Creole Protection

Sunday, 10. April 2016

For the value that is attributed to them, while cultural manifestations and while nation symbols, these goods start to be deserving of protection, aiming at its transmission for future generations. 10 the guardianship of the Creole drum this conferred in the constitution, article 215. 215 ART. the state will guarantee to all the full cultural right of action and access the sources of national culture, and will support the valuation and the diffusion of the cultural manifestations. 11 Consequently Marchesan places that, article 216 of the federal constitution of 1988 conferred to the cultural patrimony the treatment that it was due, assuring including legal protection of individually taken goods of material and incorporeal nature, or in set, carriers of reference the identity, the action, the memory of the different groups formadores of Brazilian society. 12 It also has incentive beyond the protection, therefore the executive must give impulse for the cultural movements, thus Ramassote places that: In the relation with the groups of popular culture, in general, and with the drum of Creole, in particular the responsible agencies of the municipal and state executive in stimulating and supporting these groups it has invested in physical, administrative and financial structures as the construction of ' ' viva' ' , that the responsible state institutions for &#039 had started to compose the official circuit of parties …; ' salvaguardar' ' , ' ' cuidar' ' e, in some cases ' ' recriar' ' the maranhense popular culture having divulged the traditions, cults, parties and other forms of expression from the administration of resources … these of the official agencies and many times, submitting itself it agents politicians as councilmen, members of the house of representatives and senators with some influences next to the managers of the local culture. 13 ' ' viva' ' , previously mentioned, it says respect to the plan to revive and to give preservation, therefore it together with searchs the state, that in that place occurs the manifestations of the drum, guaranteeing that this still does not come to be left the grace of the esquecimento and searching a form of protection for the reinforcement of the tradition without change of details in the form or skill of if revealing.

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