from the childbirth until today, yearns for in expectation for the revelation of the children of God, in the hope of also it to be freed of the slavery of the corruption, to enter in the glorious freedom of the children of God.

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