Creating Plate

Saturday, 7. May 2016

Picking up a variety of ores, the most profitable professiya.Snyatie skins. Removing the skin from corpses zverey.Travnichestvo. Collecting herbarium specimens at the expanse of Azeroth, the profession's smallest competition. The meaning of these professions is that with the greatest waste of time you can get the most revenue from certain pharmaceutical ingredients. These occupations usually take a second character (the farm characters) for earning gold. Kraftovye-profession for earning a craft used by the profession with recipes that are always used sprosom.Portnyazhnoe case. Creating tissue izdeliy.Kozhevennoe case.

Creating leather izdeliy.Kuznechnoe case. Creating Plate izdeliy.Yuvelirnoe case. Creating gems and jewelry (rings, necklaces). Enchanting. Improved performance veschey.Alhimiya. The creation of various potions and elixirs, the most lucrative profession. With the above occupations can earn well, knowing certain period of time during which demand for such craft is great.

For example RT (raid time) at the guild, usually in this time of greatly increased demand for Alchemy. Players buy potions, elixirs on an industrial scale, or after RT, when many players have acquired new equipment and they need jewelry stones or charms. Also, in such professions rostet demand following the release of new patches. The most successful ligament professiyDannye profession go perfectly with each other. For example, getting some ingredients and immediately use them to produce something, or a combination of the two professions, which together give a great bonus to the characteristics personazha.Kuznechnoe case and Mining. Extracted ore is used in production of plate armor and dr.Kozhevennoe case and Skinning. Skin a dead animal used for production of various patches and leather ekipirovki.Yuvelirnoe case and Mining.

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