Cristian Ramirez GastonMagister

Monday, 22. April 2019

Globalization is a phenomenon that goes parallel to capitalism that we live today, capitalism has shown us that he has gone through three major crises, in 1890, the 1929 crisis and finally the oil crisis that not has been overcome yet. What will happen if capitalism falls, would leave there is globalisation? I am completely convinced that not, that would remain perhaps to a lesser extent because as I’ve tried to explain in the article everything is linked and the world economy and capitalism it would seriously affect globalization especially in large corporations, bags of shares in major cities of the world and financial transactions. Another strategy that could quite halt globalization is the famous Tobin tax that the name received the novel Prize for economics economist, it proposes to apply a tax of 0.1% to financial transactions that occur throughout the world and the same focus to countries developing, although it was not probably implemented by interests of agencies worldwide continues to be a major contribution to the economy world. I then tried to explain clearly the strategies that can be take out halt globalization does not make it disappear because it is impossible but that cause least damage. Also I apologize to readers because in my article entitled globalization, the final phase of capitalism? of several years back where I wrote and subliminally explained that globalization was the final phase of capitalism where we live, and I openly leave the reader opinion deserves him what am raising, today after several investigations, articles published worldwide and insert me into this topic, came to these conclusions. So I apologize to readers not wanting to cause a confusion between this article and the current writing. Globalization is not something that depends on us but if the proper awareness and have duly informed of what is happening around the world. Cristian Ramirez GastonMagister business internacionalesPostgraduado in pymesLicenciado in Comercializacionmail management: original author and source of the article.

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