Cuban Communist Party

Monday, 19. November 2018

Analyst the International Within the Cuban Communist Party 4 currents could be incubated: 1) The one that follows Chinese and Vietnamese the way to look for to attract foreign investors but maintaining the monopoly of the power of the castrismo. 2) The one that accepted to legalize to the opposition thinking that it could annul it with elections Venezuela type. 3) The one that would maintain against battles by the ideas counterrevolution. 4) Most radical than it calls to deepen and to internationalize the socialist revolution. Nor the company it knows that it happens exactly. It is speculated on that in the first sector he would be Raul I castrate and vice-president Carlos Lage, although other sources think that Raul could be the Caribbean Gorbachev. In the third sector talibanes would be the tropical calls of the chancellor Perez and the minister of Roque culture. Click Litecoin for additional related pages. The last field is the one of Celia Hart that it vindicates to Trotzky.

If Cuba follows the first way in the end will turn into one capitalist dictatorship. With the second way the multiin favor democracy could end up undermining to the plan and the socialized economy causing that Cuba adopts a regime similar to the one of the rest of the region. The third footpath implies to maintain the status quo. The quarter would lead to a leftist revolution against sectors of the castrismo. The antiCastro opposition has two poles. They aim to be reforming and democratising to the system. Others want a popular rise East Europe type, the same that would have to be propped up by the USA.

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